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The NCGA Dismount: Week 5

The NCGA race really started to heat up this week, with Whitewater tying Brockport’s season high of 192.275, although Brockport and Oshkosh continue to hold the top two places as the week closes and Whitewater’s season high kicks La Crosse out of the top three. Brockport and Rhode Island continued to set program records, this time on beam—although Olivia Keyes tied the newly set program record by Kelsey Gates last week. A bit further west, Richella Velarmino inches closer to her own place in the history books. 

Airline of the Week

Taylor Bushey, bars, 9.650

Taylor Bushey continues to hit, her sky high piked Gienger a giant exclamation point in her floaty bar routine for Brockport. 

One-Two Punch of the Week

Olivia Keyes and Kelsey Gates, Floor, 9.850 and 9.825

Rhode Island doesn’t hold back when Olivia Keyes and Kelsey Gates take the floor. For three weeks in a row now Keyes and Gates have tied, set and tied floor records. They just keep getting better. 

Performance of the Week

Richella Velarmino, bars, 9.825

The freshman swung her way to the second highest bar score in Whitewater history on Friday. With a piked Jaeger and a floaty double layout to boot, Velarmino is just getting started. 

Overall Standings

4UW-La Crosse188.075
6Ithaca College185.838
7Rhode Island183.175
10Winona State180.888
11UW- Eau Claire180.233
12Gustavus Adolphus179.669

Top Scores

Olivia KeyesRhode IslandFloor9.850
Kelsey GatesRhode IslandFloor9.825
Richella VelarminoUW-WhitewaterBars9.825
Emily BuffingtonUW-OshkoshVault9.800
Emily Gilot UW-OshkoshVault9.800
Kamryn RodriguezCortlandFloor9.800
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportVault9.775
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportBeam9.775
Gabbi GareBrockportBars9.775
Kelsey KollhoffUW-WhitewaterBars9.775
Faith MylinUW-WhitewaterFloor 9.775
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportFloor9.750
Kyra FigurelliBrockportFloor9.750
Rahdea JarvisUW-OshkoshFloor9.750
Emily NorthUW-WhitewaterFloor9.750
Estee FlomUW-WhitewaterBars9.725
Olivia KeyesRhode IslandBeam9.725
Rachel LewellenUW-Whitewater Vault9.700
MacKenzie MacLeodSpringfieldBeam9.700
Kirsten PaultreBrockportFloor9.700
Olivia StinnetteBrockportBeam9.700
Kara WelshUW-WhitewaterVault9.700

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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