The NCGA Dismount: Week 1

Week one saw many WIAC teams back in action for the first time in 2023. Some teams thought it was so nice that they competed twice. We’re looking at you, Hamline and Winona State. The Best of Minnesota meet meant DIII gymnastics was on TV (for a fee), and Simpson made its program debut at the Hamline tri. What’s not to love?

While the NCGA-East teams haven’t gotten their feet wet just yet, let’s take a look at the highlights for the NCGA’s Week 1 action nevertheless!


Upgrade of the Week

Winona State is adding more big releases to its bar lineup. Junior Ashley Roth put in her Jaeger for the first time in competition this week, and it had just the right combination of aggressiveness and float. 

Stick Item of the Week

Stick crown met New Year’s Glasses with Oshkosh’s latest meet-day accessory. Perhaps this was just the encouragement the Titans needed to post the highest season-opening score in program history. 

Recap Video of the Week

Hamline highlighted its home opener against Winona State and Simpson in an aesthetically pleasing hype video. Check it out for unique beam series, floaty release moves and fun floor routines.

Heart-Stopping Skill of the Week

Rahdea Jarvis’ Tkatchev has so much amplitude that it took our breath away to watch. Sky-high release moves, especially of this variety, can feel few and far between, but Jarvis makes it look easy. 

WIAC Meet of the Week

Oshkosh and Illinois State at Western Michigan

Why Should You (Re)Watch? First of all, this meet can be streamed on demand without going through a pay wall. Secondly, Oshkosh held its own against Division I foes with big skills and a level of consistency that’s rare for January. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: Well, considering Oshkosh is the reigning national champion and did so with a record-setting performance… It’s too soon to tell on this one. We will say that Oshkosh should still be in the discussion for the title in 2023, though. 

Overall Standings

3Winona State181.763
4Gustavus Adolphus181.075
6UW-Eau Claire178.675

Top Scores

Mia LuceroOshkoshVault9.725
Kennedy SpringerOshkoshFloor9.725
Delaney CienkusOshkoshBeam9.700
Effie FergusonUW-StoutBeam9.700
Rahdea JarvisOshkoshBars9.675
Danielle JaworskiHamlineFloor9.675
Kennedy O’ConnorWinona StateVault9.675
Reanna McGibboneyOshkoshVault9.675
Kaylie BerensOshkoshBeam9.650
Emily BuffingtonOshkoshFloor9.650
Meaghan O’ConnorOshkoshBars9.650
Kaylie BerensOshkoshBars9.625
Reanna McGibboneyOshkoshFloor9.600
Liz RomanoOshkoshBeam9.600
Kiara BrownUW-StoutBeam9.575
Emily BuffingtonOshkoshBeam9.575
Izzy KropiwiecWinona StateVault9.575
Olivia JahnkeGustavus AdolphusFloor9.550
Lydia HaydenOshkoshFloor9.525
Breanna HoWinona StateVault9.525
Izzy KropiwiecWinona StateFloor9.525
Kennedy O’ConnorWinona StateVault9.525
Abby WillisGustavus AdolphusVault9.525
Kiara BrownUW-StoutBars9.500
Isabela KrulichUW-StoutFloor9.500
Marley MichaudGustavus AdolphusVault9.500
Haley VolstadOshkoshVault9.500


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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