The Dismount: Week 5

It was another exciting week in NCAA gymnastics. More top teams were upset, and No. 1 Florida went down after catching a case of the beam falls. Oklahoma also impressed, posting two almost-198s in three days. Many program records were also met or nearly reached as Eastern Michigan bested its program-high not once but twice this weekend. Michigan finally reached the 197 mark and Cal had it’s second-highest score in team history. Lots of exciting things went on, and we know you probably didn’t follow everything. So catch up on everything you missed, including scores, links to team recaps and full results.

No. 1 Florida at No. 11 Georgia: Full Results
Georgia: 196.400 | Florida: 196.350
VT: McMurtry 9.9 | UB: McMurtry, Jay 9.925 | BB: Sloan 9.875 | FX: Box, Marino, Rogers 9.95 | AA: Jay, Rogers 39.375
Donning the same leotards worn to upset an undefeated Utah last season, Georgia took the floor in Athens in its annual blackout competition versus No. 1 Florida. And whether it was the leotards that helped the Gymdogs to the win or not, no one will ever know. But the team did pull off the surprise upset of the day, defeating the Gators by just half a tenth. The meet really wasn’t close heading into the last rotation. The Gymdogs had two falls on beam and moved into floor down nearly a point. But Florida also had its mistakes on the four-inch apparatus while Georgia annihilated its floor routines, producing three 9.95s. The crowd was as loud as it used to be during the Suzanne Yoculan days and the environment even hostile at times when the Gators performed their infamous chomp. The meet might have started off tight for both teams, but it ended with a bang for the home competitors. Bridget Sloan wasn’t herself, cramping up during her last pass on floor but bouncing back on beam for a much needed hit after both Kennedy Baker and Alicia Boren fell. Despite the loss, Alex McMurtry won both vault and tied for bars and Sloan picked up the beam win. Brandie Jay shared the other part of the bars title and GiGi marino, Mary Beth Box and Brittany Rogers all had the top score on floor. Both Jay and Rogers tied in the all around. The loss will be a great learning experience for the Gators as the team was previously undefeated and coming off

a 198 at home last week. The freshmen got a taste of competing in front of a large, loud crowd that’s not all supporting you. And the Gymdogs showed they can put up the big numbers when needed.
No. 10 Auburn, No. 56 Illinois State, No. 2 Oklahoma at No. 57 Texas Woman’s University: Full Results
OU: 197.925 | Auburn: 196.775 | ISU: 191.975 | TWU: 191.550
VT: Scaman 9.925 | UB: Capps, Kmieciak 9.9 | BB: Capps 10.0 | FX: Capps 9.975 | AA: Capps 39.775Scores were flying in the quad meet at Texas Woman’s University Friday night. And Oklahoma took full advantage of it. Chayse Capps had a career-best night, scoring a perfect 10 on beam for the first time at Oklahoma. She also had a 9.975 on floor and 9.9s on vault and bars to help her to the all around win and a program record total of 39.775, which matches Bridget Sloan for highest in the NCAA this season. Haley Scaman also had a pair of 9.925s on vault and floor, Natalie brown had a 9.9 on beam and 9.925 on floor and Keeley Kmieciak had 9.9s on bars and floor. Auburn also had a season-best performance, notching a 196.775 for the team’s effort,

backed by Caitlin Atkinson’s 39.575 in the all around. Atkinson had a 9.9 on vault and 9.925 on floor while MJ Rott and Kait Kluz also had 9.925s on floor. There are still little things to be improved on bars and beam for the Tigers, especially with rival Alabama coming to town next weekend, but the team did a nice job filling in for the freshmen that suffered season-ending injuries at last weekend’s meet.
No. 23 West Virginia at No. 2 Oklahoma: Full Results
OU: 197.900 | WVU: 195.250
VT: Jackson 9.95 | UB: Wofford 9.95 | BB: Capps 9.95 | FX: Scaman 9.95 | AA: Capps 39.625For the second time this weekend, Oklahoma came as close as it could to a 198 without actually scoring a 198. The Sooners were back at home for their Sunday meet against conference-foe West Virginia. Chayse Capps continued to impress with a 39.625, which included a 9.9 on bars, 9.95 on beam and 9.925 on floor. Ali Jackson had a season-high on vault with a 9.95 for her Yurchenko one and a half and Haley Scaman had a season-high 9.95 on floor. McKenzie Wofford added a 9.95 to her bars average to keep her at No. 1 in the country on the event. West Virginia had an OK meet, but had more than a few mistakes on the way to 195.250. The Mountaineers had to count two 9.650s on floor and a 9.675 on bars as well. But overall, the team was consistent and produced its season-high road mark.

No. 26 Eastern Michigan, No. 36 Maryland at No. 3 Michigan: Full Results
UM: 197.425 | EMU: 196.075 | UMD: 194.075
VT: Karas 9.95 | UB: Valentin, Williams 9.925 | BB: Chiarelli 9.95 | FX: Artz 9.925 | AA: Artz 39.550Michigan finally did it. The Wolverines hit over 197 for the first time this season after hitting in the 196.9s in four out of five competitions. With season-best performances on vault, bars

and beam, the team easily surpassed the previously unattainable benchmark total. And not only was beam a season-high for the Wolverines, but the total was the group’s third highest in program history. If that’s not a way to bounce back from the event that caused them to break their 49-streak, we don’t know what is. What beamplosion? Eastern Michigan also casually put up a 196, lead by Rachel Slocum’s 9.9 on vault and Kendall Valentin’s 9.925 on bars. Maryland also had a solid overall performance  for a low 194.
No. 25 Kentucky at No. 4 Alabama: Full Results
Alabama: 196.775 | UK: 195.425
VT: Beers 9.95 | UB: Brannan 9.925 | BB: Hyland 9.9 | FX: Bailey, A. Sims, Valentin 9.85 | AA: Bailey 39.475It was a bit of an off meet for Alabama, but nowhere near as bad as the early-season upset against Arkansas. The Crimson Tide still produced a reasonable score in its annual breast cancer awareness meet despite missed landings and other small errors that added up throughout the night. Lauren​


Beers did have a 9.95 on vault for her nailed Yurchenko one and a half but fell on both bars and beam. Katie Bailey had a meet-high 9.9 on bars while Mackenzie Brannan had a 9.9 on vault. Kentucky posted its own season-high mark in Tuscaloosa with a mid-195 and had the highest beam total of the night. Sidney Dukes had a 39.375 in the all around and 9.875s on vault and beam. Alex Hyland had a 9.9 on beam for the top score of the night on the event.
No. 7 Utah at No. 5 UCLA: Full Results
UCLA: 197.100 | Utah: 197.075
VT: Partyka 9.875 | UB: Lopez 9.925 | BB: Lee 9.925 | FX: Cipra 9.975 | AA: Partyka 39.450For the first time in years, the meet stayed exciting until the very end. Utah led through the first three events after starting strong on bars, but UCLA’s stellar floor rotation brought the Bruins ahead of the Utes by the smallest of margins. With Sadiqua Bynum last up and needing a 9.925 to tie, the fifth-year senior performed her routine and made the crowd go wild shouting for a perfect 10. It wasn’t a 10, but it was a 9.95 — just enough to push the Bruins on top. But the meet wasn’t won on the last routine. All the routines before it had to count for something. Sophina DeJesus competed on floor for the first time this season, scoring a 9.925 and getting the fans into the dance. But Bynum and DeJesus didn’t have the top score of the night. That honor belonged to Angi Cipra who had a near-perfect 9.975 for her comical routine. The routine, which features many popular dance moves, has gone viral, hitting over 10 million views in just 24 hours. On beam, Peng-Peng Lee continued to add in more hand-supporting skills and scoring a 9.925 for the effort. For Utah, the meet wasn’t bad by any

means. But the team didn’t receive the same benefit of the doubt it did at home last week. Sabrina Schwab continued to dominate on floor, scoring a career-high 9.95. Breanna Hughes added a 9.9 on the event and Baely Rowe and Kassandra Lopez had a 9.9 and 9.925 on bars, respectively. Maddy Stover closed out the meet for the Utes with a 9.9 on beam.
No. 8 Arkansas at No. 6 LSU: Full Results
LSU: 197.425 | Arkansas: 196.150
VT: Ewing, Gnat, Hambrick, Wyrick 9.875 | UB: Hambrick 9.925 | BB: Hambrick, Finnegan 9.925 | FX: Gnat, Hambrick, Wyrick 9.9 | AA: Hambrick 39.625Despite not having as good a vault rotation as in past weeks, the Tigers still managed a season-high team total for the win over Arkansas in its annual mardi Gras meet. Beam looked to be solved, at least for this week. Sarah Finnegan scored a 9.925 after falling last week and Myia Hambrick matched Finnegan’s score for one of her best routines ever. Hambrick also had a 9.925 on bars and a 9.9 on floor. The sophomore finished the night with the top four-event total with a 39.625. Ashleigh Gnat, coming off of two consecutive 10.0s on vault, only scored a


9.875 on the event Friday night. She added a 9.9 on floor to that for an all around total of 39.4. Arkansas hit 196 once again, but didn’t have the best night on the competition floor. Amanda Wellick nailed yet another Yurchenko full was only received a 9.85 for it. The top score for the Razorbacks on bars was a 9.875 from Erin Freier and Wellick scored the highest on beam and for her team with only a 9.85 and 9.825, respectively.
No. 9 Boise State at No. 24 Southern Utah: Full Results
Boise: 196.250 | SUU: 195.700
VT: Brownsell, Webb 9.85 | UB: Jacobsen, Yee 9.875 | BB: Ramirez, Webb 9.9 | FX: Krentz 9.925 | AA: Remme 39.325Boise State continued to stay up there with the top teams in the country with another solid 196 Friday night. The Broncos’ freshmen continued to be the stars of the team with Sandra Collantes nailing floor for a 9.9 and Shani Remme posting 9.875s on beam and floor. Maddie Krentz also had a 9.9+ score with a 9.925 on floor. Southern Utah posted its season-high despite the loss. Stacie Webb added a 9.9 on beam and 9.875 on floor to the Thunderbirds’ total while Danielle Ramirez had a 9.9 on beam. The team was forced to count a fall on beam despite posting two 9.9s and two 9.85s, preventing it from challenge for the win.


No. 49 Arizona State at No. 12 Stanford: Full Results
Stanford: 195.750 | ASU: 194.325
VT: Price 9.95 | UB: Hong, N. McNair 9.85 | BB: Chuang, Rice 9.85 | FX: Price 9.925 | AA: Rice 39.075With Elizabeth price resting on beam, Stanford wasn’t expected to have a record-breaking performance Monday night. And it didn’t. But the competition wasn’t bad either. Other members of the team stepped up to the plate and the team produced a solid score for it being early in the season. Ivana Hong had a rare fall on beam but made up for it by taking a share of the bars title with teammate Nicolette McNair. Price also made everyone forget she wasn’t competing in the all around by scoring a perfect 9.95 on vault — the first for a Yurchenko full this season. She also had a 9.925 on floor to go with it after originally not being in the lineup. Arizona State had a much improved performance as well. Vault was still a bit of a mess, but the team didn’t have any falls on bars, beam or floor for a season-high team total.

No. 30 Utah State at No. 13 Denver: Full Results
Denver: 196.675 | USU: 195.000
VT: McGee, Chesnok 9.85 | UB: McGee 9.925 | BB: Hammen, McGee 9.875 | FX: McGee 9.95 | AA: McGee 39.600With the help of Nina McGee (of course), Maggie Laughlin back in the lineup on floor and the rest of the team having improved performances, Denver posted its season-high total with a 196.675 against Utah State Saturday night. McGee won the all around yet again with a 39.600. She had a 9.925 on bars and 9.95 on floor to cap off the stellar performance. Kaitlyn Shou had a 9.875 on floor and Claire Hammen had one on beam. Diana Chesnok and Nikole Addison also added 9.875s on bars and floor, respectively. Utah State had a few too many errors on the night to make the competition truly competitive. The team had to count a fall on bars and lower scores on vault and beam.

No. 14 Nebraska at No. 27 Iowa: Full Results
Iowa: 196.650 | Nebraska: 196.350
VT: Laeng 9.875 | UB: Sotillo 9.875 | BB: Drenth 9.925 | FX: Williams 9.925 | AA: Drenth 39.475For the first time in 17 years, Iowa beat Nebraska. The Hawkeyes upset the No. 14 team in the country and deservedly so. The team had a day of records while the Huskers continued to be mediocre despite showing signs of nice gymnastics. Iowa’s Mollie Drenth won the all around with a 39.475 and had a 9.925 on beam. Angel Metcalf also posted a high 9.9 on floor, and Johanny Sotillo had a 9.875 on bars for the top mark. But that wasn’t the highlight of Sotillo’s night as her boyfriend proposed to her after the conclusion of the meet. Nebraska’s Grace Williams continued her upward trend in the all round, posting a 39.400 with a 9.925 on floor, and Ashley Lambert was back in on bars, posting a 9.85.


No. 15 Oregon State at No. 29 Washington: Full Results
OSU: 195.325 | UW: 194.275
VT: Gardiner 9.85 | UB: Jacobsen 9.825 | BB: Gardiner 9.9 | FX: Northey 9.9 | AA: Goings 39.125Both teams did not have performances they’ll want to hold onto as the season goes on. And for the first half of the competition, it looked like Washington was on its way to another conference upset. But having to count a fall on bars and two on beam hurt the Huskies in the long run. Oregon State also had trouble on bars with two botched dismounts and a fall. Floor was also a slight struggle, but the Beavers pulled it out on beam to close out the meet with Maddie Gardiner posting a 9.9. Washington’s Allison Northey and Joslyn Goings


were the team’s saviors for the most part with Northey bouncing back from a low 8.325 on bars to score a 9.9 on floor. Goings was also solid, having to perform after falls on multiple events and hitting her routines.
No. 44 Lindenwood, No. 52 SEMO at No. 16 Missouri: Full Results
Missouri: 196.625 | LU: 194.000 | SEMO: 192.900
VT: Brawner, Harris, Porter 9.8 | UB: Schugel 9.9 | BB: Ward 9.9 | FX: Porter 9.95 | AA: Brawner 39.975No. 17 George Washington, No. 42 Northern Illinois at No. 39 Kent State: Full Results
GWU: 196.075 | Kent State: 196.050 | NIU: 193.900
VT: Drouin-Allaire 9.9 | UB: Marrero, Stypinski 9.9 | BB: DeMoura, Stypinski 9.9 | FX: Stypinski 9.95 | AA: DeMoura 39.300

No. 19 Illinois at No. 18 Minnesota: Full Results
Minnesota: 195.775 | Illinois: 195.000
VT: O’Connor, Abernathy, Mable 9.8 | UB: Mable 9.875 | BB: Mable 9.95 | FX: Mable 9.925 | AA: Mable 39.550

No. 20 Arizona at No. 21 California: Full Results
Cal: 196.825 | Arizona: 196.000
VT: Seilnacht 9.9 | UB: Felix-Terrazas, Williams, Takara 9.85 | BB: Howe 9.875 | FX: Williams 9.95 | AA: Williams 39.450

No. 46 Bridgeport, No. 58 Brown, No. 47 Towson at No. 22 New Hampshire: Full Results
UNH: 195.550 | Towson: 194.575 | Bridgeport: 194.525 | Brown: 192.150
VT: Mahoney 9.85 | UB: Mulligan 9.925 | BB: Aucoin 9.925 | FX: Comport 9.875 | AA: McKellar 39.050

No. 23 West Virginia at No. 35 Iowa State: Full Results
ISU: 195.300 | WVU: 195.200
VT: Muhammad 9.9 | UB: Sievers 9.875 | BB: Gillette 9.875 | FX: Young 9.875 | AA: Young 39.275

No. 34 Central Michigan at No. 26 Eastern Michigan: Full Results
EMU: 195.600 | CMU: 195.400
VT: Janowicz 9.85 | UB: Rubin 9.875 | BB: Janowicz 9.875 | FX: Bolender 9.875 | AA: Janowicz 39.275

No. 28 Ohio State, No. 62 Yale at No. 51 Rutgers: Full Results
OSU: 196.350 | RU: 194.900 | Yale: 190.300
VT: Stone 9.875 | UB: Hofland, Shank 9.875 | BB: Hofland 9.925 | FX: Mattern 9.9 | AA: Harrison 39.175

No. 31 Penn State at No. 40 Michigan State: Full Results
PSU: 195.700 | MSU: 195.175
VT: Sibson 9.825 | UB: Brown 9.9 | BB: Brown 9.9 | FX: Lagoski 9.9 | AA: Burt 39.250

No. 32 BYU at No. 55 Alaska: Full Results
BYU: 195.575 | Alaska: 191.100
VT: Jones, Douglas 9.825 | UB: Wilde 9.875 | BB: Halliday, Jones, Vidmar 9.85 | FX: Halliday, Douglas 9.85 | AA: Matsunami 38.975

No. 64 Seattle-Pacific at No. 33 Sacramento State: Full Results
Sac State: 194.300 | SPU: 193.050
VT: Rice 9.825 | UB: Rice 9.825 | BB: Rice 9.85 | FX: Benning, Williams 9.875 | AA: Rice 39.225

No. 48 Ball State at No. 37 Western Michigan: Full Results
WMU: 194.800 | Ball State: 194.675
VT: Corbett 9.85 | UB: Beckler, Carlson 9.825 | BB: Peszek 9.85 | FX: Christian 9.85 | AA: Corbett 39.175

No. 43 Bowling Green, No. 38 N.C. State, No. 53 Pittsburgh at No. 54 North Carolina: Full Results
NCSU: 194.900 | BGSU: 194.800 | UNC: 193.400 | Pitt: 193.350
VT: Watkins 9.825 | UB: Offutt 9.875 | BB: Fillard, Offutt 9.825 | FX: Watkins 9.9 | AA: Offutt 39.375

No. 45 San Jose State at No. 41 UC Davis: Full Results
UC Davis: 194.375 | SJSU: 194.225
VT: Matos, Brown 9.825 | UB: Brown 9.9 | BB: Brown 9.825 | FX: Stamates 9.85 | AA: Won 38.825

No. 61 Penn, No. 72 SUNY-Cortland at No. 50 Cornell: Full Results
Penn: 190.800 | Cornell: 190.425 | Cortland: 184.725
VT: Podsednik 9.625 | UB: Green 9.75 | BB: Graham 9.85 | FX: Levi 9.75 | AA: Dudley 38.200

No. 59 Illinois-Chicago at Centenary: Full Results
UIC: 193.000 | Centenary: 190.025
VT: Squillo 9.85 | UB: Northern 9.775 | BB: Jordan 9.825 | FX: White 9.875 | AA: Northern 39.075

​No. 68 Southern Connecticut, No. 60 West Chester, No. 65 William & Mary, Ursinus at No. 63 Temple: Full Results
W&M: 191.375 | Temple: 191.175 | West Chester: 190.975 | SCSU: 188.850 | Ursinus: 187.700
VT: Valentine 9.775 | UB: Oliveri, Gironda, Ouellet 9.85 | BB: Oliveri 9.7 | FX: Odom 9.8 | AA: Valentine 38.875

No. 73 Centenary at No. 66 Air Force: Full Results
Air Force: 191.875 | Centenary: 187.900
VT: Stubbs 9.7 | UB: Germain, Reed 9.625 | BB: Kelly 9.725 | FX: Bell 9.8 | AA: Witgen 38.150

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