LIVE BLOG: No. 23 Missouri at No. 14 Georgia

The Mizzou Tigers head into Athens, Ga this afternoon to take on the Georgia Gymdogs in a competition you won’t want to miss. Both Missouri and Georgia have confident all around competitors that thrive to achieve those high scores week to week. Tiger Aspen Tucker will be one to watch as she scored 39.45 in the all around this past week. Fellow Gymdogs Rachel Dickson and Sydney Snead have been excelling week to week as well. Snead achieved career highs on bars and beam, as well as the all around with a 39.525 this past weekend. It will be interesting to watch Mizzou take on Georgia because Mizzou has been slammed with tough SEC matchups this season and they will be looking for redemption as they move forward in this season. Both of these teams are hungry for a win and Mizzou could really use a high score on the road as an away score.

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1:20pm the crowd is rolling on in. Final rotations warm ups are wrapping up!

1:43 Gymnasts are headed back to change to competition leos and we’ll get started soon here!

1:51 Gymdog alumni walked out and introduced. So many outstanding previous athletes!

1:55 Intros are beginning YES! Georgia’s intro’s always get me so excited and it seems like the fans are ready to go too!

**Leo update!! Georgia is in a black bodice with sparkly mid section and hot pink arms sleeves!! Love the hot pink! Missouri is in a black bodice as well with tons of sparkles and hint of pink along the sides. Pink out leotards are the best leotards am I right?

2:04 We are about to begin rotation 1!

Rotation 1: Georgia Vault; Missouri Bars 

Vega (GA): Yurchenko lay out full. Very clean landing slight hop back. Little arm bending on the table but great start for Georgia. 9.8

Tucker (MO): Mount over low to high bar. Blind change pike jagar. Double tuck dismount with slight hop back. Very clean solid first starter for Missouri. 9.825

Oakley (GA): Yurchenko layout full with bigger hop backwards. Love the height off the table and good distance. 9.775

Kelly (MO): Hope over low to high bar. Blind change to pike jaguar. Bail to low bar. Short last handstand. Double lay STICK! beautiful dismount. 9.8

Dickson (Ga): Yurchenko layout full she tried very hard to stick and lifts one foot gripping the mat. Not sure if judges will give it but that was a huge vault!! 9.85

Allbritten (MO): Blind to straddle lager. Bail to low bar. Blind full to double tuck with step on landing. 9.775

Johnson (GA): Yurchenko layout full HUGE. with slight hop back. Very tiny. Love the height an block off the table on that. 9.825

Miller (MO): Blind to pike jager. Bail to low bar…oops…she fell over and looked like she just held on too long on the bar. 30 sec to get back on bars. She back up and finishes with beautiful double layout stick. Bummer for the fall, her dismount was gorgeous. 9.25

Snead (GA): Yurchenko layout full with MAJOR height off the table and almost clenches the stick. Moves feet just a tad. 9.85

Porter (MO): Blind to straddle jager connected immediately to bail to low bar. Blind change to double front dismount stick. That is not an easy dismount and she made it look so easy! 9.8

Huber (MO): Mount over low to high bar. Blind to straddle jaguar connected immediately to low bar shoot over. Double layout dismount with small hop. 9.8

Scores after one: Georgia: 49.1 /Missouri: 49.0

Rotation 2: Georgia Bars; Missouri Vault

Miller (MO): Yurchenko layout full STICK!! Her feet did not move. What a start for Missouri! 9.8

Johnson (GA): Clear hip to gainer release move. bail to low bar. Double layout dismount with hop forward. 9.8

Huber (MO): Yurchenko layout full with small hop back and to side. Good distance. 9.8

Oakley (GA): Pike Shaposh connected Pak Salto to pirouette. Full out tucked dismount STICK! the crowd goes wild. Beautiful set. 9.9!

Harris (MO): Yurchenko layout full with step to the side. Looked a little crunched on the table with block but good distance and form. 9.8

Vaculik (GA): Blind full to Gainer. bail o low bar to tradition to high. Full out dismount with beautiful height! 9.75

Tucker (MO): Yurchenko layout full with chest down and a little low but good clean lines. 9.8

Snead (GA): Tkatchev on high bar. Bail to low bar. Great handstands hit. Double layout STICK! The crowd loves it. 9.875

Ward (MO): Half on to the table with tuck half out. Slight chest down but love the upgraded vault in the lineup. 9.75

Dickson (GA): Toe on Tkatchev huge. Bail to low bar and transition to high. Double lay is beautiful with slight landing shuffle. 9.9

Porter (MO): Yurchenko full with chest down a little and hop. 9.75

Pedersen (GA): Blind to pike Jager. Pak to low bar with blind to double tuck front dismount with small foot movement. 9.85

Scores after two: Georgia: 98.425 /Missouri: 97.950

Rotation 3: Georgia Beam; Missouri Floor

Snead (GA): Back handspring layout connected to back handspring solid. Switch to back tuck stick. She looks so confident and calm. Punch front no movement. She is a beautiful beam worker. Round off double twist with small foot shuffle. 9.85. Great leadoff for Georgia.

Bower (MO): Double pike opening pass. I like her floor music. One and a half punch front layout for middle pass. Double tuck last pass with slight unsteady feet going backwards but holds on. Looks like she had more power than she thought. 9.775

Oakley (GA): Split jump to ring jump. Back handspring to layout stick. Again, she’s looking so confident too. Georgia has really grown on this event. Front aerial solid. Gainer full twist off the side stick. Beautiful set. 9.875

Nicholson (MO): Missy Elliot for her music, this is so fun! Middle pass one and a half punch front layout. Front handspring front Rudi twist. Clean set and fun energy to watch. 9.725

Arnold (GA): Switch to tuck jump full. Front aerial to back handspring. Slight connection wobble wonder if judges will give it. Wobble on leap series jumps. Step forward on round off one and a half dismount. 9.7

Miller (MO): Front handspring front layout to front layout full twist. “Selfie” music for her routine, this is fun too! Front handspring front Rudi twist with little leg form seperation. 9.725

Babilis (GA): Front aerial connected to back layout standing stick. Very solid. Switch leap to split jump to back tuck connected no wobble. Front pike toss. Front full layout twist dismount with small hop forward. 9.825

Tucker (MO): Beyonce “Girls run the world” for her music YES! Opening pass huge full in tucked. Round off back handspring double full twist to punch back layout. More Beyonce in the mix “Crazy in Love” this is such a fun mix! Last pass double pike solid. 9.8

Dickson (GA): Front aerial switch leap. Back handspring layout stick. She looks super confident. back handspring to one and half twist dismount stick. Great set! 9.925

Harris (MO): Opening pass double pike slight chest down and forward. Front layout punch front full twist. Last pass double tuck great height! 9.825

Vega (GA): Switch ring solid. Back handspring layout stick. She looks aggressive and attacking each skill! Hitch kick to front aerial. Switch leap split jump half. *Moonwalk…crowd goes nuts! Aerial to full twist dismount stick. Awesome beam rotation for Georgia! 9.9

Turner (MO): One and a half punch front layout. Double pike….oops looked like not enough energy and she falls forward. 9.25

Scores after three: Georgia: 147.800 / Missouri: 146.8

Rotation 4: Georgia Floor; Missouri Beam 

Bower (MO): Back handspring layout series wobble. Front toss to beat jump connected. Beat jump to straddle jump full. Gainer full off side dismount with hop backwards. 9.75

Arnold (GA): She lights up the floor line up with her music and smile. Huge double pike opening pass. Double tuck oops…looks like too much power and she flies backwards out of bounds. That will be small deduction. One and a half punch front layout clean. 9.55

Allbritten (MO): Front aerial connected to back handspring clean. Switch to split jump. Full turn. Front pike toss and bigger wobble. She holds on. Gainer full off side for dismount and small step. 9.65

Babilis (GA): Opening pass Whip to double tuck super clean. Whip half to punch front full twist. Very clean and aggressive so far. Tourjete split jump full for leap series. Round off double pike landing a little low but saves it. 9.825

Porter (MO): Front toss connected to back handspring solid. She did a really good job connecting this. Front aerial solid. round off one and a half dismount stick.. good set for Missouri. 9.85

Snead (GA): Whip to double back handspring to double tuck HUGE and stick. Front handspring to front Rudi twist to sushanova jump to stomach and the crowd always loves that! Last pass Double pike super clean. Beautiful set for Georgia! (judges flash score and the crowd goes WILD) 9.95!!!

Tucker (MO): Back handspring to back layout two foot stick. beat jump to straddle 3/4. Round off double twist stick. Good set for Missouri! 9.8

Dickson (GA): Arabian double front opening pass (UPGRADE!) and she nails it. One and a half twist to punch front layout very clean. Last pass Double tuck super clean and huge!!! The crowd can barely contain themselves. They want to see a perfect ten. 9.95

Kelly (MO): Front aerial one arm back handspring connected little wobble. Straddle jump to sheep jump connected small wobble. Front layout twist dismount with hop forward. 9.75

Vega (GA): Opening pass Double pike super clean and huge. round off one and a half punch front layout clean. Vega is so fun to watch too. She really plays into the routine and her music to draw the crowd in. Last pass Double tuck huge and hangs on to stay in bounds and looks like she does very calmly! 9.925

Ward (MO): Back handspring two in a row to layout step out solid. Full turn. Hitch kick to side aerial little wobble. Round off one and a half twist with step forward. 9.9

Final Scores: Georgia: 197.00 /Missouri: 195.850

What a meet tonight for the Gymdogs! This wraps up the evening. The Mizzou Tigers fall to the Gymdogs with a 197.00-195.850. I must say, I really think Georgia stepped it up tonight in many ways. Each event they attacked and looked more confident than previous meets. Tonight they are walking away with their first 197 of the season, and I don’t think it will be their last. Although they lacked some depth on floor and had to count the five scores they put up with mistakes, their floor line up really pulled the weight and delivered some of the best routines I’ve seen from them. I also noticed how much more confident their beam sets have looked tonight. They looked very dialed in and focused to eliminate those little wobbles and deductions from previous meets.

Mizzou did a good job consistently pushing through the meet with the mistakes they were faced with. To me, it seems like Miszzou just needs to work out some of those kinks and get more of those small deductions eliminated because I saw great potential in their skills. They have the talent there, they are just lacking those minor details emphasized with sticks and connections made between skills. They will continue to build and progress as the season moves forward. Overall, both teams will be a treat to watch as we continue into season and see them unleash further potential!

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