2022 Level 10 Nationals: Behind the Numbers

This year’s level 10 nationals is going to be an exciting competition. With a higher number of athletes able to score over 39 points than ever before and even more able to post perfect 10.0s, expect every division to be spectacular. What should you expect from each session? Who should you watch and who will win? Who are the future NCAA stars? We answer all those questions and more below.

Top qualifiers

The highest qualifier is Cal signee Casey Brown (39.325), followed by UCLA signee Selena Harris (39.300), Alabama commit Lily Smith (39.225), Avery Neff in the class of 2024 (39.150) and Oklahoma signee Faith Torrez (39.000).

Alabama commit Chloe LaCoursiere was the only gymnast to score a 10.0 at regionals this year. It happened on bars, and it was her fourth perfect score.

Senior F

Regional champions: Selena Harris (Region 1), Rylin Zimmerman (Region 2), Amy Foret (Region 3), Addi Lawrence (Region 4), Faith Torrez (Region 5), Cecilia Cooley (Region 6), Ashley Glynn (Region 7), Ashley Cowan (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Selena Harris (39.300); 2. Faith Torrez (39.000); 3. Ashley Cowan (38.650)

Who will win?

This could be a fascinating neck-and-neck competition between UCLA signee Harris and Oklahoma signee Torrez. On paper, Torrez comes in as the favorite. She’s scored over 39 points in six of the nine meets she’s competed in this season and posted four perfect 10.0s, three on beam and one on bars. Harris cannot quite match Torrez’s numbers, but she has a history of hitting when it matters. Plus, she comes in as a defending champion, finished fourth at the Nastia Liukin Cup earlier this year and boasts a perfect 10.0 of her own on vault. If they both bring their A game, it’s going to be a terrific competition between the two.

Behind them, watch out for a potential upset. LSU commit Ashley Cowan posted a career-high 38.650 at regionals and can score as high as a 9.900 on floor. UNC signee Gwen Fink boasts a career-high all-around score of 38.900 and will capitalize on her big Yurchenko one and a half. Cal signee Miki Aderinto scored a big 39.100 this year, as well as a perfect 10.0 on bars and a 9.925 on beam.

Addie Martínez—who’s in the class of 2022 and is still uncommitted, coaches!—qualified as a floor specialist after posting a 9.725 at regionals, just below her 9.750 career high. She performs a beautifully choreographed routine that you don’t want to miss!

Senior E

Regional champions: Taralyn Nguyen (Region 1), Anna Roberts (Region 2), Makenna Smith (Region 3), Brooklyn Rowray (Region 4), Mila Brusch (Region 5), Umi Elmammann (Region 6), Ava Piedrahita (Region 7), Rubylyn Goad (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Makenna Smith (38.925); 2. Ava Piedrahita (38.900); 3. Anna Roberts (38.825)

Who will win?

Because of a bad day on bars, Michigan State signee Nikki Smith doesn’t feature among the champions, but she’s the favorite to win the title. The five-star recruit shared the Nastia Liukin Cup title this year, scored a perfect 10.0 on vault and posted some stratospheric all-around scores, including a 39.450 at the UGA Invitational. Last year at nationals she finished fourth after yet another unfortunate fall on bars, so she will have some extra motivation to hit this year. 

Behrind her, the podium will likely be determined by whoever has a good day. Utah signee Makenna Smith comes in as the highest qualifier and has everything it takes to make the podium: She boasts a perfect 10.0 on vault and scored a big 39.075 earlier this year. She’s been inconsistent this season, though, and showed some nerves at nationals last year, too. Penn State signee Ava Piedrahita and Stanford signee Anna Roberts will both have a shot if they hit their landings, with Roberts perhaps having a bit of an edge—she has career highs over 9.900 on three events and is a defending national champion. 

Another Stanford signee, Taralyn Nguyen, is a bit of a surprise, as she’s always a favorite to win the vault and floor titles, but this year she also seemed to have figured out bars, her lowest-scoring event. It may not be enough for a national title, but she could finish on the podium. Also, watch out for her super tumbling on floor and her Yurchenko double twist on vault.

Behind the top group, keep an eye on Auburn signee Hannah Hagle and on Minnesota signee Brooklyn Rowray, who had fantastic performances at regionals. Among the gymnasts with a standout event, Iowa signee Karina Muñoz boasts a perfect 10.0 on vault, Pitt signee Natalia Pawlak a perfect 10.0 on bars and BYU commit Jayda Lealaogata a career-high 9.925 also on bars.

Former elite Sydney Morris was back to competition this year and qualified to nationals after a two-year hiatus filled with retirement rumors. They’re still uncommitted, and college coaches will be watching them closely. Georgia signee Ariel Posen, another former elite, also returned to competition this year for the first time since 2019. She competed only on bars and beam and posted a 9.750 on bars to qualify to nationals as a specialist. 

Senior D

Regional champions: Casey Brown (Region 1), Ellie Weaver (Region 2), Bryce Wilson (Region 3), Payton Harris (Region 4), Makayla Tucker (Region 5), Tessa Sutton (Region 6), Jackie Tunney (Region 7), Gabby Gladieux (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Casey Brown (39.325); 2. Bryce Wilson (38.900); 3. Gabby Gladieux (38.850)

Who will win?

All three of the highest qualifiers are extremely exciting gymnasts who still have something to prove before they leave for college. Cal signee Brown’s scores have been erratic this season, but she had super solid competitions at state and regionals, which is what matters. Gymnasts want to peak at the right time, and Brown seems to be doing exactly that. LSU signee Wilson can also be a bit nervy, but this year she’s seemed to have found her rhythm. She scored two perfect 10.0s on vault, where she performs a big Yurchenko double twist, as well as a huge 39.400 all-around career high. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—the sky’s the limit for Wilson’s potential, so if she hits, the title could be hers. Alabama signee Gladieux, however, has been a model of consistency this season, never scoring below 38.700 in her last five meets and as high as 39.025. Any college coach will tell you that consistency is the winning trait, so Gladieux could have an advantage here. The former Nastia Liukin Cup junior champion missed last season due to injury, so we’re delighted to see her back in top form.

Behind them, Ohio State signee Payton Harris is the gymnast to watch for an upset. She can also show some nerves, but when she’s on, she can score as high as a 39.050 in the all-around and 9.950 on vault. Kayla Tucker, in the class of 2023, has also flirted with that magic 39 a few times this season and is another gymnast to keep an eye on. Oregon State signee Ellie Weaver and Arizona State signee Kimberly Smith also have the potential to finish in the top three. Weaver and Tucker, moreover, boast career highs of 9.900 on beam. Michigan State signee Olivia Zsarmani scored a 38.850 at the North Carolina state meet, as well as a 9.900 on vault.

Another Oregon State signee, Jennifer McMillan, scored three consecutive 9.900s on bars in the last three meets of the season. She comes in as the favorite to defend her title.

Senior C

Regional champions: Olivia Buckner (Region 1), Olivia Reardon (Region 2), Neve King (Region 3), Halle Gregoire (Region 4), Reese Samuelson (Region 5), Sophia Esposito (Region 6), Anya Pilgrim (Region 7), Priscilla Park (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Anya Pilgrim (38.875); 2. Olivia Buckner (38.475); 3. Neve King (38.425)

Who will win?

Florida commit Anya Pilgrim is the favorite to win the title. The former junior national team member dropped down to level 10 this year to prepare for college and posted a 39.025 right out of the gate. Since then, she’s competed in only three other meets with mixed results, but she hit when it mattered at regionals. If she can repeat her performance at nationals, the title should be hers.

Behind Pilgrim, numbers are really close and range in the mid-38s. North Carolina commit Neve King, Arkansas commit Priscilla Park, BYU commit Eva Jorgensen and Oregon State commits Sophia Esposito and Olivia Buckner all have a strong chance of making the podium, and one of them may even clinch the title if Pilgrim falters. Esposito won the vault title last year with a Yurchenko double twist. It will be interesting to see whether she decides to perform it this year again or if she’ll rely on her beautiful Yurchenko full.

UC Davis commit Ayumi Oshiro posted a 9.800 on beam in Region 1 to clinch the individual qualifying spot. Former elite Zoe Gravier, an Alabama signee, has recently scored very well on bars. You don’t want to miss their routines. 

Senior B

Regional champions: Kristin Lin (Region 1), Stephanie Alvine (Region 2), Eva Volpe (Region 3), Maddison Reidenbach (Region 4), Ady Wahl (Region 5), Camryn Rueda (Region 6), Cadence Gormley and Holly Snyder (Region 7), Gabriella Ortiz (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Kristin Lin (38.900); T2. Chloe LaCoursiere (38.850); T2. Cadence Gormley (38.850); T2. Holly Snyder (38.850)

Who will win?

If you have time to watch only one session of the championships, it should probably be this one because of the sheer talent and potential for perfect scores.

Washington commit Kristin Lin, Iowa commit Eva Volpe, Kentucky commit Cadence Gormley, Georgia commit Holly Snyder and Alabama commits Chloe LaCoursiere and Jamison Sears all have a chance to clinch the title. Sears had a subpar performance at regionals, but she’s had a fantastic season thus far. She shared the Nastia Liukin Cup title with Nikki Smith and scored over 39 points twice. If she hits, she may be the favorite to win. 

She will have to deal with fierce competition, though. Lin’s polish and consistency have kept improving in the past couple of months, and if she can repeat her regionals performance, the win could be hers. Watch out for her triple twist on floor. LaCoursiere boasts four perfect 10.0s on bars, including in each of the last two meets. She’s the favorite to win the bars title, but she’s also turning into a strong all-arounder. Volpe scored as high as a 38.925 this year, as well as hit a perfect 10.0 on vault. Gormley and Snyder can be a bit inconsistent, but they are peaking at the right time and have flirted with a 39 before. Gormley also scored two 9.900s on a row on bars in the last two meets.

Just behind them, Missouri commit Kaia Tanskanen, who also competes elite for Finland, BYU commit Brynlee Andersen, Ohio State commit Courtney McCann, Illinois commit Olivia Coppola, New Hampshire commit Anne Challman and Ady Wahl also have a chance of making the podium. Wahl has one of the best Yurchenkos one and a halves in the country, and it’s worth keeping an eye on it.

Senior A

Regional champions: Camille Winger (Region 1), Kaviana Jurries (Region 2), Morgan Price (Region 3), Whitney Jencks (Region 4), Taylor DeVries (Region 5), Brooke Izzo (Region 6), Lily Smith (Region 7), Julianne Huff (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: 1. Lily Smith (39.225); 2. Camie Winger (38.950); 3. Morgan Price (38.900)

Who will win?

This will likely be a fierce battle between Arkansas signee Morgan Price and Alabama commit Lily Smith. Smith comes in as the favorite after having scored over 39 points three times this year and having posted two perfect 10.0s on bars and floor. Price had an up-and-down year, but she’s peaking at the right time. Watch her especially closely, as she’s joining Arkansas one year early this fall.

Behind the two, Camie Winger will have to prove that the 38.950 she scored at regionals was not a one-time thing. Kentucky commit Delayne Rodriguez has been incredibly consistent this year and could make her way to the podium. Oregon State commit Taylor DeVries also peaked at regionals with a career-high 38.500 and a 9.875 on bars. Towson commit Delaney DeHaan is an excellent floor worker and will have a shot at that title. Georgia commit Jaydah Battle is a reigning beam champion and has a chance to defend her title.

Junior F

Regional champions: Kelsey Slade (Region 1), Camryn Chiu (Region 2), Amy Doyle (Region 3), Grace Drexler (Region 4), Hannah Scheible (Region 5), Kalea McElligott (Region 6), Annalise Newman-Achee (Region 7), Olivia Ahern (Region 8)

Highest qualifiers: T1. Hannah Scheible (38.875); T1. Kelsey Slade (38.875); 3. Olivia Ahern (38.800)

Who will win?

The competition will be intense between Kelsey Slade and Cal commit Kyen Mayhew. Slade, in the class of 2024, had an absurdly good year, scoring three times over 39 and posting two perfect 10.0s on vault. Mayhew, though, has an impressive number of accolades, too. She scored as high as 39.125 this year and tallied a perfect 10.0 on floor last season. 

Close behind them will be Oklahoma commit Hannah Scheible, who’s had a consistent year, scored a huge 39.350 at state and boasts a career-high 9.950 on floor. Keep an eye also on Annalise Newman-Achee, in the class of 2023, who has a career high 38.925 in the all-around and 9.900 on bars.

Olivia Ahern scored a big 38.800 at regionals but will have to prove to be able to repeat that kind of performance at nationals. Amy Doyle boasts a career-high 9.925 on vault.

Younger Juniors

In the class of 2024, together with Slade, all eyes will be on Avery Neff. She’s scored over 39 points multiple times this year, including at state (39.225) and regionals (39.150), boasts a perfect 10.0 on vault for her Yurchenko 1.5 and looks so polished that she could compete with—and win against—high school seniors. She’ll be able to commit to college after June 15, and you don’t want to miss the fun (and the speculation) that will surround her decision. She’s the super favorite to win the Junior E division. She will be challenged by Lily Pederson, who also scored a 39.000 this year and boasts career highs of 9.900 or higher on vault and bars. 

2022 Nastia Liukin Cup junior champion Kamila Pawlak, in the class of 2025, has had a fantastic year and posted a career-high 38.900 at regionals. She’s the favorite to win the Junior C session. Presley Duke, who is in the class of 2026 and was second at the Nastia Liukin Cup, is also one to watch. She scored as high as a 39.125 this year, as well as a 9.900 on beam. She’s the favorite to win the Junior B session. Mackenzie Estep, in the class of 2025, scored two 38.600s in a row in the last two meets and could challenge for the Junior D title.

Nina Ballou, in the class of 2025, had a subpar performance at regionals, but she scored as high as 39.125 this year and is super fun to watch on all events but especially on floor. Watch out for her in Junior C.

Sophia Bell (c/o 2024) in Junior D and CaMarah Williams (c/o 2026) in Junior B have exceptional floor routines and career highs of 9.900.

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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  1. I believe her first name is Kyen and last name is Mayhew in Juniors.

    Also looking forward to reining beam champs ASU signee Kimmy Smith and Hannah Clark’s nationals.

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