Gabby McLaughlin in a dance element on floor exercise.

LIVE BLOG: No. 13 Missouri at No. 12 Auburn

Tonight we have an exciting SEC dual meet featuring No. 13 Missouri vs. No. 12 Auburn. The Auburn Tigers are hosting the Missouri Tigers at Neville Arena.

Auburn is coming off a loss to LSU last week where it finished with a 197.100, earning its second best road score of the year. Missouri hosted Mizzou to the Lou last week placing second behind Florida and posting its highest score of the season at 197.475.

Key individuals to watch out for are Auburn’s Cassie Stevens who is ranked in the top 20 on vault and the all around and Gabby McLaughlin who is ranked in the top 20 on balance beam. On the Missouri side, Mara Titarsolej posted the program’s first perfect 10 on bars last week and is ranked in the top 20 on that event. Jocelyn Moore is ranked 4th on floor while Hannah Horton is in the top 20 on vault. 

Neville Arena is going to be electric tonight as this is Auburn’s last home meet of the 2024 season and senior night. It is also Wear Pink / Breast Cancer Awareness night. 

Let’s get started!

Rotation 1: Auburn Vault, Missouri Bars

Groth (AUB): Yurchenko full with a hop back and then a small hop forward, clean in the air. 9.750

Burns (Miz): Blind change to straddle Jaeger, double layout dismount to a stuck landing. 9.825

Schumaker (AUB): Yurchenko tuck 1.5 with slightest hop forward. 9.850

Horton (Miz): replacing Marshall in 2nd spot, nice first handstand to Shaposh to Pak salto, beautiful double layout with step back on the landing. 9.800

Hollingsworth (AUB): Yurchenko 1.5 with slight hop to the side but stayed within the lines. 9.825

Patrick (Miz): Blind change to Jaeger to Bail handstand, beautiful double layout in the air with a hop forward. 9.825

Hubbard (AUB): Yurchenko 1.5 with a small hop forward. 9.875

Schreiber (Miz): Maloney to Bail handstand, double layout to stuck landing. Nice handstand throughout the routine. 9.90

Huff (AUB): Yurchenko 1.5 with hop forward and outside of the lines. 9.750

Moore (Miz): Toe on handstand to huge Tkatchev, full twisting double back dismount with small hop. 9.825

Stevens (AUB): This is her 200th routine, Yurchenko 1.5 with slightest hop forward. Nice. 9.900

Titarsolej (Miz): Maloney to Pak salto, nice handstands and toe point, pirouette to double back with a hop front and back. 9.850

After 1: Missouri 49.225, Auburn 49.200

Nice start for both teams resulting in Missouri leading by .025. Both teams have an opportunity to clean up their landings in the next three rotations. Overall, a good start!

Rotation 2: Missouri Vault, Auburn Bars

Schreiber (Miz): Nice Yurchenko full to start with only slight hop back. 9.800

Brusch (AUB): Toe on handstand to Maloney to Bail handstand, double layout dismount with small hop back. Beautiful routine to start. 9.875

Light (Miz): Yurchenko full with a stuck landing. Nice one. 9.875

Hollingsworth (AUB): Piked Jaeger, tuck full out dismount with hop back and then another step back. A little form and leg separation throughout. 9.725

Davis (Miz): Huge Yurchenko full with a large step back. 9.850

Groth (AUB): Huge release move, Pak salto, full pirouette to stuck double tuck dismount. Nice form. 9.90

Horton (Miz): Yurchenko 1.5 with a step back. 9.800

McLaughlin (AUB): Gorgeous first handstand to Maloney to Pak salto, full pirouette to tuck double back with a step back. 9.800

Moore (Miz): Huge Yurchenko 1.5 with the slightest step forward. Beautiful vault. 9.875

Stevens (AUB): Toe handstand to Ray, Bail handstand, to double layout with arm circle but stuck landing. 9.850

Celestine (Miz): Yurchenko 1.5 with a lot of distance and small step to the side and over the line. 9.875

Greaves (AUB): Church to Pak salto to toe-one Shaposh half, full twisting double back with a small step. 9.900

After 2: Missouri 98.550, Auburn 98.525

Another good rotation for both teams. For Auburn, Groth’s bar routine was a highlight with a beautiful stuck landing and for Missouri, Moore’s vault was excellent with only the slightest step forward. This one is close after two rotations with Missouri continuing to lead by .025.

Rotation 3: Auburn Beam, Missouri Floor

Zancan (AUB): Beautiful handstand mount, BHS LOSO solid, nice leap series, full turn, dismounts with RO 1.5 to a stuck landing. 9.850

Schreiber (Miz): Front full to front layout to stag jump, Rudi to back layout, nice leap series. Good start. 9.85

Brusch (AUB): Switch half to beat jump solid, full turn, BHS LOSO to wobble, switch leap to switch side, dismounts with gainer full. A little shaky throughout. 9.750

Light (Miz): Back 2.5 twist to a little low punch front, huge leap series, pike double back with chest a little low but clean landing 9.85

Hollingsworth (AUB): Full turn, BHS LOSO solid, switch half to split jump, BHS gainer full to stuck dismount. Good routine. 9.900

Horton (Miz): Opens up with full twisting double back to a large lunge, leap series is beautiful, front tuck through to 2.5 twist and over rotates & falls on the landing. 9.175

Groth (AUB): BHS LOSO BHS solid, switch leap to switch half, full turn, cartwheel to gainer full dismount with a step. 9.900

Celestine (Miz): Opens with a huge full twisting double back, shows off flexibility and extension in leaps, front full to punch front layout, ends with a double back to a great landing. Great routine especially after a fall. 9.925

Stevens (AUB): BHS to LOSO, split jump to stag jump, her skill (the Stevens) is solid, RO to stuck 1.5 dismount. Beautiful routine. 9.925

Griffin (Miz): Punch front to double back with great landing, beautiful pike double back, leap series with a popa is gorgeous. 9.900

McLaughlin (AUB): BHS LOSO solid, beat jump to side aerial and a fall, split jump to switch side, full turn, nice leap series, gainer pike dismount. Good finish after the fall. 9.225

Moore (Miz): Opens with stuck double layout, switch half to popa, popa is huge, punch front through to huge double back. Great routine! 9.950

After 3: Missouri 148.025, Auburn 147.850

There were a couple falls in the third rotation but neither team counted a fall. Otherwise, both teams had a solid rotation with a standout floor routine from Missouri’s Jocelyn Moore. Cassie Stevens’ beam routine was a highlight for Auburn and a beautiful routine for her last one in Neville arena.

Rotation 4: Missouri Beam, Auburn Floor

Celestine (Miz): Wolf turn solid, BHS to side aerial, beautiful punch front, falls on the jump series, gainer full dismount. 9.175

Brusch (AUB): Opens with punch front to double back, switch side to popa to wolf full, closes with pike double back and narrowly misses going out of bounds. Good start for Auburn. 9.850

Light (Miz): BHS BHS LOSO with slight wobble, split jump to straddle half, a little tentative in the dance, cat leap to gainer pike dismount to stick. 9.775

Hagle (AUB): Opens with back 1.5 twist to front full, switch full to popa, double wolf turn, closes with double back. 9.90

Marshall (Miz): Front aerial to slight hesitation to BHS, full turn, split jump to double stag jump, front toss to slight wobble, BHS to gainer full dismount. It will be interesting to see if the judges give her the connection on her series. 9.775

Groth (AUB): Front double full to open, strong leap series, back 1.5 full to floaty front layout, finishes with a Rudi to great control on the landing. Good routine. 9.900

Schaffer (Miz): full turn, BHS, BHS, LOSO to leg up wobble but stays on, front aerial, switch leap to split jump, RO to 1.5 full dismount to stuck landing. 9.700

McLaughlin (AUB): Opens with back 1.5 to punch front layout, switch full to wolf full, closes with double pike. Nice comeback after the beam fall. 9.875

Davis (Miz): Full turn, BHS LOSO with wobble, front toss, beat jump to sheep jump, switch leap to BHS gainer full, small step on the dismount. 9.800

Stevens (AUB): Opens with front layout to Rudi solid, switch full to wolf full, double back to great landing. Great routine. 9.95

Schreiber (Miz): Full turn, BHS LOSO solid, switch half to split jump, beat jump to gainer full with a stick. Great routine. 9.925

Hollingsworth (AUB): Opens with a full out to great landing, straddle jump, nice leap series, punch front through to double back great landing. 9.950

FINAL: Auburn 197.425, Missouri 197.000

Auburn with the win on senior night! Auburn had an excellent floor rotation with two 9.950s from Stevens and Hollingsworth and Stevens also wins the all around. Missouri faltered on beam with one fall and a few shaky routines but had three solid rotations and a needed 197.000 road score.

VT: Stevens (AUB), 9.900
UB: Greaves (AUB), Groth (AUB), Schreiber (Miz), 9.900
BB: Schreiber (Miz), Stevens (AUB), 9.925
FX: Hollingsworth (AUB), Moore (Miz), Stevens (AUB), 9.950
AA: Stevens (AUB), 39.625

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Live blog by Jackie Craig

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