LIVE BLOG: No. 59 SEMO at No. 53 Lindenwood

This is bound to be QUITE the matchup. A rivalry between these teams has been forming the last couple seasons with former Lindenwood assistant Ashley Lawson at the helm and the acquisition of former Lindenwood athletes Andavea Alexander and Taylor Colwell to the coaching roster at SEMO. 

While Lindenwood won all six meetings last season, SEMO was suffering from many lineup shuffles due to injuries. Luckily for the Redhawks, many of those injured athletes are set to return for 2023. Notably, Jordan Jones looks prepared to rejoin lineups on three events after her ACL injury last season. Lindsey Moffitt is returning to the team after missing all of 2022 as well. She is likely to make some waves on at least bars and floor this year. Other returners bound to make a splash include Jolie Miller and Lydia Webb, both of which stepped into their own last season. However, it should be noted that Lindsay Ockler, one of the team’s top vault and bar performers, was not seen in some of the later preseason intrasquads. Hopefully, this has been precautionary, and she’ll be able to make an appearance in the near future.

Lindenwood had a bit of an up-and-down season in 2022, ultimately finishing second in the MIC and third at USAG nationals. With so many athletes getting experience last season, 2023 is likely to be a much more consistent team for the Lions. Gayla Griswold scored as high as 9.975 on vault last season and qualified to NCAA nationals. Don’t expect her to take her foot off the gas in her senior year. The Lions also brought in a strong freshman class, including former four-star Nya Kraus, Allie Berkley and Jaly Jones. Hannah Moon has also been looking strong in the preseason after a strong showing in 2022. Needless to say, depth should be better across all four events. 

For both teams, vault will be an event to pay attention to. Lindenwood has a small step ahead in the difficulty department, but landings will be important. If everything goes according to plan, this should be a close and exciting competition!

Rotation 1: Lindenwood VT, SEMO UB

We’re watching the Lindenwood team watch its promo video. We, in fact, do not get to see the promo video, though.

Happy Birthday Trinity Caffey!

Lindenwood really is DI now. There’s a light box for each athlete to stand on during introductions! Lions, you have arrived! Each athlete looks to have a T-shirt representing their favorite alumni! How fun!

This is not a drill! Lindsay Ockler is gripped up and ready to go! There looks to be eight athletes warming up on bars, so that’s a good sign of depth.

Caffey (LU): Birthday gets to start us off. Yurchenko full. Good and around, straighter in the air with a hop back. Good start. 9.650

Ingle (SEMO): We flashed over just in time for a blind full double tuck. Came up a little short with a hop forward. 9.575

Moon (LU): Yurchenko full. Patient on the turn with a hop back. 9.675

Moffitt (SEMO): Blind, Jaeger. Just missed, and peeled off at the bottom. “The bars get slick as you go along in a meet.” Thank you for that commentary, sir. Overshoot right in handstand. Blind full, double tuck. Lulled a bit in the air. Hop forward. 8.800

S. Lopez (LU): Another full. Better amplitude, but more piked in the air than the others. Smaller hop back.

J. Lopez (SEMO): Blind, Jaeger. Nice. Short handstand. Overshoot. Blind full, double tuck. Just a small shuffle back. 9.675

Jaly Jones (LU): Came up short on the Yurchenko full. Chest down and a hop forward. She looked pretty close to the table, too. 9.625

Webb (SEMO): I’m so glad I know which athletes are going because the arena does not. Toe hand, Blind, Jaeger. Slightly archy. Short handstand to overshoot. Blind full, right on top. Double tuck with a small hop back.

Daniels (LU): The best vault of the day so far. Very technically sound on the full. Good shape in the air. Just a hop back. 9.750

J. Miller (SEMO): Piked Tkatchev to Ezhova. Little choppy on the kip. Double layout, some leg separation. Let go a little early, so couldn’t quite get it around. Step forward.

Griswold (LU): VERY NICE on the Yurchenko one and half. Good height and shape in the air. Did I mention it’s a 10.0 start value. Just a pace forward. 9.875

In case anyone was wondering, only the first athlete was under the correct name on bars. The scores are also under the wrong names.

Ockler (SEMO): Toe hand, Maloney. Nice lines. Straight to pak. A little over on the pirouette. FTDT. STUCK COLD. As you should, ma’am. Loved that. 9.800

Exhibition routines coming up.

Berkley (LU): Pretty solid full. Not super high or far from the table, but good. Just a hop back.

Jordan Jones (SEMO): Jaeger. A little flat, but fine. Overshoot handstand. Blind, Front giant… has to come down. Double tuck to finish with a hop forward.

Maxwell (SEMO): Tkatchev. Clear hip to overshoot. Blind full, double tuck with a step back. Some handstand issues throughout, but a solid set.

AFTER ONE: Lindenwood 48.600, SEMO 48.250

That was a pretty solid showing for both teams. Lindenwood looked much more solid today than it did at Florida on Friday. SEMO left some tenths on the board from steps forward on dismounts and a few handstands, but the team did not have to count a fall. Shout out to the last four athletes for bouncing back, and bringing it home.

Also, the score sheet is still very much not right for SEMO, but I will try my best.

Rotation 2: SEMO VT, Lindenwood UB

Maxwell (SEMO): Yurchenko tuck full. Chest down and a hop to the side. Over the OOB line looked like. 9.575

Daniels (LU): Tkatchev. Nice turn over. Toe hand, overshoot, sole circle. Blind full, double tuck, quite cowboyed. Stuck. 9.650

Ingle (SEMO): Not Lydia Webb. Yurchenko full. Turned low key onto the table. Came up pretty short with a hop forward. 9.550

Wojcik (LU): Maloney to overshoot. Pretty loose in the back on both. Double layout. Let go VERY early, almost pinged off. Took several steps forward and had to put her hand down at the end. 8.725

Reader (SEMO): She made the full. Lots of leg form in the pre flight. Not alot of amplitude. Chest down on the landing. 9.275

Let the judges’ conference commence!

Jaly Jones (LU): Ray to overshoot. Good amplitude. Aggressive swinger! Love it. Double layout. Piked down the second flip and had to take a step forward. 9.700

J. Lopez (SEMO): Yurchenko full. The best vault in the air so far, but a QUITE large step back and a slide. 9.550

Cooper (LU): A smile for the judges. Go on. Blind, piked Jaeger to overshoot. Not a huge swing, but solid and smooth. Double layout,, just a baby hop in place. She’s hype! As am I. 9.750

Greene (SEMO): Yurchenko full. Looked like she was back pretty far on the table, so the vault was a bit flat. Managed well with a deep knee bend on the landing and a hop back. 9.650

Moon (LU): Askew the spring board? Shaposh to overshoot to toe up to high. Some leg form. STUCK double layout to finish. Legs apart in the air, but what the judges don’t know won’t hurt them. 9.750

Ockler (SEMO): Easily the best vault on the day for SEMO. Very dynamic, good height, good shape in the air. We love to see it. Ignoring the hop back. 9.75

Appleget (LU): Clear hip, Geinger, overshoot. Again not huge, but manages. Good line. Double layout with a hop back. Good finish for the Lions. 9.775

Webb (SEMO): Yurchenko full. Landed a bit forward and lock-legged with a small hop forward. Good exhibition vault for SEMO.

Newsome (LU): Blind, Piked Jaeger, overshoot. Can’t tell if she scraped her heels on the floor on the kip out. Sat down the double front dismount. She didn’t look quite ready for the floor? Looked pretty copy-paste from the Florida meet.

Kraus (LU): Ray to overshoot. A little ribby. Ouch. Stayed on the bar, though. Blind full, double tuck. Just a pace forward.

AFTER TWO: Lindenwood 97.225, SEMO 96.450

SEMO is back to having all twisting vaults, but low landings really killed the scoring potential on the event. Lindenwood put together a solid rotation. You would’ve never known there was a fall at the beginning of the rotation by the way the rest of the lineup competed. Impressive. The team only counted one score below 9.7, looking good for week one.

Rotation 3: Lindenwood BB, SEMO FX

Griswold (LU): BHS LOSO, just a lean to the side. Managed well. Sissone, switch half, beat jump. A little under position. SPIN. Ro back 1.5 with a hop forward. Good start.

Ingle (SEMO): Not copple. Two and a half punch front. Lovely. Some loss of direction. Solid leap series. She connected three jumps there, so I’d assume this is a two pass routine. CRAZY RIGHT NOW. Double pike is a bit short with a step forward.

Daniels (LU): Small check on the SPIN. BHS LOSO. Squatty on the landing but no wobbles here. Switch leap, ring. Not enough head release, in my opinion. Front aerial to beat. Very nice. Cartwheel, gainer full. Landed a bit cross legged with a hop.

Jordan Jones (SEMO): Front through to double tuck. Good. Chest up. Good control. I love the way she performs her routines. Partition music. Double pike. Had to take a step back but kept it in bounds. Another three leap/jump connection. Some loss of wolf position on the wolf full.

Moon (LU): BHS LOSO. Pretty big check. Closed that back hip. Leg up and then off on the jump series. Front aerial to beat. Good. Gainer full, nearly stuck but a shuffle step.

Webb (SEMO): Yes ma’am. I just know this routine is about to be creepy in the best way. Back two and a half. A little stumble to the side. Rudi. Knees gave. That’ll be a fall. Switch ring, split full. Back one and half, front full. Just held on by pure will power. A step back.

Kraus (LU): Looking confident up there. BHS LOSO. Solid as they come. Yes ma’am. Hitch kick, switch half, beat jump. This is great. RO back one and a half. I’m depressed. Missed the punch time on the dismount and had to sit it down. 9.225

Reader (SEMO): Double pike. Very good amplitude and control. Front full, front lay. A wild bound out of it. Some leg form in the air. Switch side, popa. Good and around. Double tuck to finish. A bit short with a punch out of it.

Appleget (LU): Switch leap, switch leap, pike jump. BHS LOSO. VERY good. A warrior pose. Side aerial. She’s killing this. RO 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. Good set to come back from the fall.

Moffitt (SEMO): Double tuck. Open in the air and very controlled. YES. Good extension on the leap. Front full… landed with her feet too far in front, forward roll. Will she have a double salto pass now? That is the question. Double pike. A large lunge back but fine. Her start value is about to be affected by the second pass since she didn’t meet the double salto pass requirement. 8.850

Jaly Jones (LU): Side aerial LOSO series. VERY hard. Pays with a large leg up wobble. Switch leap, straddle jump. Pretty. Hop forward on the 1.5 dismount.

Greene (SEMO): Front layout, Rudi. Nice and chest up on the landing. Side Aerial. Double tuck. YES. Chest up. Perfect control. Tour jete half, split full. That should score really well. 9.875

Rush (LU): Side somi. Nice and solid. BHS LOSO, beat jump. Got the bonus I think. Switch leap, straddle 1/4. A little wonky on the connection, but fine. Gainer full stuck. Could have more amplitude.

Maxwell (SEMO): front double full. Quite squatty but saved with a hop back. Switch side, popa. Double tuck, short as well with a lunge forward. Back 1.5 front layout. Best landing thus far.

Sorry for the technical difficulties during that rotation. Everything should be up to date now.

AFTER THREE: Lindenwood 144.375, SEMO 143.950

Lindenwood posted just a 47.150 on beam thanks. While not counting a fall, the Lions looked a bit shaky up there. SEMO had some bright spots on floor including Madison Greene’s outstanding tumbling. That rotation is definitely going to move from good to great later in the season. Today, the Redhawks just looked a bit tired, trying to force passes and landings.

Rotation 4: SEMO BB, Lindenwood FX 

Anna Speller will be in the exhibition spot, Jolie Miller is in on beam.

Maxwell (SEMO): BHS LOSO. Soft legs, but nice and stuck. Cat leap, switch side 1/4, split 1/4. Unique leap. Stuck 1.5. Great start for the Redhawks. 9.550

Appleget (LU): Front full front lay. Pretty straight line in the air. Tour jete full, nearly around. Tour jete half, popa. Deer leap just for funsies. Last pass coming up. Double pike. Chest a bit down but controlled well. Gppd leadoff routine. 9.750

Ingle (SEMO): BHS BHS LOSO. Stuck that triple series. Switch leap, straddle 1/4. Good. Some foot form. RO double full. Small shuffle to the side. Another hit. 9.475 BOO

Caffey (LU): I love the shoulder roll to start. Double pike. GOOD. Chest up. Switch side, popa. Cheated a bit going into the popa, but I’m being picky. Front lay, RUDI. Looking good so far. She looks like a way more confident athlete in her sophomore campaign. Double tuck, small hop forward with the chest down. 9.675

J. Miller (SEMO): Pretty mount. I always get antsy when athletes put their foot on the beam leg. Beat, split full. A little slow on the legs together, but around. BHS LOSO. YES. Good straight legs. Full and a quarter turn. Definitely tried to finesse. Standing layout connected to a jump. Stuck gainer pike off the end. Good choice to keep Jolie in the lineup. 9.450… Okay I’m not sure about beam scores now.

Moon (LU): Double pike. Landed back on her heels. Several steps and stumbled out of bounds. Rudi to sky high LOSO. Wonky on the jump connection. Punched a bit at an angle. Pretty back two and a half. Good recovery. 9.075

Moffitt (SEMO): BHS LOSO, overcorrected some. Switch side 1/4. Split to beat to have the jump connection requirement. Still might impact her bonus. RO 1.5 with a step back.

Jaly Jones (LU): Double pike. Stunning. Like it’s casual. Front full, front lay. Good extension on both. Switch half, popa. Good lines. Back 1.5, front pike? Was that supposed to be a layout? Unsure. We’ll see the score.

Webb (SEMO): Front toss to scale… had to put the back foot down because she was crooked. Pretty big wobble. Switch leap, split 1/4. Could be more splitty. cat leap, Front aerial to BHS swing down. Love it. BHS, gainer full. Stuck. 9.625

S. Lopez (LU): Double tuck. Opened up just in time. Switch half, wolf 1.5. Good and around, not a fan of the wolf shape though. Knees weren’t quite together. Front full, front pike. Good. Her normal. Back 1.5, front lay. Good finish with an “L” for Lions. 9.775

Reader (SEMO): Front toss front the knee, BHS series. Unique. Hitch kick switch side 1/4. Nice. Front toss, beat jump. Looking good. Gainer pike dismount with a hop back. 9.725

Griswold (LU): Double pike with a sizable hop back. Front full, front lay. Nice and straight in the air. LIONS. Switch half, wolf full. Good amplitude. Double tuck. Opened a tad early with the chest down. Strong finish. 9.850…

Speller (SEMO): Woohoo! Front aerial BHS. A good save. A bit around the side on both skills. Switch leap, split half. Could’ve been more extended on the half. Front toss to scale. Way to hold onto it. Front full. Stuck.

R. Jones (LU): Front double full, not super controlled but around. Switch half, wolf full. Back 1.5, front tuck. Mistimed the punch. Good save. Rudi came up a bit short and pogo-ed out of it with a little flail.

Jordan Jones (SEMO): Baby by J Biebs to bring things home. Front aerial, BHS. So solid. So confident. Cat leap, side aerial. A lean. Switch leap, straddle half. Pretty split position. Best of the day. Gainer pike. Stuck. That probably will score higher than some routines that will count. Oh well.

Cooper (LU): Double pike. Chest nice and up. The commentator said it was loose at the end? That’s just a college finish. Wolf 1.5 good and around. Front lay, front full. Booty drop dance is back in style. Double tuck, a little under with a step forward.

Final: Lindenwood 193.200, SEMO 191.775

Well that meet felt a bit like January. Which is fine. Lindenwood definitely made some improvements over Friday’s meet, but looked a bit shaky on beam. SEMO fought through the meet, but appeared a bit unsure of itself overall. There were definitely strong individual performances that should be noted, including the Redhawks’ three event winners.

I also want to shout out the freshmen Jaly Jones and Taylor Ingle for competing their first AA performances of their careers.

Can’t wait to see these teams duke it out again later this season.

AA Winner: Jaly Jones (Lindenwood), 38.475

VT Winner: Gayla Griswold (Lindenwood), 9.875

UB Winner: Lindsay Ockler (SEMO), 9.800

BB Winner: Nyah Reader (SEMO), 9.725

FX Winner: Madison Greene (SEMO), 9.875

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Live Blog by Tavia Smith

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