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The USAG Dismount: Week 9

As week nine closes and we look toward week 10, several USAG teams continue to distinguish themselves as they ramp up and refine, eyes locked on the end of the season. Texas Woman’s continues to just hold off Air Force by a few tenths, as the top three teams continue their shuffle and dance as they cruise into the end of the season. Brown was awarded its first ever program 10, with Mei Li Costa receiving a perfect score from one judge for her second bar routine of the weekend. There might be a final push from Southern Connecticut for the final nationals qualifying spot, but the top-eight seem pretty locked in with the end of the regular season looming. 

Clutch Catch of the Week

JC Ligi, Catcher, 9.975

After bouncing the sticky cloth off Alexis Richardson’s finger tips, JC Ligi nearly stuck the landing in catching the flying object, the only deduction a hop on the landing. All while live tweeting scores.

Just Tell Me What Needs to Happen


Bridgeport has had itself a year. With illness and injuries really knocking the team down, Bridgeport didn’t take that as an invitation to take it easy and lie in the mud. Instead, Kat Doran has started vaulting again, Gabrielle Jorden opted to compete on floor with a 9.200 start value so the team could rely on a score, in addition to Alexis Richardson competing bars after training for just two weeks. Please excuse the entire team from finals so they can sleep for a week on a beach. 

Sparkle on Sparkles

Brown, Hair, 10.000

Brown’s Mei Li Costa went BIG on the sparkles this week, with a stunning teal to blue to purple ombre. We’re calling the team next time we’re in need of sparkly hair. 

Overall Standings

1Texas Woman’s194.885
2Air Force194.630
6West Chester193.010
10Southern Connecticut190.580

Top Scores

Mei Li CostaBrownBars9.975
Isabel GoycoTWUFloor9.925
Kat DoranBridgeportBars9.900
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.875
Anna KaziskaSEMOBeam9.875
Mara JohnsonTWUFloor9.875
Raegan WalkerYaleBars9.875
Raegan WalkerYaleBeam9.875
Chelsea BakerSouthern ConnecticutBars9.850
Amber BollAir ForceBars9.850
Lindsay ChiaYaleVault9.850
Mei Li CostaBrownBars9.850
Kat DoranBridgeportBars9.850
Madeline GoseTWUFloor 9.850
Madison GreeneSEMOFloor9.850
Anna KaziskaSEMOFloor9.850
Ayla McKeanAir ForceBars9.850
Jolie MillerSEMOBars9.850
Lindsay OcklerSEMOBars9.850
Jessica MeakimWest ChesterFloor9.850
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceFloor9.850
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceBeam9.850
Taylor SchulzeBrownBars9.850
Valerie SmithAir ForceBeam9.850
Daija StevensonAir ForceBeam9.850
Emerson AdamsTWUVault9.825
Julia BedellBrownVault9.825
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.825
Amber BollAir ForceFloor9.825
Domi BonzagniTWUFloor9.825
Lindsay ChiaYaleFloor9.825
Abby ContelloBrownBars9.825
Nicole JavinettBridgeportBeam9.825
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.825
Mackenzie KunzmanTWUBeam9.825
Bianca LeonSouthern ConnecticutBars9.825
Natalie MarshallWest ChesterBeam9.825
Grace NelsonAir ForceBars9.825
Lindsay OcklerSEMOVault9.825
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceBars9.825
Cameo StapletonAir ForceFloor9.825
Daisy WoodringTWUVault9.825
Angela XingBrownFloor9.825
Velandra BrochiAir ForceFloor9.800
Velandra BrochiAir ForceBars 9.800
Madeline GoseTWUVault9.800
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.800
Anna KaziskaSEMOFloor9.800
Steelie KingTWUBeam9.800
Beth LazarusTWUVault9.800
Lily McFarlandWest ChesterBeam9.800
Hanna MoonLindenwoodBars9.800
Ayla McKeanAir ForceVault9.800
Sierra MunsTWUFloor9.800
Alixandra PierceTWUFloor9.800
Kyla PodgesTWUBeam9.800
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceFloor9.800
Kendall SandersCentenaryFloor9.800
Kiana SessionBridgeportFloor9.800
Daija StevensonAir ForceFloor9.800
Regina WaltonCornellBeam9.800
Lydia WebbSEMOFloor9.800
Taylor Ann WilsonCentenaryBars9.800
Nicole WojcikLindenwoodBars9.800
Angela XingBrownVault9.800

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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