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LIVE BLOG: No 49. Temple at No. 28 North Carolina

A matchup of EAGL teams, North Carolina is a team ready to win today. Within their conference, North Carolina sits in second behind North Carolina State while Temple sits in sixth, just above a very competitive LIU.

The Tar Heels are the 18th best bar team in the country right now, not dipping below a 49.000 since the second week of the season. Keep your eyes on Lali Dekanoidze who has casually gone 9.925 or better five times so far this season, helping the team to its seventh meet in a row of making bars the standout event for the team. Beam is the only event that could pose a major obstacle for the Tar Heels. Temple is coming off a season high and the team just smashed its floor score record with a whopping 49.400, counting nothing lower than a 9.825 with 9.925s from Brooke Donabedian and Renee Schugman.

And one more detail, North Carolina has been crowned the 2023 EAGL regular season champions.

Follow along with live scoring right over here.

Rotation 1: North Carolina Vault, Temple Bars

Greene (UNC): Pikes down the Y full, good height in the air, hops on the landing. 9.675

Fink (UNC): Y full, some loose form in the air, hops on the landing. 9.750

Prejean (UNC): Y full, big hop back, but cleanest in the air we’ve seen so far. 9.775

Knower (UNC): Y full, great height, small hop. 9.825

Forbes (UNC): Y 1.5, medium hop to the side. You can see the stick almost happened. 9.875

Dekanoidze (UNC): Y full, small shuffle back. Flairs out. That’ll be a nice score. 9.775

Brooks (Temple): Tkatchev good, little flexed foot. Archy on the hs but love the commitment. Full to double tuck, hops it back. Lovely form on that dismount. 9.725

Dorunda (Temple): Great height on the tkatcehv, pak looked good, some leg sep. Full to double tuck, smooths over the landing with a salute. 9.775

H. Stallings (Temple): Toe on tkatchev, catches it a liiiitle close it felt like. Bail to hs nice. Hits all her handstands. FTDB, holds the stick. 9.750

Whalen (Temple): Shy on a few handstands. Great form on the tkatchev. FTDB, hops back into the salute. I really enjoy the short but sweet routine construction. 9.875

S. Stallings (Temple): Blind to jaeger and catches it SO close. Has no problem with it though. Great last hs. Full to double tuck, small hop back. 9.700

Glynn (Temple): Shaposh to bail and SHE MUSCLES that over. Small hop on the dismount. Her toe point is chefs kiss throughout.

After 1: North Carolina 49.000, Temple 48.775

North Carolina got the ball rolling with some clean vaults, but those tenths on the landings add up. Temple had a few hiccups on bars however it was far from a disaster after hitting a season high of 49.000 last meet.

Rotation 2: Temple Vault, North Carolina Bars

Brooks (Temple): Y full stuck, piked it down with a deeeeep landing, chest a little down. 9.625

Schugman (Temple): Y half, hops forward, some form on the vault, but nice overall. 9.750

Aresta (Temple): Y full, pikes it down, hops it. 9.650

Behner (Temple): Y full, a little off to the side, biiiiig hop back, she’s got so much power. 9.725

Hill (Temple): Y full, small hop, but great control on that landing, is off to the side though. 9.750

Glynn (Temple): Y 1.5, deeep squat, takes several steps back. Great form in the air. 9.525

Shearer (UNC): Blind to straddle jaeger, nice. A little loose in the bail. Handstands aren’t totally there. Double lay, true stick. 9.725

Knower (UNC): Piked gienger, some leg sep in the air when she catches. Bail looks good. Great handstands. FTDB, takes a step forward into the salute, doesn’t really hold it. Gorgeous height on that, though. 9.750

Fink (UNC): Blind to straddle jaeger, great form. Shy on that last hs. Double lay, some arch in the air, I’d say that was stuck. 9.850

Yes, I am rocking out to the music. Currently it’s “Love On Top.”

Culton (UNC): LOVE THAT FIRST HS. Tkatchev has great height. Okay that last hs, lovely. Double tuck, tiny hopish with feet staggered. Felt more like a small rebound than a hop. 9.875

Dekanoidze (UNC): Toe on shaposh. Bail to hs. Maybe a little shy on that last hs. Double lay, I’d say a stick with the mat giving a little bounce. No notes. Lovely routine. 9.900

Schaefer (UNC): Blind to straddle jaeger, a little close but no issue. Great hs but bail to hs not as much. Hops on the dismount.

After 2: North Carolina 98.100, Temple 97.275

The Tar Heels really pulled away on bars, and it wasn’t even their best of the season. Dekanoidze’s 9.900 certainly didn’t hurt. . Temple had the power on vault but big hops are big deductions.

Rotation 3: North Carolina Beam, Temple Floor

Nam (UNC): Bhs loso, some form. Switch to straddle 1/4, nice. Cat leap side aerial with a balance check. RO 1.5, sticks. Also, the end of the beam popped off. 9.800

Fink (UNC): Switch leap switch leap split jump with great extension. Bhs loso, no problem. Front aerial, lovely. Bhs 1.5, hops, but clean in the air. 9.775

Thompson (UNC): Bhs bhs loso without a problem. Switch to straddle quarter could have a little more toe point. Love this straddle choreo. Ro 1.5, hops forward. Nice overall. 9.800

Culton (UNC): Floaty bhs loso. Cat leap to switch side. Her form makes my heart sing. Front aerial small check to split jump. Check on the full turn. Gainer lay full off the side, stuck. 9.800

Knower (UNC): Bhs loso, she has so much height on that. Her front toss looks effortless, so much height on that too. Switch leap to split 3/4 has nice extension. RO 1.5, stuck! That was a phenomenal routine. 9.900

Schulze (UNC): Beautiful jump series, great extension in that split jump full. No issue with the bhs loso. Switch leap to wolf, leg could be a little higher on that jump but fine. Tiniest tiniest check on the full turn. Side aerial to 1.5, hop forward. 9.825

Ruskey (Temple): Front through to double tuck has great height. Switch side popa is gorgeous. Double pike to end, controlled lunge. 9.800

Dorunda (Temple): Double tuck to open, chest a little down and has a rebound. This floor music is absolute chaos and creepy and I love it. Someone please tell me what this is from. It sounds so familiar. Switch side to popa to wolf full, wolf could have a better shape. Front lay, rudi, hops forward. 9.575

Hill (Temple): Whip through to double tuck, some form on that tuck but nice height. Switch side popa popa, nice. Fun bhs hop choreo to the corner. Double pike to end, chest a bit down on that. Good routine. 9.600

Glynn (Temple): Fhs front double full, so nice in the air. Strong leaps. Her valdez is so nice. Fhs front lay front full, looked a little off but she got everything around no problem. 9.825

Schugman (Temple): Switch side to popa has great height. Ro 1.5 to front full with beautiful form. I love this floor music and the choreo. Double pike to close, no issues. 9.850

Donabedian (Temple): Fhs 1.5 to loso, I can never get enough of this pass. Split full in her leap series could have a little more extension but beautiful form otherwise. Fhs front double full, steps a little forward and to the side but looked good in the air. 9.825

After 3: North Carolina 147.225, Temple 146.175

The beam was no problem for the Tar Heels, with the momentum building routine after routine. Knower’s 9.900 the star of this rotation. Temple had a good showing on floor, no major issues, and the team counted four scores of a 9.800 or better.

Rotation 4: Temple Beam, North Carolina Floor

Schugman (Temple): Switch leap to straddle quarter with lovely extension, good toe point. Front aerial big check. Steps back. Fhs to front aerial, love it. Full turn with a tiny check. RO 1.5, heel click. Good minus that wobble. Love the acro series. 9.700

Roland (Temple): Bhs loso, bit of a balance check at the end. Hitch kick side aerial. Absolutely team more hitch kicks. Beat to split 3/4. RO 1.5 but biiiig hop forward. 9.675

Scheuerman (Temple): Bhs bhs loso, check. Good leap series. Hitch, repeats, hitch to side aerial. Piked gainer off end, steps. 9.625

Glynn (Temple): Side aerial, balance check. Split jump half from the side. Front aerial to bhs bhs. Tiny check on the full turn, love that she kicks her leg out on that. Switch leap to split jump with great extension on that. Bhs gainer lay full off side, small hop forward. 9.750

Dorunda (Temple): Bhs loso loso without any issues. Cat leap to switch side. That series is what dreams are made of. Cartwheel to 1.5, hops forward. Best routine for Temple so far this rotation, I’d say. 9.825

Donabedian (Temple): Love this shoulder roll to off beam choreo. Front aerial to bhs bhs. Cat leap to side somi, great. Good jump series, stag ring looked good. Ro 1.5, holds it. Just the routine Temple would’ve wanted. 9.825

Nam (UNC): Double pike, a little low and takes a step forward with her chest down. Great leap series, good height. Ro 1.5 to front lay, good. 9.625

Greene (UNC): Double pike and doesn’t move her feet. Chest a liiiittle down but otherwise, great. Excellent leap series, her form is lovely. Ro 1.5 to front lay. Ohhh no, sits down her double tuck. 9.000

Greenlow (UNC): Double pike to open, juuuuust keeps that heel in her lunge inbounds. Front through to 2.5, great height on that. Excellent leap series. Ro 1.5 to front lay with no problem. 9.800

Forbes (UNC): Full in to open with a controlled lunge. Front lay front full, great. Great height on her leap series. Ends with double tuck. I loved that routine. 9.850

Knower (UNC): Giant double pike to open big lunge back but juuuuuuuust keeps that lunge in bounds. Fhs front lay front full is so floaty. Everything she does is weightless. Great leap series. Double tuck with the step forward for that lunge. 9.900

Wozniak (UNC): RO 1.5 to front lay and just keeps that on her feet. Double pike, some flexed feet in the air. Solid. Judges are putting her SV at a 9.800. Judges give her a 9.325

FINAL: North Carolina 195.625, Temple 194.950

North Carolina goes two years in a row undefeated in the regular EAGL season! Temple nearly broke a 195 today but landings and wobbles just barely held them back. A good meet for both of these EAGL teams, no one had to count a fall, and both teams look ready for the rest of the season.

VT: Forbes 9.875
UB: Dekanoidze 9.900
BB: Knower 9.900
FX: Forbes, Schugman 9.850
AA: Knower 39.275

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Live blog by Allison Freeman

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