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2024 Top Freshman Watchlist

As college gymnastics fans eagerly await the arrival of a new wave of talent in 2024, anticipation is at an all-time high. A fresh crop of exceptional athletes are gearing up to compete and leave an indelible mark on the collegiate gymnastics landscape. But which newcomers are poised to shine? Join us as we unveil the names on our inaugural incoming freshmen watchlist for 2024.

Hannah Horton, Missouri

Horton’s prowess on the leg events make her a lock for those lineups, with an especially impressive two E-pass floor routine. She’s coming off a strong senior season in Level 10, and could be the next Missouri freshman to garner national attention. 

Nyla Morabito, Utah State

If this season has a standout Canadian freshman to watch, it’s Morabito. She’ll debut at Utah State after nearly sweeping Canadian Level 10 Nationals, and will look to make an impact on floor with her expressive dance quality and uniquely graceful tucked full in. 

Lily Smith, Georgia

The No. 3 recruit in her class, Smith’s gymnastics should transition easily to college. Georgia has been featuring her heavily in graphics and promotional content, which is also a good sign for the quality of her preseason work. 

Gabi Ortiz, Michigan State

Ortiz brings a big Yurchenko one and a half to the Michigan State vault line up and is an excellent performer on floor, earning 10.0 on the event in her final Level 10 season. With her 2023 all-around high score of 39.400, expect her to make an impact in multiple lineups.

Julianne Huff, Auburn

Huff has been all over Auburn’s socials in training clips, a sign she’s set to make an immediate splash for the Tigers on multiple events. The former five-star recruit, who Auburn nabbed in state, boasts an outstanding Yurchenko one and a half and a big full-in on floor.

Chloe LaCoursiere, Alabama

LaCoursiere’s execution on each event is exceptional, but her bars are set to be one of the country’s best sets across the board. Between that event and her stickable Yurchenko one and a half, her freshman season should mark the start of an illustrious NCAA career. 

Anya Pilgrim, Florida

The current elite for Barbados is set to be yet another Gator stand out from Hill’s Gymnastics. While some of her peers with 10.0 vaults showed watered down versions at Hype Night, Pilgrim came out swinging with a big Yurchenko one and a half, and also had a great showing on beam. She’s back half of lineup quality on all four events.  

Hannah Scheible, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for its incredible Yurchenko one and a half vaults, but Scheible’s front pike half is ready to slot into that lineup as yet another strong 10.0 option. The vault is just one of her outstanding skills; the fact that she may not be in the all around right away is a testament to the Sooners’ depth, but she’ll surely get there.

Madison Ulrich, Denver

Based on a prolific senior season and glimpses of preseason training, Ulrich looks poised to become that solid, steady all arounder that Denver is known for. Her vault and bars are especially noteworthy, but she doesn’t have a weak event. 

Delaynee Rodriguez, Kentucky

Like her teammate Raena Worley before her, Rodriguez has looked ready for college for several seasons now. Kentucky’s freshman class is set to make a huge impact, and Rodriguez should do so especially on beam and floor. She’ll be right up there with Worley as anchor caliber on the latter event.

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Article by Katherine Weaver


  1. Jamison Sears is a glaring omission from this list. She didn’t perform at Bama’s Crimson White (except bars) but she only had a very minor injury. She will be great for Bama on floor and also strong on beam and vault – and might even make the bars lineup. You were CORRECT to include her as the #1 recruit in this class and nothing has changed.
    Also, no Konnor McClain on this list?

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