LIVE BLOG: NCAA Nationals Team Final

We’ve made it to the final four, or four on the floor, whichever suits your fancy. I hope you used yesterday to recover and are ready to go.

Nothing that has happened all year matters. All that matters is today. The slate is clean, everyone is starting from zero. Today is about precise landings, hit handstands and perfect 180s. It’s all on the line, and it’s anyone’s game.

It is LOUD in here LET’S GOOOOOOO.

Rotation 1: Florida VT, Auburn UB, Utah BB, Oklahoma FX

Skaggs (UF): Yfull, hop.

Sabados (Aub): Ray caught a little close. Bail hand short. DLO step.

Morgan (UU):

Johnson (OU): Double tuck, good lunge.

Schoenherr (UF): Fans in front of me, missed this.

Groth (Aub): Great handstand. Good catch on her release. Late on the half on the low bar. Stuck dismount.

McCallum (UU): Great candle mount. No issues on the wolf turn double. Feet on her series but no movement. College stick on her dismount.

Woodard (OU): Little bouncy and out of control on the 5/2 lunge. RO whip half full landing was much better. Clean leaps.

Wong (UF): Just a tiny hop right up in place!

Stevens (Aub): DLO stuck.

Paulson (UU): Really clean and elegant work, stuck dismount.

Fletcher (OU): Little foot slid on her double tuck. Great control on her combo pass landing. Huge leaps, good 180s. 5/2 little scoot steps to the side.

Reed (UF): Y1.5, flared too early, few steps back.

Brusch (Aub) : Short on her bail hand. Great final handstand. DLO small hop back.

Isa (UU): Little bobbly on her chroeo. Good leaps. Bhs gainer full stuck.

Sievers (OU): Full-in, good n her lunge. Front through double tuck, another great landing.

Thomas (UF): Y1.5, great landing by the sound of the crowd, I didn’t see her feet well.

Gobourne (Aub): Great last handstand. FTDB stuck, wow, great height on that.

Eaker (UU): Really patient work, per usual. Side aerial bhs, textbook. Switch to bhs swingdown was lovely.

Bowers (OU): HIGH double pike, solid landing. FHS 2/1 punch front, landed fully off the floor, not even OOB but on the podium surface. Seems okay, just too much juice.

Richards (UF): Y1.5, little hop back, she’s SO happy.

Lee (Aub): Maloney tiny leg sep to good pak immediate van leeuwen some leg sep. Small hop on her FTDB.

O’Keefe (UU): Side aerial loso, some foot form but totally solid on the landing. Switch to split, good 180s. She seems so calm, like a rewind of the regional final routine. Cat to side aerial full, dropped her chest but no foot movement.

Smith (OU): She gets the stage to herself, everyone else is done. Double tuck, bouncy in the lunge. RO 3/2 front lay, good landing, but lacking some amplitude on the lay. Big on her leaps, really high wolf full. Double pike, slid her front foot a smidge.

AFTER 1: Utah 49.5125, Auburn 49.425, Florida 49.350, Oklahoma 49.1875

WOW. OOB hurt OU there, and as expected Utah got out to the early lead on beam. We saw Richards on vault instead of Blakely, will have to keep an eye on that situation on other events.

Rotation 2: Oklahoma VT, Florida UB, Auburn BB, Utah FX

Stern (OU): Y1.5 hop forward

Blakely (UF): Caught her pak close. Great last handstand. Front giant to double front small step forward.

Hollingsworth (Aub): Switch to switch half beat, little short on the half. Split 1/2 transverse was nice. Stuck dismount.

Paulson (UU): Good landing on her 5/2. Great last landing.

Levausseur (OU): Y1.5 excellent in the air, just a small hop in place.

McCusker (UF): Maloney leg sep, good pak. Clean van Leeuwen. Stalder to double tuck, really deep, steps back and sits.

Brusch (Aub): Bhs loso, just some feet. Chest forward on her leaps landing. Tiny hop on the dismount.

Gilstrap (UU): Double tuck, great lunge. Pretty work in choreo as always. Good on her combo pass. Excellent final landing.

Bowers (OU): Y1.5 soft knees.

Schoenherr (UF): Toe hand to bail hand, excellent. Blind late double front half out stuck.

Stevens (Aub): Bhs loso, small check. Stuck dismount.

Rucker (UU): Great full-in landing. Front lay front full, good control.

Sievers (OU): Missed this, the OU crowd was very happy with it, though. Just soft knees on the jumbotron replay.

Skaggs (UF): Clean Pak, late on the low bar half pirouette. DLO low chest, no foot movement.

Groth (Aub): Bhs loso bhs, medium check. Side aerial full, stuck.

McCallum (UU): FTDB, one of her best landings on that. Front lay rudi, little low but great lunge out.

Trautman (OU): Y1.5 EXCELLENT block, stuck. Just soft knees on the last half.

Thomas (UF): Toe hand to van Leeuwen, good. Great handstands as usual. DLO stuck. Your NCAA bar champ, folks.

Fletcher (OU): Y1.5, hop forward.

Wong (UF): Maloney leg sep, good pak. Clean van Leeuwen. DLO tiny hop.

McLaughlin (Aub): Switch to bhs loso, wow really great extension, the tiniest check in her shoulders. Great side aerial, really sells the landing. She’s got the stage to herself while floor is waiting. Switch to straddle 1/4, great. She’s on fire. Gainer pike, small hop.

O’Keefe (UU): Double pike, bounces back in the lunge, about a tenth there. Switch to tour jete full, short of the rotation today. RO 3/2 front full, missed the punch completely before the full and sits it down. I don’t think she tweaked anything, walking off fine.

Lee (Aub): Wolf turn full, no issues. Totally solid on her front aerial bhs loso. Switch to switch half, little bobble. Bhs gainer full stuck.

Soloski (UU): We are of course having a judging conference before the last routine of the rotation. Soloski is bouncing around and singing along to the arena music. Miya Hambrick (who is in a fabulous white bodysuit) is keeping her loose. HERE WE GO. DLO, bounced back a little bit. Switch half split full was excellent. Good landing on the front lay front full. RO 3/2 front lay, great lunge out. Wow. What a career she’s had. The whole arena is cheering, as they should be.

AFTER 2: Florida 98.875, Oklahoma 98.850, Auburn 98.625

Rotation 3: Utah VT, Oklahoma UB, Florida BB, Auburn FX

O’Keefe (UU): We’ll see how she comes back from that uncharacteristic floor mistake. FTY, leaned pretty far back and covered it with a salute.

Sievers (OU):Pak was strong. Stuck FTDB, bars sticks is where OU took off in semis.

Skaggs (UF): Clean wolf turn full. Switch to straddle, lovely. Bhs loso, clean. Small foot shuffle on her dismount.

Brusch (Aub): Slid her foot back in her double tuck lunge. Better on the double pike landing.

Stanhope (UU): Y1.5, big hop forward.

Levasseur (OU): Good Tkatchev. Clean bail hand. DLO stuck, yep Sooners are on a roll.

Blakely (UF): Front aerial bhs, great!

Watson (Aub): Double Arabian, seemed a little off balance on her landing. Good through her combo pass.

Rucker (UU): HUGE STUCK Y1.5, Utah needed that.

Trautman (OU): Maloney to Pak, just some tiny leg sep. Tiny hop on her dismount.

Baumann (UF): Bhs loso, totally secure. Switch to split, really emphasized those splits, excellent. Front aerial beat. Tiny hop.

Stevens (Aub): Weird takeoff on her combo pass, was a little wonky on the last salto but made it around. Good save. Tour jete half wolf full was clean if not as high as some leaps we saw today. Double tuck, landed a bit forwad and had to step ofrward.

Bruch (UU): Y1.5, small hop forward.

Smith (OU): Really held her first handstand. Good pak.

Wong (UF): Pretty work through her leaps. Front aerial, no deductions. RO 2/1, leaned very far forward, snuck a salute in. Could be .1 there depending on judes.

Groth (Aub): FHS 2/1, great landing. Clean leaps. RO 3/2 front lay, really floated that, pretty!

McCallum (UU): Tiny hop up in place, chest forward.

Bowers (OU): Big Ray. Pak was very tidy. Touch late on her low bar half. FTDB stuck.

Thomas (UF): One-arm bhs loso, totally solid. Clean on her front aerial . Beat to bhs swingdown, no issues. Side aerial full, tiny hop in place.

Lee (Aub): DLO, just lifted her heel up a smidge in the lunge. Switch ring to switch full was great. This music selection was so good, it just pulls you in in the arena. Great on her 3/2 front 1/1 landing. Really good routine.

Hall (UU): Y1.5, Fully missed her block and sat it down.

Davis (OU): Great handstand. Higgins roll to HUGE pike Jaeger, great catch. Pak was clean. Excellent low bar half. Just ON. Higgins to front giant, sticks double front half out, that’s the best UB we’ve seen this week.

Clapper (UF): Bhs loso loso, secure, some bent arms on the bhs. Switch to split, good. Side aerial full, swings an arm around but holds the stick.

Gobourne (Aub): Great landing on her double tuck, no movement in the lunge. She’s got the arena to herself here! FHs front full front lay, right into choreo. Double pike, slid her front foot back in the lunge a bit.

AFTER 3: Oklahoma 148.575, Florida 148.375, Utah 148.200

It’s those bar landings for Oklahoma! They are truly next-level.

Rotation 4: Auburn VT, Utah UB, Oklahoma BB, Florida FX

Groth (Aub): Yfull, people. in front of the landing. Good in the air.

Morgan (UU): Blind full late to stuck double tuck.

Dunn (OU): Clean leaps. Hop on her dismount.

Skaggs (UF): Good on her first pass really launched the double stag up. Good through her leaps. RO 3/2 front lay, good landing.

Hubbard (Aub): Y1.5, hop forward.

McCallum (UU): Clean Maloney to pak, really good. Some leg sep on van Leeuwen. FTDB stuck, wow!

Trautman (OU): Great toe point, can see it across the arena. Bhs loso, totally secure. Cat to Switch side, great. Stuck dimsount.

Baumann (UF): Clean landing on her opening combo. Double pike, really good landing, didn’t NEED to lunge, did so very controlled.

Stevens (Aub): Y1.5 soft knees just a little bounce in place.

Paulson (UU): Blind full double tuck hop to the side.

Levasseur (OU): Littlest of checks on her bhs loso. Clena front aerial to beat. Pretty needle scale. Stuck dismount.

Wong (UF): Some leg cross in her triple. Pretty leaps. RO whip half front lay, clean.

Gobourne (Aub): Y1.5, great in the air, hop forward was small.

Thompson (UU): Good pak to Maloney. Geinger was clean. DLO tiny stepl.

Davis (OU): Pretty on her full turn. Bhs loso, some foot form. Nice front aerial. Little low front leg on her ring jump. RO 2/1 stuck, some leg cross in the air.

Reed (UF): DLO, adjusted her foot some. FHS front lay rudi, some leg sep in the twist, good landing. Clean on her switch half wolf full. Double pike, lunges forward.

Watson (Aub): Y1.5 knees and a hop forward.

O’Keefe (UU): Leg sep on ther pak. Late low bar half pirouette. Small step on her double Arabian.

Woodard (OU): Clean series. Front toss to beat, really tidy. Lovely on her needle scale. Switch to split, great extension. Side aerial full stuck.

Thomas (UF): LAUNCHED her DLO, good landing. Huge Tour jete half popa popa, great shapes. FHS front ful FLOATED AND STUCK front lay. Wow! Spectacular.

Lee (Aub): Lopez, small hop back.

Isa (UU): Ray, good. Great handstand. Bail hand short. DLO stuck.

Smith (OU): Clean series despite the ERUPTION for a Thomas 10. Straddle half to bhs swingdown, clean as always. Her focus in this arena is immaculate. Bhs gainer full stuck.

Richards (UF): DLO, excellent landing. What a huge stage for Richards. Clean switch side popa wolf full. Good landing on her combo pass. One of her best sets ever and really what a MOMENT to do it. Kudos.

FINAL: OU 198.200, UF 198.0875, Utah 197.750, Auburn 197.350

Live blog by Emily Minehart

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