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The USAG Dismount: Week 5

Smashing records and season highs was the theme of the week in the USAG. The top teams have ensured they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Lindenwood continues to defend against Air Force and Yale, with West Chester eyeing its own spot in the top three. Week six will not be the time to rest on laurels. NQS is right around the corner, and with it comes the gut-wrenching switch to dropping season highs. Some positional shuffling occurred in the middle of the pack, most notably Bridgeport sliding down to 11th. Bridgeport’s ranking will not tell the whole story for weeks to come as the Purple Knights were forced to only use four athletes on two events this week after struggling with injuries. 

ASMR Pass of the Week

Jessica Meakim, floor, 9.900

Jessica Meakim’s front handspring front full to front layout soothes everything that could be wrong in your life. Burnt your dinner? Watch her tumble. Wet socks? Nothing can bother you with this pass on repeat. Now excuse us as we drift off to sleep with our Meakim nightlight.  

Record Breaker of the Week

Mei Li Costa, bars, 9.925

What’s better than breaking a school bars record? Breaking it twice. Mei Li Costa is the ultimate bars star, the best in Brown gymnastics history. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Rising Star

Air Force, floor

With the loss of several strong floor workers, including former USAG national champion Tyler Davis, it was unclear what the Falcons’ top six would look like this season. However, the team put up another 49-plus this week led by a 9.900 from Cameo Stapleton. The three freshmen in the lineup are settling in nicely, and the returners are stepping up their game. 

Overall Standings

2Air Force193.340
3Yale 192.730
4West Chester192.725
6Texas Woman’s192.455

Top Scores

Mei Li CostaBrown Bars9.925
Jessica MeakimWest ChesterFloor9.900
Cameo StapletonAir Force Floor9.900
Lindsay ChiaYaleBeam9.875
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.875
Anna KaziskaSEMOBeam9.875
Anna KaziskaSEMOFloor9.875
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.875
Jolie MillerSEMOBars9.875
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceFloor9.875
Lindsay Chia YaleFloor9.850
Isabel GoycoTWUFloor9.850
Hadley RobertsLindenwoodBeam9.850
Raegan WalkerYaleBars9.850
Raegan WalkerYaleBeam9.850
Sherry WangYaleBars9.850
Oren AviadYaleVault9.825
Julia BedellBrownFloor9.825
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodVault9.825
Nicole JavinettBridgeportBeam9.825
Jessica MeakimWest ChesterBars9.825
Genevieve SabadoAir ForceBars9.825
Sherry WangYaleFloor9.825
Lydia WebbSEMOBars9.825
Lydia WebbSEMOBeam9.825
Lydia WebbSEMOFloor9.825
Nicole WojcikLindenwoodBeam9.825
Lindsay ChiaYaleVault9.800
Mei Li CostaBrownVault9.800
Kathryn DoranBridgeportBeam9.800
Crystal GwinnBridgeportFloor9.800
Bianca LeonSCSUBars9.800
Lily McFarlandWest ChesterBeam9.800
Emerson AdamsTWUVault9.800
Beth LazarusTWUBars9.800
Ayla McKeanAir ForceFloor9.800
Kiana SessionBridgeportFloor9.800
Kendal ToyYaleFloor9.800
Sarah WilsonYaleBars9.800

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Article by Allison Freeman, Rebecca Scally and Tavia Smith

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