Recruiting Roundup: February 2021

Welcome to your monthly recruiting news. Take a look at all the NCAA commits, top club meet results and training updates for the past month in college gymnastics recruiting. Additionally, check out how this month’s commits changed their teams’ class rankings.

Team Class Ranking Tracer

Illinois has moved up in the class of 2021 rankings from No. 25 to No. 16 thanks to the commitment of 3-star recruit Mia Scott, who will join the team this fall. The class of 2022 rankings remain unchanged this month.

Uncommitted Tracker

  • Libby Allen, in the class of 2021, is training a Tsuk tuck full, which looks increasingly consistent.
  • Mallory Gregory, in the class of 2022, is training a Yurchenko 1.5 on vault and a 2.5 twist to punch front on floor.
  • Sage Kellerman, in the class of 2022, is training a front handspring front pike half.
  • Zyia Coleman, in the class of 2022, is training a full-in and a double layout on floor, as well as a Silivas for fun.
  • Olivia Schmitt, in the class of 2022, competes a difficult Deltchev on bars.
  • Hannah Scheible, in the class of 2023, is training a Tsukahara layout full.
  • Marisa Fisher, in the class of 2023, is training a Yurchenko 1.5.
  • Juliette Rider, in the class of 2023, is training a Yurchenko half on front pike.
  • Gabriella Ortiz, in the class of 2023, is training a Yurchenko 1.5.
  • Haylee Hardin, in the class of 2024, debuted a Yurchenko half on front pike at the WOGA Classic, scoring a 9.900.
  • Camryn Richardson, in the class of 2024, stuck cold her Yurchenko 1.5 at the Brestyan’s Elite Qualifier for a 14.100.
  • Mackenzie Estep, in the class of 2025, is already performing a Yurchenko 1.5 on vault.

Meet Results

  • Washington signee Leah Smith is the 2021 Nastia Liukin Cup senior champion. Alicia Zhou, in the class of 2025, is the junior champion.
  • Towson commit Clara Hong, in the class of 2021, posted a 9.900 on bars at the WOGA Classic for a routine that includes a piked Jaeger, a bail to handstand and a double front dismount.
  • Kylie Coen, in the class of 2023, scored a 38.825 at the WOGA Classic to qualify to the NLC, including a 9.775 on bars for a difficult routine, which includes a Ray to Pak salto and a full-in dismount.
  • 2021 NLC qualifier and Alabama signee Lilly Hudson scored a 38.750 to win the Daytona Beach Open. Silver medalist Danielle Ferris, in the class of 2024, posted a big 9.900 on vault.
  • Oklahoma signee Moorea Linker posted a 39.200 at the Presidential Classic to qualify to the NLC. North Carolina signee Lali Dekanoidze was second with a 38.750, while Danielle Sievers, also an Oklahoma signee, was third with a 38.700.
  • Missouri signee Amari Celestine qualified to the NLC at the Brestyan’s Invitational with a 38.825. She was followed by Chloe LaCoursiere, in the class of 2023, who posted a 38.800 and a perfect 10.0 on bars. At the same meet, Auburn signee Sara Hubbard also scored a perfect 10.0 on vault.
  • Ohio State signee and 2021 NLC qualifier Tory Vetter posted a 38.825, including a 9.900 on vault, to win the Nashville Nights meet.
  • Florida signee Sloane Blakely qualified to the NLC at the Metroplex Challenge with a 39.275, which included two 9.900s on vault and bars. Washington signee Leah Smith also scored over 39 (39.125), including a 9.950 on bars, to qualify to the Cup.
  • Michigan State commit Nikki Smith qualified to the NLC at the Jaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown with a 38.775. Ball State signee Ariana Gilley was second and scored a big 9.925 on bars. Oklahoma signee Danielle Sievers, third in the all around, scored a 9.950 on floor and a 10.0 on vault.
  • Savannah Miller, in the class of 2022, posted a 38.725 in the all around at the R5 Insider Classic, which included a 9.900 on vault for a Yurchenko half on pike off.
  • Kentucky commit Bridget Bourque posted a 39.150 at the Gasparilla Classic. Alabama signee Jordyn Paradise was second with a 38.850.
  • Minnesota signee Haley Tyson posted a 9.900 on bars at the BIG Classic.

Elite Corner

  • The WOGA Classic was the first elite competition of the year. UCLA signee Jordan Chiles won the all around, which included a 14.850 on vault and a 14.400 on bars. Second was Zoe Miller, in the class of 2023, who impressed with a big double layout on floor. Third was Florida commit Olivia Greaves, who won the floor title with a 13.100. Katelyn Jong, in the class of 2024, won the junior title, ahead of Madray Johnson, in the class of 2026, and Ella Murphy, in the class of 2025, who won the beam title with a beautiful routine. Paloma Spiridonova, in the class of 2025, won the floor title with a big 13.200, the highest score of the day on floor.
  • UCLA signee Jordan Chiles won the Winter Classic (57.050), ahead of Florida commit Shilese Jones (55.100) and UCLA signee Emily Lee (53.400). Auburn signee Sunisa Lee posted the highest score on bars (15.050), while 2023 graduate Skye Blakely won beam (14.500).
  • Auburn signee Sunisa Lee is training a Nabieva to Bhardwaj.
  • Oregon State signee Jade Carey is training a Church to Gienger.


  • Former college gymnasts Houry Gebeshian and Danusia Francis talked to us about their job as recruiting consultants.
  • Twelve Nastia Liukin Cup qualifiers told us about their goals, expectations and emotions ahead of this year’s competition.

Commits (Class of 2021)

GymnastNCAA TeamClub GymPersonal BestsVideosSocial Media and News
Tessa VolpeAir ForceACE, FLVT: 9.700
UB: 9.450
BB: 9.625
FX: 9.700
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Rebecca RingBrockportPinnacle, OHLevel 9
VT: 9.075
UB: 8.175
BB: 8.825
FX: 8.875
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Bri EdwardsFloridaGulf Coast, FLVT: 9.650
UB: 8.725
BB: 7.975
FX: 8.950
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Lily HorschGustavus AdolphusEnergym, ILLevel 9
VT: 9.325
UB: 9.350
BB: 9.100
FX: 9.125
Makayla GreenIllinoisBright Stars, NJVT: 9.575
UB: 9.475
BB: 9.500
FX: 9.650
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Mia Scott
IllinoisSouth Durham, United KingdomYouTube Recruiting VideoInstagram
Makenzie WilsonKentuckyPremier, TNVT: 9.775
UB: 9.000
BB: 9.350
FX: 9.525
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Ilka Juk
LIUTAG, CanadaVT: 9.225
UB: 9.175
BB: 8.350
FX: 9.350
Personal YouTube ChannelRecruit File
Sophia DamianoRhode IslandCartwheels, NYLevel 9
VT: 9.350
UB: 7.500
BB: 8.625
FX: 9.050
Libby AllenSouthern ConnecticutMagnitude 10.0, TNVT: 9.450
UB: 8.300
BB: 9.425
FX: 9.450
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Madison Tansowny
Southern ConnecticutCalgary Gym Centre, CanadaPersonal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Zoe KrullUW-OshkoshThe Flip Zone, INVT: 8.950
UB: 9.150
BB: 9.225
FX: 9.150
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Daejah RoseUW-OshkoshSportsplex, MDVT: 9.300
UB: 9.275
BB: 9.025
FX: 9.300
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram

Commits (Class of 2022)

GymnastNCAA TeamClub GymPersonal BestsVideosSocial Media and News
Charniya BrownBowling GreenLet It Shine, TNVT: 9.600
UB: 9.525
BB: 9.350
FX: 9.575
Personal YouTube ChannelInstagram
Bryce WilsonLSUPearland Elite, TXVT: 9.925
UB: 9.675
BB: 9.625
FX: 9.850
Personal YouTube ChannelRecruit File
Kyrie LoweRutgersNOVA, FLVT: 9.225
UB: 9.500
BB: 9.525
FX: 9.275

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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