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A Look at USAG Team Records

On the tail end of a record-breaking season, let’s take a dive into the eight qualified teams that are bound for Ithaca, NY this weekend. Collectively these teams have broken a dozen records and many are well-poised to smash a few more this weekend. For those teams competing in the final, they’ll get one more chance this season to forge their names into the history books.

Take a look at who is within two points of smashing a new team total record and the team members within a tenth of smashing a record of their own.

Texas Woman’s

 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team Score196.5254/14/2018195.7503/18/229.827 avg or better
Vault49.1754/7/1749.0253/18/229.836 avg or better
Bar49.3253/22/1448.9253/18/229.866 avg or better
Beam49.2254/13/1848.9752/11/229.846 avg or better
Floor49.3253/21/1549.2753/6/229.866 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Vault9.925Brittany Parker (4/10/09), Lindsey Clowers (3/16/03), Schyler Jones (4/7/17)  Daisy Woodring (9.875), Madeline Gose (9.875), Emerson Adams (9.850)
Bars9.925Courtney Cochefski (4/12/14), Brittainy Johnson (4/11/14), Courtney Arno-Templet (3/1/05, 3/10/07, 4/18/08), Erin MacNabb (3/20/02, 4/18/03, 3/12/04), Stephanie Loudat (3/16/03)  Mara Johnson (9.850), Isabel Goyco (9.825), Steeling King (9.825)
Beam10.000Kim Koenig (4/16/99, 4/18/99)  Madeline Gose (9.900), Steelie King (9.900), Mackenzie Kunzman (9.875)
Floor9.950Amber McMeans (3/16/03), Rachel Goddard (2/28/04), Cari Casazzra (2/20/99, 3/17/99)  Isabel Goyco (9.925), Madeline Gose (9.900), Sierra Muns (9.900)

Texas Woman’s is in a great position to set a new team record on both vault and floor. Keep an eye on individuals on floor as well.


 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team196.4003/11/2018195.4751/21/229.821 avg or better
Vault49.5003/21/1549.0752/18/229.910 avg or better
Bars49.1003/11/18, 3/7/2148.9501/29/229.821 avg or better
Beam49.4253/11/1849.1503/12/229.886 avg or better
Floor49.4754/8/1649.0251/21/229.896 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Vault9.950Courtney Heise (3/21/15)9.975Gayla GriswoldGayla Griswold (9.975)
Bars9.900Courtney Heise (1/17/14, 3/21/15, 4/11/15), Kierstin Sokolowski (4/9/17), Courtney Mitchell (1/18/19)  Hannah Appleget (9.850), Carley Scott (9.825)
Beam9.950Kierstin Sokolowski (4/8/17)  Hadley Roberts (9.900), Hannah Moon (9.875), Nicole Wojcik (9.875)
Floor9.975Andavea Alexander (4/8/16)  Gayla Griswold (9.900)

Lindenwood is cruising through this season and could possibly break a new team record on bars this weekend, and with a few strong routines, certainly rewrite beam history. Gayla Griswold is a standout individual for Lindenwood, qualifying her way to NCAA nationals this year, too.

Air Force

 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team195.7253/23/19195.7003/6/229.787 avg or better
Vault49.0003/9/0448.8752/27/229.810 avg or better
Bars49.3004/12/1449.0253/4/229.861 avg or better
Beam49.1503/9/0449.0503/4, 3/6/229.831 avg or better
Floor49.3003/9/0449.1251/30, 2/4/229.861 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
AA39.475Jessa Liegl (2004)  Genevieve Sabado (39.300)
Vault9.925Jessica Wallander (2013)  Ayla McKean (9.825)
Bars9.950Anna Salamone (2019)  Amber Boll (9.875), Ayla McKean (9.850)
Beam9.925Analise Howard (2018)  Genevieve Sabado (9.900), Ayla McKean (9.875)
Floor9.950Tyler Davis (2019)  Cameo Stapleton (9.900), Briona Carswell (9.900), Velandra Brochi (9.875), Ayla McKean (9.875), Genevieve Sabado (9.875)

Air Force is a whisper away from setting a new overall team record,\ and could easily do so on vault, beam and floor as a team as well. A few individuals are also on the verge of setting records in the all-around, beam and floor.


 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team195.3253/24/2018195.0502/27/229.767 avg or better
Vault48.8003/11/1848.6252/27/229.761 avg or better
Bars49.0752/25/1849.1753/19/229.836 avg or better
Beam49.2002/23/2049.1002/27/229.841 avg or better
Floor49.5002/1/0349.0001/30/229.901 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
AA39.350Kathryn Fong (2/1/03)  Lindsay Chia (39.275)
Vault9.900Tara Field (3/12/13)  Lindsay Chia (9.850), Oren Aviad (9.825), Raegan Walker (9.800)
Bars9.925Jessica Wang (3/15/19)9.950Raegan Walker (3/19/22)Raegan Walker (9.950), Sherry Wang (9.875), Kendal Toy (9.850)
Beam9.925Jacey Boldovino (2/10/18)  Raegan Walker (9.900), Lindsay Chia (9.875), Kendal Toy (9.875), Riley Meeks (9.850)
Floor9.950Kathryn Fong (2/1/03)  Lindsay Chia (9.875), Sherry Wang (9.850)

The Bulldogs are having a great season, peaking as the season goes on. Yale could break a team record on vault, bars, and beam. Keep an eye on the all around, vault, bars, beam, and floor, as anyone could strike and make a new record.


 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team195.1754/8/16195.9753/19/229.799 avg or better
Vault48.7503/12/13, 3/10/1948.9753/19/229.796 avg or better
Bars49.1254/11/1449.2253/19/229.846 avg or better
Beam48.9002/23/13, 4/13/1848.5753/19/229.781 avg or better
Floor49.1252/23/1449.2003/19/229.841 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Vault9.900Alicia Sacramone (3/07)  Mei Li Costa (9.825), Angela Xing (9.825), Julia Bedell (9.825)
Bars9.900Mei Li Costa (4/19, 1/20)9.975Mei Li Costa (3/6/22)Abby Contello (9.925), Ella Poley (9.875)
Beam9.925Jayne Finst (2/01)  Taylor Schulze (9.875)
Floor9.925Caroline Morant (2/17), Danielle Hoffman (2/14), Alicia Sacramone (3/07)  Julia Bedell (9.900), Maya Davis (9.900), Carolanne Van Zandt (9.875)

Brown is on fire this year, and at the inaugural GEC championship it set a new team record on every single event except beam. Keep an eye on bars for Mei Li Costa to top her own score, in addition to individuals on floor.


 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Vault49.0752/28/2048.4003/4/229.816 avg or better
Bars49.2503/22/1448.6751/21, 2/11/229.886 avg or better
Beam49.3754/10/2149.1502/25/229.876 avg or better
Floor49.5002/14/0449.1752/25/229.901 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Bars9.925Ashley Godwin (2/14/04), Malia Roberts (2/21/99)9.950Jolie Miller (2/25/22)Lindsay Ockler (9.900), Lydia Webb (9.825)
Beam9.975Ashley Godwin (3/29/03)  Anna Kaziska (9.900), Anna Speller (9.900), Lyda Webb (9.875)
Floor10.000Ashley Godwin (2/14/04), Erin Chenier (3/14/97), Kate Farrington (3/14/97)  Anna Kaziska (9.950), Madison Greene (9.925)

SEMO is in great shape to set a new record on both beam and floor at nationals. After setting an individual record on bars earlier this year, watch beam and floor for new records there as well.

West Chester

 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team194.4002/11/17195.2503/19/229.763 avg or better
Vault48.6753/5/1748.5252/25/229.736 avg or better
Bars48.7003/17/1848.9753/19/229.796 avg or better
Beam49.0503/18/1748.8003/19/229.761 avg or better
Floor49.1252/24/1749.1503/11/229.831 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Vault9.850Majesta Valentine (2/11/17)  Jessica Meakim (9.800), Kiah Johnson (9.800), Kiley Fred (9.775)
Bars9.875Meghan Brannon (4/8/16)  Jordan Coleman (9.850), Jessica Meakim (9.825), Hyla Betters (9.825), Lauren Wicker (9.825), Kristina Rodriguez (9.800)
Beam9.875Majesta Valentine (2/24/17), Sarah Boyd (3/16/19), Yoli Nodarse (2/22/19)  Lily McFarland (9.850), Natalie Marshall (9.850), Caroline Cascadden (9.800), Madison Whitaker (9.775)
Floor9.925Majesta Valentine (2/24/17), Jessica Meakim (3/16/19)9.925Tied – Jessica Meakim (3/19/22)McKenna Kissinger (9.875), Rose Fanara (9.850), Caroline Cascadden (9.825)

West Chester has already set three program records this year as well as an individual record on floor. Keep an eye on vault and beam for a full set of new program records this weekend.


 PreviousDate Broken2022Date BrokenHow Can It Be Broken?
Team195.0004/13/18194.1753/19/229.751 avg or better
Vault48.8502/20/1148.9003/19/229.806 avg or better
Bars49.0502/29/0448.4003/11/229.811 avg or better
Beam48.92503/23/1948.7501/16/229.821 avg or better
Floor49.1253/11, 4/13/1849.0502/13/229.826 avg or better
Indv.PreviousDate Broken2022Date Broken/By WhomWho Could Break It?
Vault9.900Donna Webster (3/17/19)  Sydney Beers (9.850), Donna Webster (9.800), Calista Brady (9.800)
Bars9.900Cathy Schnell (3/2/03), Meghan Miller (3/21/04), Kaitlin Green (2/18, 4/8, 4/9/17)  Kate Michelini (9.825)
Beam9.900Melanie Standridge (3/12, 4/8/11), Kaitlin Green (1/23, 3/6/16, 4/14/19)  Regina Walton (9.850), Victoria DeMeo (9.825), Miranda Lund (9.800), Eva Phair (9.800)
Floor9.950Izzy Herczeg (3/23/19)  Calista Brady (9.900), Miranda Lund (9.850), Kate Michelini (9.850), Victoria DeMeo (9.825)

Watch the Big Red as they roar their way closer to new team vault and floor records. A new individual vault, beam and floor record could be in the cards, too.

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Article by Allison Freeman

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