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The USAG Dismount: Week 6

Things are heating up as Week 6 was rich with upsets and new history that’ll keep you on the edge of your couch while you watch. Cornell didn’t count a single fall for the first time this season, Alix Pierce said “Bars? Bars who?”, West Chester just beat out Penn by an eyelash, and Brown’s individual floor record inches closer to being broken. SEMO holds tight and is putting all the pieces together to catch its stride as it looks towards the rest of the season. 


Performance of the Week

This week’s 9.925 on floor from Julia Bedell tied her for the school record. That feat becomes even more momentous when considering that the mark ties her with Olympian Alicia Sacramone Quinn, among other Brown greats. As Bedell is just a sophomore, there’s much more to come for this athlete. 

Bounce Back Award

After an uncharacteristic mistake on bars, Alix Pierce hit the ground running for the rest of the competition, claiming the victory on beam and floor while eclipsing a previous career high. There’s something to be said about the mental toughness of an athlete who can put it all behind them to compete the routine of their life. 

Recovery Masterclass

Simone Evans has been noticeably absent from Lindenwood’s lineups thus far in 2023 after being spotted in a boot during the offseason. Turns out she was working behind the scenes to come back from an Achilles injury that was just five months ago. At SEMO this weekend, she performed exhibition routines on both beam and floor, ahead of schedule on the road to recovery. A round of applause is in order for both Evans and her rehab team. 

Top Meet of the Week

Towson, West Chester, Ursinus at Penn

Why Should You (Re)Watch? West Chester upset Penn by just a quarter tenth in the Palestra. Take a second. Really think about that. A quarter tenth. This may not have been the best meet of the season for the Golden Rams, but this team proved that this season and pacing is no fluke. Beam did throw things for a loop, but you could say they grabbed this meet by the horns. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Ursinus? Best team floor since 2017. West Chester? Edged out fellow GEC competitor for a close win that you’d want to bottle up and turn to on any rainy day. Penn struggled on beam, but it was an uncharacteristic, nearly-two-and-a-half-points-lower-than-usual-day and most certainly a one-off. None of these teams have reason to worry, and everyone is staying level or trending up as we move into Week 7. 

Underrated Meet of the Week

Brockport, Cortland, Ithaca at Cornell

Why Should You (Re)Watch? The Big Red took home the title at its Big Red Invitational, even bringing the Golden Eagles’ undefeated regular season to a close. Brockport had been undefeated in the regular season since last year. Need more reasons? Cornell didn’t count a single fall, and the 193.475 is its best score since 2018. Brockport owned a share of the top spots on floor, including Kirsten Paultre and Sydney Beers tying for the top spot with a 9.825. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Each of these teams seems to be fixing what’s been holding any of them back: Brockport smoothed over beam, Ithaca put together its best bar rotation of the season, as did Cortland, and Cornell nailed every routine. The answer? Trending up! All of them.  

Editors’ Choice Meet of the Week

Lindenwood and Fisk at SEMO

Why Should You (Re)Watch? SEMO took down rival Lindenwood while Morgan Price put on a bars masterclass to take the win on the event. If you haven’t seen the Redhawks on floor, you better start tuning in. They bring power, consistency, and several two and half twists to keep things interesting. Lindenwood’s vault squad continues to steal the show as Allie Berkley’s full rivaled Gayla Griswold’s 10.0 start value vault. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? SEMO is continuing to pick up steam, trending up halfway through the season. Lindenwood’s brushes with inconsistency leave it hitting a slight plateau. While Fisk has been battling injuries and lineup changes, the Bulldogs are holding steady amidst it all. 

Overall Standings

Place Team Average
1 SEMO 194.308
2 Lindenwood 193.954
3 Air Force 193.588
4 Brown 193.515
5 Texas Woman’s 193.225
6 Yale 192.767
7 West Chester 192.361
8 Cornell 191.580
9 Southern Connecticut 189.829
10 Bridgeport 189.125
11 Centenary 188.146

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Julia Bedell Brown Floor 9.925
Madison Greene SEMO Vault 9.900
Gayla Griswold Lindenwood Floor 9.900
Madison Greene SEMO Floor 9.875
Jordan Jones SEMO Floor 9.875
Angel Lee Southern Connecticut Beam 9.875
Lindsay Ockler SEMO Vault 9.875
Hannah Appleget Lindenwood Bars 9.850
Allie Berkley Lindenwood Vault 9.850
Maya Davis Brown Floor 9.850
Gayla Griswold Lindenwood Vault 9.850
Taylor Ingle SEMO Beam 9.850
Nya Kraus Lindenwood Beam 9.850
Janelle Lopez SEMO Bars 9.850
Lindsay Ockler SEMO Bars 9.850
Alix Pierce Texas Woman’s Beam 9.850
Alexandra Quiana Cornell Beam 9.850
Raegan Walker Yale Bars 9.850
Lydia Webb SEMO Vault 9.850
Lydia Webb SEMO Floor 9.850
Julia Bedell Brown Vault 9.825
Sydney Beers Cornell Floor 9.825
Briona Carswell Air Force Beam 9.825
Maria Damiano Southern Connecticut Beam 9.825
Rose Fanara West Chester Floor 9.825
Taylor Ingle SEMO Bars 9.825
Alix Pierce  Texas Woman’s  Floor 9.825
Kyla Podges Texas Woman’s Floor 9.825
Daisy Woodring  Texas Woman’s Vault 9.825
Angela Xing Brown Beam 9.825
Leilani Zander Air Force Beam 9.825
Sydney Beers  Cornell Vault 9.800
Abby Contello Brown Vault 9.800
Riley Daniels Lindenwood Bars 9.800
Amber Boll Air Force Bars 9.800
Velandra Brochi Air Force Beam 9.800
Jordan Coleman West Chester Bars 9.800
Jaly Jones Lindenwood Beam 9.800
Reagan Jones Lindenwood Floor 9.800
Janelle Lopez SEMO Vault 9.800
Emma Magiacapre Yale Beam 9.800
Nyah Reader SEMO Floor 9.800
Hana Strause Yale Floor 9.800
Daisy Woodring Texas Woman’s Floor 9.800


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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