Gymnasts Celebrate Halloween With Costumes

Many teams celebrated Halloween by dressing up in costumes this week. While some simply wore costumes to practice on Friday, others turned the Halloween spirit into a competition. For instance, Auburn held a contest to see which class’ costumes received the most likes on social media and the winner earned a day off of 6 a.m. workouts. Florida surprised its gymnasts with a trip to do things like ride go-karts and play putt putt.

Seniors as the ‘Spice Girls!’

A photo posted by Michigan State Gymnastics (@msu_gymnastics) on

Group 2: Sophomores as The Boo Squad! @alexmcmurtry @kennedybaker17 @ericha_fassbender @gracie_mac95 □

A photo posted by Florida Gators Gymnastics (@gatorsgym) on

Group 1: Seniors + Junior as Mario Brothers! @bridgetsloan @bridgecaquatto @biancadg94 @smorganfrazier @claire_boyce □□□□

A photo posted by Florida Gators Gymnastics (@gatorsgym) on

You’re one in a Minion □ #haha #punny #clever #banana #tricksfortreats

A photo posted by Morgan Reynolds (@morgantreynolds) on


Happy Halloween from the gymbacks!!!!

A photo posted by Razorback Gymnastics (@razorbackgym) on

The Flipping Dead□

A photo posted by Michelle Gauthier (@mgauthier16) on

Freaky Friday Halloween practice! □□□

A photo posted by LSU Gymnastics (@lsugym) on


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