Teams Hold Halloween Intrasquads

Auburn, Iowa State, Utah and UCLA each held Halloween-themed intrasquads on Friday. With only two months until the season begins in January, teams are beginning to practice full routines and are solidifying which skills they will compete.

​Iowa State

On vault, Meaghan Sievers performed a front handspring front pike half, which has a 10.0 start value. The team showed full bar routines, some with soft landings for dismounts . On beam and floor, the videos show the Cyclones doing routines on competition surfaces.Some of the highlights are below. For all videos, check out Iowa State’s Twitter.

​At Alabama’s Ghosts and Goblins intrasquad, Kiana Winston performed a stuck double tuck dismount off beam and a stuck Yurchenko full on vault. Katie Bailey has upgraded her Yurchenko half to a Yurchenko full. Kenzie Valentin performed a double layout on floor, and she already has a double front. The freshmen had their first chance to show their college skills in front of a crowd, and Amanda Huang continues to be strong on bars (like she was in J.O.). Ariana Guerra performed on both beam and floor, even though she fell on her series (round-off + two-foot layout).  Both recovering from surgery, Aja Sims (shoulder) and Lauren Beers (hand and ankle) are not yet back to full force.

roll tide to my five freshman friends

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