Leotard Rankings: Wrap Up

By Elizabeth Grimsley


After a season full of great leotards, as well as some not-so-great ones, we take a look back at some of our favorite, including those stunning enough to receive scores of 9.0 or above. Plus, remember those fan polls you voted in each week? We’ve got the results! Which leotards did the gymternet love the most in 2017? Find out below.

The Best of 2017- NCAA Gym News

1. Oklahoma: ​9.433
2. Arizona State: 9.233
3. Arizona State: 9.200
4. Alabama: 9.133

5. Minnesota: 9.066

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6. Arizona: 9.033
7. Missouri: 9.033
8. Utah: 9.033
9. Oklahoma: 9.000

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The Best of 2017- Fan Vote

Week 1: 1st UCLA | 2nd ASU | 3rd Utah
Week 2: 1st Missouri | 2nd UC Davis | 3rd LSU
Week 5: 1st LSU | 2nd Denver | 3rd Maryland
​Week 6: 1st Oklahoma | 2nd Florida | 3rd Nebraska
Week 7: 1st UCLA | 2nd Air Force | 3rd TWU
Week 8: 1st Air Force | 2nd Minnesota | 3rd Oklahoma (Sunday)
Week 9:​ 1st LSU | 2nd Arizona | 3rd Michigan State
Week 10: 1st Penn State | 2nd Michigan | 3rd UNC
Conference Champs:​ 1st Towson | 2nd Oklahoma | 3rd UCLA
Regionals: 1st Penn State | 2nd Georgia | 3rd Oklahoma

USAG Nationals: 1st Yale | 2nd TWU 1 | 3rd SPU

NCAA Nationals: 1st UCLA | 2nd LSU, Alabama


Pink Meets 1: 1st GW | 2nd UCLA | 3rd Maryland
Pink Meets 2: 1st Towson | 2nd N.C. State | 3rd New Hampshire
*Weeks 3 and 4 did not feature fan polls

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