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LIVE BLOG: Brown at Yale

Ninety minutes, just over a hundred miles down the road, Brown travels to New Haven to take on the Yale Bull Dogs, who may have put themselves in their own dog house after last weekend, where Yale struggled to hit routines. With less than a great opening meet of the season, Yale can hope to turn up the home-mat advantage this weekend.

For Brown, it’s the first season head coach Brittany Harris, the most recent head coach of Centenary but with a few seasons of experience at Lindenwood as an assistant coach as well. Yale, too, has their first official head coach, with Andy Leis taking the helm with the full title this year. At the inaugural GEC championship Brown scored a record high 195.975, and Yale notched a 194.825, coming within five-tenths of beats its own record. Notably, Brown will be competing without Mei Li Costa, who graduated last year, and leaves a hole for Brown to fill.

You can catch the stream here and you can find the live scoring, too.

ESPN+ doesn’t have the meet listed at all under gymnastics or NCAA gymnastics, so you’ll just need to search for Brown or Yale and select Brown vs. Yale 1pm. Yes, it is Brown at Yale but the event reads Brown vs. Yale.

Just hanging around.

Rotation 1: Yale VT, Brown UB

Meeks (Yale): Y lay, bent arms on the table, hops back. 9.475

Lazaro (Brown): Good first hs. Blind to jaeger to bail, good, some form. Full turn to double tuck and puts her hands down. Ahh. 8.850

Wilson (Yale): Y tuck full, soft feet in the air but good form otherwise. Good vault. 9.800

Davis (Brown): Goes over on the handstand. Brown counting a fall no matter what now. Goes over again. Toe on shaposh to pak, looked good. Good half pirouette. Shy on that last hs. Full turn hits her feet on the low bar. Jumps off for dismount. 7.400

Aviad (Yale): Y tuck half, doesn’t rotate it as well as she’d want, takes several steps back and off the mat. 9.550

Waiting on bars, atm.

McKeown (Brown): Good hs. Short on the hs to pirouette, tkatchev. Bail. Double lay, tiniest of hops. Minus the one short hs, that’ll be the start Brown will have wanted.

Titche (Yale): Y full, closed shoulders and hips, flexed feet. Steps off to the side. Good height, though. 9.650

Just, hanging around again.

Poley (Brown): Full turn to piked gienger, nice. Bail to hs, tiniest bit of wiggle in that hs. Hits that last hs, yes! FTDB, STUCK. 9.675

Walker (Yale): Y half, looks like she bends her legs a little as she’s coming around to try and spot for the landing, steps it forward. Good amplitude. 9.750

Contello (Brown): Beautiful tkatchev, great form. Full, not totally on top but nice. Great last hs. Double lay lets go the tiniest bit early so hops it forward but good routine. 9.675

Sabatini (Yale): … and they didn’t show it live. Y full feet form in the air, tiny hop forward. Keep her in the lineup. The end. 9.850

Farrell (Brown): Shaposh, beautiful. Pak, beautiful. Full turn to double tuck, stuck. WOW. Maybe some tiny hs things but that’ll be a biiiig score. 9.850

Brueck (Yale, ex): FHS front pike, sits it down. Ah, that vault is going to be beautiful and I cannot wait for the day she nails it.

Richter (Brown, ex): Just missed the start of this. Good form overall. Full turn to double tuck, small step.

After 1: Yale 48.475, Brown 47.725

Well, Brown didn’t have the ideal start and was forced to count a fall BUT after that, the Bears didn’t score below a 9.675 so a phenomenal rally. Yale started the season with a 47.525 last week on vault and added 1.3 points to that this week. Freshman Sabatini needs to be in this vault lineup. Landings looked so much better this week across the team. Brown handstands, and obvious falls, really held the team back but, it’s early in the season. Don’t worry.

Rotation 2: Brown VT, Yale UB

Kramer (Brown): Did not .. show us. 9.425

Aviad (Yale): So we missed … her routine. But double tuck with a small hop. 9.525

El Mammann (Brown): Y full, lands off to the side, hand is so close to the side of the table. Good height. 9.725

Wilson (Yale): Good first hs. Toe on tkatchev nice. Bail has some form but okay. Great last hs. Full turn to double tuck, takes a step back. Great routine. 9.750

Xing (Brown): Y full, pikes it down a little, but good form in the air otherwise. 9.700

Sabatini (Yale): Feet on the tkatchev to bail. Doesn’t finish the full turn in hs to double tuck, takes a step back. Little things here and there that’ll keep that from being a huge score. 9.600

Dewar (Brown): Y full, way back on the horse, some shoulder issues, steps back. 9.725

Wang (Yale): Good hs. Blind to straddle jaeger, good form on that. Bail to hs has some leg separation, but good position. Little shy on that last hs. FTDB, STUCK. Alrriiiiigghht, Yale. 9.750

Contello (Brown): Y full, great amplitude, crossed legs in the air, hop/steps it back. Strongest vault I’ve seen yet. 9.800

Walker (Yale): Hits that first hs. Blind to straddle jaeger, gorgeous. Bail to hs, tiny tiny pike. Great last hs. Double lay, tiny hop forward. Great routine. 9.825

Bedell (Brown): Ohhh, even better. Y full, stunning form, hops it back, but the form in the air is perfection. 9.850

Henry (Yale): Legs on the blind. Jaeger some form. Bail to hs. Good last hs. Dobule lay, shuffles it back. 9.375

Polley (Brown, ex): Y lay, great form, tiny hop.

After 2: Yale 97.025, Brown 96.525

Brown made up some MAJOR ground on vault, and Yale certainly didn’t have a bad bar rotation either. The Bulldogs went 48.325 at LIU last week and went 48.450 this week. Brown, a stronger vaulting team than Yale, made that known by notching a 48.800 to Yale’s 48.575. Let’s rock and roll to beam and floor.

Rotation 3: Yale BB, Brown FX

Strause (Yale): BHS LOSO, no problem. Front aerial, pause to split jump. Switch leap series, ooookay. Bent front leg in second leap. The freshman will find that confidence. Bhs bhs to lay double twist, good. Sticks it! 9.575

Lazaro (Brown): Double pike, good in the air, lands with chest down. Clean leap series, great height. Super upbeat routine. Love a swan dive dive roll. Front full front full, great form. Great start for Brown this rotation! 9.475 – that kind of feels low?

Wilson (Yale): Front tuck to beat jump, good. Switch leap to split jump, drops a shoulder but the extension looked fine from here. BHS LOSO, takes a step back to steady it. Side aerial, comes off. Gainer pike off end, another stuck dismount for Yale. 8.850

Dewar (Brown): RO 1.5 to front full, JUST keeps that in. Excellent leap series. Sounds like You’ve Got a Friend in Me. Brown really showing up on floor so far. Double tuck, controlled lunge. Little soft form in some dance series. 9.575

Qu (Yale): BHS LOSO, breaks at the hips, keeps it on. Sheep looked good from here. Great extension on leaps and straddle quarter. Small check on the full turn. Piked gainer, third stuck dismount from Yale. 9.600

Waiting around on floor for the score.

Kramer (Brown): Front lay to rudi but just doesn’t rotate the rudi and lands on feet and hands. Leap series had nice extension, good ring shape from this angle. Double tuck, short, comes to her hands and knees. 7.450

Mangiacapre (Yale): Yale needs strong routines to drop the fall. BHS LOSO, small check but smooths it over. Switch leap to split jump to split 3/4. Little shy on those split jumps. Front aerial beat, good. Piked gainer, small hop. 9.675

Waiting for the judges. Brown has been made to wait seeeeveral times today.

Davis (Brown): Double pike, gorgeous feet in the air, chest slightly down. Great first ring position, not as a defined in the second. Archy on the front lay in her second pass and takes a few steps back. Her leaps are so floaty. 9.600

Walker (Yale): Walker fell last weekend and Yale already has a fall today, no pressure. BHS LOSO, clean. Little too much on the full turn, bobbles, keeps it on. Front aerial split jump. Be still my heart. That aerial just floats. Switch leap to split jump, great. BHS to gainer lay full off side. The TINIEST hop in place. And I mean tiny. 9.750

Van Zandt (Brown): Love this floor music. Jazzy. Front tuck through to double tuck, lunges out of bounds. Switch side to popa, liiiiittle shy but nice overall. Double pike, but sits it down, doesn’t open up in time. Ohhhh no. 8.850

Meeks (Yale): Love this mount. BHS LOSO, clean. I hate this beam angle, everyone looks horribly crooked and they’re not. Side aerial comes off, oohh Yale will be counting a fall today. Switch to split jump to split 3/4, great extension on those, she doesn’t hold back at all. Piked gainer, stuck! 9.200

Waiting on more scores.

Bedell (Brown): Great double tuck to open, nice and high. Has a weird travel in her jumps on her leap series but good form otherwise. Double pike, lunges forward but keeps it on her feet, good cover. 9.700

After 3: Yale 144.825, Brown 143.725

Well, both teams forced to count at least one fall in this rotation. Yale didn’t improve on last week’s beam but stayed within two tenths of that score. For Brown, that first week of full floor routines in a meet, it goes without explanation, it’s rough. With endurance and some polishing, Brown will look better as the season goes on.

Rotation 4: Brown BB, Yale FX

Lazaro (Brown): BHS LOSO, tiny shoulder drop but covers it beautifully. Leap series, clean. Gainer lay full off side, takes a step. 9.700

Strause (Yale): 2.5 to front tuck, doesn’t get enough bounce, sits it down. Beautiful extension in leaps. Double pike, lovely. Tiny bit of chest down. 9.075

Davis (Brown): Fun walkover style mount. She looks so calm, cool, and collected on beam. BHS LOSO, floaty. Leap series could be a liiittle more extended through the foot. Wobbles on the side aerial. Piked gainer, looked stuck. 9.675

Holt (Yale): FHS front double full, leg separation in the air but gets it around today. RO 1.5 to front lay, good. Switch side popa, popa could have a little more split. FHS rudi, same form as the first pass but nice routine. 9.550

McKeown (Brown): BHS LOSO, good. Beat to straddle 3/4, drops her chest a little at the end but excellent shape in the air. Side aerial, oh no, comes off. Switch side, flexed back foot. Gainer full off side, slides feet together. 9.175

Wilson (Yale): RO 1.5 to front lay, excellent. Switch leap good, the ring shape is tough in the second leap. Please, a different leap there. Double pike, chest down, but smooth lunge forward. Good routine.

Marcus (Brown): BHS LOSO, leg comes up, keeps that on. Front tuck, solid. Switch leap to straddle quarter, balance check. Beat to split 3/4, chest down. Definitely some nerves here but she’s fighting hard. Ro 1.5, small hop. 9.475

Waiting for the judges. There’s too much laughter here. Let’s get going, judges.

Brueck (Yale): Alright! Off we go. Double tuck to open, bounces and puts her hands down. Wasn’t underrotated so much as she didn’t absorb the landing. Front lay to front full, biiiiig step to the side, keeps it in. Leap series, okay. Love this music. Rudi to end, chest down, crossed legs and form in the air. It’ll get there, but today isn’t that day.

Xing (Brown): We just cut away from the start of her routine… and we’re back. Bhs lay two feet, nice. Standing loso. Split jump to straddle 1/4, good. Small bobble on the full turn. RO double twist, sends it a little off to the side and takes a step. 9.475

Meeks (Yale): Front full to front lay, good. Switch ring series, nice. Good height on leaps. Double pike, puts her hands down, doesn’t get it totally around. Yale will count a fall on floor.

Contello (Brown): Bhs loso, comes off. Brown also now counting a fall this rotation. Good jump series. Switch leap to split, okay. Front aerial, tiny wobble on choreo after. Check during the full turn but smooths it over. Piked gainer, stuck. 9.150

Wang (Yale): Double pike to open, steps on the line, may have gone OOB. A hit should give Yale the win. Double tuck, some form but good, keeps it in. 9.1 or so will give the Bulldogs the win. Just needs to hit this pass. Ro 1.5 to front lay, lands that front lay loooowwwwwww but keeps it on her feet. 9.600

Final: Yale 191.750, Brown 191.225

So that was a little rough, quite a few falls from both team so maybe not the meet either team envisioned, but it is week two, Brown’s first meet of the season. And despite not winning the team, the Brown Bears did snag three of the four event titles, with beam and aa going to Yale.

VT: Bedell, 9.850

UB: Farrell, 9.850

BB: Walker, 9.750

FX: Bedell, 9.700

AA: Wilson, 38.050

Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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