LIVE BLOG: No. 19 Minnesota at No. 16 Arkansas

Since Week 9’s Arkansas matchup with Georgia lost its media coverage due to maintenance of Steggman, I’m back this week with another shot at Razorback gymnastics, senior night edition. Tonight we celebrate fifth years Bailey Lovett, Norah Flatley and Kennedy Hambrick as well as true seniors Kiara Gianfagna and Madison Hickey. With its strong road performance last week, the Razorbacks notched a 197.000 NQS. With a droppable home score still in play, a strong senior night performance could be a game changer. 

After a disappointing Big 5 meet, Minnesota picked up steam again last week with a 197.600. The floor team absolutely stunned, with both Mya Hooten and Halle Remlinger earning 10.0s on the event. It’s not a bad time of year to start scoring season highs, but can the team keep it up on the road? 

Rotation 1: Arkansas VT, Minnesota UB

Happy Birthday to Norah Flatley before we get this show on the road. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate in Bud Walton?

Leah Smith is out with an ankle injury. Lovett is “not here”?

Weaver (Ark): Very high Y full with a bounce back. Very nice line throughout. Just the hop. 9.800

I think I forgot about this Arkansas leo. The sleeves are purple in case anyone was wondering.

Johnson (UMN): Toe hand, Maloney, Overshoot. Slight scissor legs on the catch. Stalder to to on front tuck half. Stuck. Strong lead off for the freshman. 9.825

Flatley (Ark): A slightly smaller hop back on the Y full compared to Weaver. Not as much amplitude, though. 9.850

Gerdes (UMN): Maloney, overshoot. Legs apart on the back swing. Strong last handstand. FTDT with a hop forward. 9.825

Price (Ark): A little hip angle in the air with a hop back on the Y full. 9.875

Jencks (UMN): Ray. Pretty close. Clear hip to overshoot. Hips closed on the catch. Sluggish legs on the HS. Double layout is stuck. Way to finish. 9.850

Sedlacek (Ark): Y 1.5 is a bit short with a couple steps back to save it. Not the best block but managed to pull it around. 9.725

Remlinger (UMN): Ray. A touch close. Toe hand to overshoot. Loss of foot form throughout. FTDT is NICE and stuck. 9.875

Williams (Ark): Y 1.5 with a HUGE hop forward with another foot adjustment. I loved that vault in the air. Just WAY too much juice. 9.800

Sales (UMN): Overshoot. Blind, Khorkina. Nicely done. Double layout with a small hop in place. 9.875

Kelley (Ark): Y full. Nice chest up on the landing with a shuffle back.

Hooten (UMN): Blind, piked Jaeger to overshoot. Tapped her heels on the glide. I’d guess a three tenther. FTDT is nice as usual with a stick. 9.750. Guess not.

Hambrick (Ark ex): Y 1.5 is a touch off center with a step back. I’m sad that vault wasn’t in lineup. Her pop off the table was great, just need a touch more rotation.

Pearl (UMN): Gienger to bail. Small separation on the release. Double layout is stuck with the elbows out. A pause for emphasis.

AFTER ONE: Minnesota 49.250, Arkansas 49.150

Considering that was not Arkansas’ full strength vault lineup, the Razorbacks did a good job of keeping it close. A couple tight bar routines from Minnesota kept the Gophers from blowing event one out of the water.

Rotation 2: Minnesota VT, Arkansas UB

Jencks (UMN): Y full. Closed shoulders on the table with an early turn. A small hop back. 9.825

Swaney (Ark): Toe hand, Ray. Good distance and turn over. A little whip lash on the pak. Good turn on low. Double layout is stuck with a minor hip adjustment. 9.875

Moraw (UMN): Y full has a nice pop but a touch pikey. A step back. 9.850

Scalzo (Ark): Blind, Jaeger to overshoot. A small hand adjustment. Snapped righ to the HS. Double layout with a scoot back. 9.825

Remlinger (UMN): Y tuck 1.5. Not the highest but quick twitch. A small step back. 9.825

Drotar (Ark): Toe hand, Maloney, overshoot. A little piked on the Maloney to backswing. Double layout. Lock legged. Not giving that the college stick. A foot adjustment before the turn salute. 9.825

Gerdes (UMN): Y 1.5 with a sizable step forward. Had all the bounce considering her hands slid on the table. 9.825

Jones (Ark): Blind, Piked Jaeger. Too close. Pak is lovely. Nice toe point. Double layout is perfectly stuck. 9.900

Quarles (UMN): Y 1.5, is just stunning in the air. Stuck with a lean back. Held onto that with everything she had. I’ll give her that one. 9.950

Pratt (Ark): Ray. Dynamic. Overshoot to toe up to high. Some short handstands. Double layout. Wasn’t ready for the ground. A hop back and an arm wave. 9.775

Hooten (UMN): Y 1.5 is a touch deep on the landing, but paused before the step salute to the judge. 9.825

Flatley (Ark): Half turn to Eagle grip. Jaeger. Toe hand to overshoot. Slightly short. Accidental sole circle. Double layout is stuck with the chest perfectly up. 9.925

Pearl (UMN ex): Y full with a medium hop back. Shoulder angle on the table and not the most open in the air.

Hambrick (Ark): Blind, piked Jaeger. Too close but connects to the overshoot. Missed her hand and has to take the fall. FTDT is stuck. Strong finish. So sad to see how bars has been going for Hambrick so far this year.

AFTER TWO: Minnesota 98.525, Arkansas 98.500

The Razorbacks inched closer that rotation. Minnesota didn’t quite get all the landings it needed to widen the lead. However, Maddie Quarles did make my jaw drop slightly. I must admit. Arkansas bars just keeps improving as the year goes on. We love to see it.

Rotation 3: Arkansas BB, Minnesota FX

This beam camera is giving hype video for some reason.

Gamiao (Ark): LOSO LOSO. So hard and so nicely done. Side somi. Does this athlete ever wobble? I’ll say no. Switch leap, split jump. A little under position. I love her on this event. RO back 1.5 dismount with a hop forward. 9.800. Hmph.

Jencks (UMN): Front double full. A lead off E? Say less. Switch half, popa is nice and snappy. Back 1.5 to front layout. A little piked to initiate the layout. Punch Rudi. Strong way to start for the Gophers. 9.850

Gianfagna (Ark): BHS LOSO. Small lean but covered well. A lean on the turn. Front toss. Another lean. Split, straddle half. A little stiff on both. RO back 1.5 is stuck. Good for her! Happy senior night! 9.825

LaNeave (UMN): Double pike. Controlled. Switch half, wolf full. Nice positioning. Back 1.5 to front layout straight into the dance. Good extension. Double tuck. Cowboyed to pull it out. Short with a step forward. 9.850…. Is that so?

Swaney (Ark): Flamingo leg on the turn. BHS LOSO LOSO. Didn’t have enough push before the second layout. Comes off. Switch leap, split jump. Beautiful lines. BHS back 1.5 is stuck. Very nice other than the series. 8.925

Johnson (UMN): Wolf 1.5 to start. Cheated some. Front full, front half. A slide. Her entire leg is wrapped. Switch side, popa. Double tuck is beautiful. Good finish. 9.875

Weaver (Ark): Stop. The intensity. BHS LOSO LOSO is right on. A smile. Yes ma’am. A lean on the turn. Rushing a touch. Switch leap, straddle jump. RO 1.5 is off center but stuck. Way to bring it back after the fall. 9.825

Gerdes (UMN): Front through to double tuck. I love the expression in this routine. Strong leap series. Double pike. Better control on that one in my opinion. 9.950

Hambrick (Ark): Back shoulder roll. A chalk clap. BHS LOSO. Floaty and stable. Switch leap, switch half. Solid. Beat, straddle 3/4. A smirk. Cartwheel gainer full is stuck. Way to come back from bars! 9.900

Remlinger (UMN): FTDT is a touch over done. Tries to control but a slide. Switch side, popa. Back 1.5, front layout. So much amplitude that everyone else’s looks like poo. Double tuck with perfect control to the lunge. 9.925

Flatley (Ark): Front aerial BHS LOSO. Idk how she saved that. Barely adjusted. L turn is pretty as usual, straight to a split jump. BHS back 1.5 with a slide back. 9.875

Hooten (UMN): FTDT is ginormous with good control. If anything, chest could’ve been a smidge higher. Switch side, popa. In the clouds. Front full, front tuck this time since she mistimed the punch. The fact that the landing was still good, though. Amazing. Double tuck. Chest nice and high. A crown. 9.925

Williams (Ark ex): BHS LOSO. Leaned the hip out and had to take the fall. Switch leap, straddle 1/4. I see you fingers. Cat leap to front aerial. Leg up wobble. Dance looks confident. Skills, a touch unsure. RO back 1.5 is stuck. Good outing for the freshman.

AFTER THREE: Minnesota 148.050, Arkansas 147.725

Not Arkansas’ best beam rotation, but it’s not over till it’s over. Minnesota still has to go to beam, its worst event on the year, and survive to bring this meet home. On the other hand, floor is one of the Razorbacks’ best, especially on their home floor.

Rotation 4: Minnesota BB, Arkansas FX 

Koch (UMN): A small waver on the turn. BHS LOSO. A lean. Beat, split 3/4. Back leg wasn’t quite there. Some foot form as well. Nice front toss to scale. RO back 1.5 is stuck. Way to finish. 9.825

Someone clear this up for me… Is a Liukin a front aerial to scale or a front toss to scale? I feel like the term is used interchangeably.

Jones (Ark): Front double full. Nice and around. Made it look easy. Switch ring, switch half. RO back 1.5 to front layout. Crooked with a step OOB. Rudi is right on. I’m sorry did I just see a 9.850 flashed? 9.750 is the real score maybe.

Pearl (UMN): BHS LOSO. On the money. Confident snappy arms. Switch leap, straddle 1/4. Front aerial to beat is smoothly connected. BHS gainer full, just a hop in place. 9.800

Hickey (Ark): Double pike. Open, chest up, great control. RO back 1.5 front layout. Some leg crossing in the air. Switch side, popa. Double tuck. Great routine for her! 9.900

Moraw (UMN): Soft smiles. BHS LOSO. Bigger smile now. Side Aerial. Small adjustment. Split, split 3/4. Strong. BHS gainer full dismount is stuck.

I feel like the commentators are trying to will Minnesota into a beam disaster, and it just isn’t happening.

Gamiao (Ark): I don’t know that I’ve seen her on floor. Double pike. A slide back. Height was awesome. Back 1.5 through to back double full. A smidge forced. Tour jete half, split full. Double tuck. Nearly stuck, chest down. A big smile. Good for her! 9.800

Sales (UMN): BHS BHS LOSO. Right down the beam. Switch leap, switch side. A small check. Managed the connection. Gainer pike off the end is stuck. Another one.

Flatley (Ark): Front double full. Just a small foot adjustment. The triple full is not happening today. Switch side half. For the record, that leap was upgraded in value this year. Back 1.5 to front layout. Fanning herself. Switch ring, switch half.

A 10.0 chant is breaking out? I love the SEC.

Nylin (UMN): BHS BHS LOSO. Yes ma’am. Hitch kick, switch side. Eyes the end of the beam. Some foot form. Beat, straddle 3/4 with a large chest down wobble. A touch timid on that. Gainer pike is stuck. 9.625

Williams (Ark): FTDT. That pass was a hometown hero all on its own. The crowd clapping along. Back 1.5 to front lay. Good control there. The worm x2. Switch side, popa. Not quite full position on that. Double tuck. Two steps back and an OOB. Oop.

Gerdes (UMN): Front aerial. Right around. A little T swift. BHS LOSO was not close. She’s off. So Nylin’s set will count. Split to double stag. The best I’ve seen in NCAA. So actually done correctly. BHS gainer full is stuck. 9.175

Price (Ark): Double layout. Going for the two foot stick. Dear Lord. A small hop in place. Switch side, popa. So high. Back 1.5 to front pike. Good landing there. Fists up. Double pike was too open for the height, a little short with a step forward.

Kelley (Ark ex): FTDT. How are her ankles still in one piece? So short. Switch leap, wolf full, wolf full. Back 1.5 front full. A literal illusion to try to stay in bounds. Has to take a step out anyway. Good fight.

Final: Minnesota 197.075, Arkansas 196.900

Welp. I guess technically this was an upset. Counting the OOB on floor was the difference between winning and losing for Arkansas, tonight. Overall, neither team looked at its best, but both fought to the very end. The Razorbacks didn’t quite hit that 197 mark to help increase their NQS, so we’ll see how things shake out across the rest of the country to see how the standings change next week.

AA Winner: Norah Flatley (Ark), 39.575

VT Winner: Maddie Quarles (UMN), 9.950

UB Winner: Norah Flatley (Ark), 9.925

BB Winner: Kennedy Hambrick!! (Ark) & Tiare Sales (UMN), 9.900

FX Winner: Gianna Gerdes (UMN), 9.950

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Live Blog by Tavia Smith

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