Welcome to the moment that Division III gymnastics fans have been waiting for all season–NCGA Nationals! Represented at this meet will be the top-three teams from the East Region, Brockport, Springfield and Ithaca, and the top-three teams from the West, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Whitewater and UW-La Crosse. 

Brockport enters this meet with the highest SAS and highest regional qualifying score of 192.208 and 192.800, respectively. The Golden Eagles have been the only team to consistently surpass the 192 mark this season. Brockport has a mixture of stand-out performers and steady-eddies that create a recipe for being the front-runner heading into this competition. The Golden Eagles have the reigning NCGA-East Gymnast of the year in Alexis Castellaneta. She has been a rockstar for her team since she walked on campus, earning freshman of the year honors in 2019 as well. Castellaneta is among those contending for the floor and beam titles after looking strong on the events all year. 

All three of the WIAC team qualifiers have a reasonable likelihood of challenging Brockport to contend for the title. UW-Oshkosh is having a record-breaking season surpassing its team program record for the second time this season to qualify to this national championships. The Titans have been on the steady rise all season long led by the stellar sophomore Emily Buffington. The team has a large set of upperclassmen that provide both leadership and a plethora of routines. Rahdea Jarvis, Trinity Sawyer and Emily Gilot have been rocks for the Titans throughout 2022, only getting better and more consistent as their careers go on. 

UW-Whitewater and UW-La Crosse are right on Oshkosh’s heels. The Warhawks head into nationals with four scores above 191. However, the team has not eclipsed 192 since the beginning of February. For Whitewater to realistically contend here, all the bar stars will need to align. After a midseason lull, the Warhawks picked the pace back up at the regional championships. Whitewater does sport two of the top three regular season all arounders in the country in Emily North and Faith Mylin. Strong performances from them will be necessary to keep their team in the meet. 

La Crosse finds itself peeking at just the right time. The Eagles have the reigning WIAC newcomer of the year, Rachel Chesley, and West regional beam champion Emma Grant. Bars will once again be the make or break event for this team as well. It took a season high bar score for the Eagles to achieve the season high team score required to qualify for nationals. It should be noted that La Crosse’s 191.200 included one of the lowest beam scores on the season, meaning there’s still potential for the team to improve upon its regional performance. The Eagles will need to put all four events together on the same day to have the hope of upsetting for the title.  

Springfield and Ithaca round out the team field. Neither are likely to put up a serious fight for the overall title based on previous season performances, but both were able to put up huge season highs to qualify for this meet. Building upon the teams’ regional performances will be necessary to apply pressure to the top contenders. Watch out for Springfield’s duo of regional champions, MacKenzie MacLeod and Tori Sipes. MacLeod asserted herself as a beam queen earlier this season when she became the owner of the program record with a 9.875. However, she also took home the regional floor title. Sipes came out of virtually nowhere to take the bar regional title. She’s living proof that it truly is anyone’s game. No one should get too comfortable. Don’t forget about Ithaca’s Amelia Bailey and Skye Cohen. 

Among individual qualifiers, keep an eye out for the athletes from Rhode Island. All three qualifiers have broken at least one school record this season alone. The race for the floor title is also going to be a tight one with the addition of the dynamic duo from Cortland, Abby Bang and Kamryn Rodriguez, in the mix. Don’t forget about Sophia Redding either! She set the Gustavus bar record earlier this season. 

Checkout our NCGA Nationals Preview Article for more specific information on all individual qualifiers and our predictions on contenders for individual titles. 

Just a heads up: sources say that the scores will not be updated until after the third rotation. In other words, the mystery of it all is going to make the day even more exciting!

Also, this is my first experience live blogging from four separate Flo Gymnastics streams. There are supposed to be names flashed on the screen, but if I happen to miss the name, I will do my best to ID all the athletes. I apologize in advance if I miss some.

Touch warm up is underway! Less than five minutes until show time!

Rotation 1: Whitewater VT, Oshkosh BYE, Ithaca UB, Brockport BB, Springfield BYE, La Crosse FX

It wouldn’t be a meet day without a leo reveal! La Crosse is about to wow the judges in its latest design. Pan your eyes over to the floor for a live look.

Wood (LAX): Tour jete full. Missed the first pass as she disappeared into her team. Tour jete half, split full. Double pike last pass. Good start.

Stemachowski (UWW): Yurchenko tuck full, chest down with chest forward.

Nichols (Ithaca): Clear hip, shaposh, overshoot. Short on the shoot. Toe hand to toe up to high. Step forward on the double tuck.

Fern (UWW): Yurchenko half, sits it down.

Stinnette (Brockport): BHS LOSO. So solid. Foot slipped on the leap series. Leg up on the back tuck. Side Aerial. Large step to the side on the dismount. They’ll want to drop that.

Dickson (LAX): Double on the first pass. Switch half ring, pretty. Tour jete half, split full. Front lay, front full.

Good full from UWW on vault. Just a step back.

Castellaneta (Brockport): BHS LOSO, so nice. Switch leap, straddle 1/4. Under position on both. Front toss, small correction. straddle 3/4. Side Aerial back full. Just a step back.

M. Bailey (Ithaca): Clear hip, Geinger, very close on the catch. Clear hip, overshoot. Double tuck straight from the cast handstand. Just a step back.

Opheim (LAX): Double tuck. Switch ring, tour jete half with a ring. We love. Good control on the final pass.

Lewellen stuck her Yurchenko tuck full. YES!

Todd (Brockport): BHS LOSO. Brockport will be counting a fall on beam. Oh no. Switch leap, split jump. Cartwheel, some arm waving. Gainer full dismount.

Welsh (UWW): Just a bounce in place on her Yurchenko full.

O’Sullivan (Ithaca): Tkatchev. Huge. Overshoot. Nice and tight. Blind full, double tuck. Step back on the dismount.

Sandvik (LAX): Rudi, split jump. So much amplitude on the jump. Back 1.5 front layout. Good routine for her.

Galioto (Brockport): BHS LOSO. Front toss to beat. Good. Switch leap, tuck 3/4. Solid. Looks confident up there. Back1.5 dismount with a hop.

Lonski (Ithaca): Nice Geinger. Archy on the overshoot. Blind full, double tuck. Looked pretty stuck to me.

Merila (Gustavus): Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

Schumaker (Brockport): Cat leap, side Aerial, arm wave correction. BHS LOSO, off again. Holy cannoli. Switch leap, split jump. Beat, split 3/4. Large check. Solid dismount.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Ray. So pretty. Casted over and had to come down. Overshoot. Nice. Toe hand, double tuck. Large bouncy step back.

Danninger (LAX): Rudi, split jump. Nice. I love the way she whips her pony tail around in this routine. You can tell she’s having fun. Back 1.5, front layout. 9.75

Keyes (RIC): Cat leap, switch side. Love extension. BHS Layout two feet, just a hop to control. Beat, front Aerial. Lovely. She’s looking smooth up there. Switch leap, split 1/4. Small lean forward. Kick gainer front full off the end. Strong routine for her!

Chesley (LAX): Front double full. A little under rotation but managed fine with control. BAck 1.5, front layout. Another disappearing floor pass. Front full I think. 9.700

Gates (RIC): One hand BHS LOSO. Missed both feet. That won’t count for a series. Split 1/2 facing sideways. Side aerial back tuck half dismount with a hop.

Krulich (Stout): She’s working it out there! Front lay, Rudi, stag jump. Some loss of control on the jump. Switch side, popa. Double tuck into the mystery corner. Looked like a hand up for OOB. 9.000

O’Connell (UWEC): Double tuck. Strong landing. LET’S GET LOUD music. Indeed. Let’s. Tour jete half, popa, wolf full. Front full, front tuck. Good again. RO back tuck to belly drop. The crowd loved that! As did I. Rudi. Must’ve put her hands down because I just watched the coaches mannerisms completely change. Good set until the last pass. 9.275

AFTER ONE: La Crosse 48.300, Whitewater 48.000, Ithaca 47.850, Brockport 47.550

There are random scores floor popping up at the bottom of the screen, so that’s a pleasant surprise! Granted it’s listing scores as 97 instead of 9.700, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Well that was a fun first rotation! Brockport dug itself into a little hole counting two falls on beam. Will the Golden Eagles be able to bounce back from that? They might want to start hoping for mistakes from other teams. Whitewater looked pretty strong on vault. The team avoided counting any falls there and its dynamic duo came through as usual. Ithaca hit bars today, so the team will be happy with that start to the day! La Crosse came to play on floor. The Eagles brought the energy and the landings to match!

Rotation 2: La Crosse VT, Whitewater BYE, Oshkosh UB, Ithaca BB, Brockport BYE, Springfield FX

Cohen (Ithaca): BHS LOSO. Soft knees. Switch leap, check. Straddle jump. Not connected. Side Aerial, wind up, full dismount.
Beck (LAX): Medium step back on the Yurchenko layout.

Schutz (Springfield): rudi. Nice. Good leap series. Back 1.5, front lay. Loose legs and low. Sat down the last pass.

Zeilinger (UWO): Clear hip, Tkatchev. Fell and did a cartwheel out. fun.Overshoot. Double tuck. Nice and high with an aggressive cowboy.

Near stuck FHS front tuck from Kaufman on vault.

O’Sullivan (Ithaca): BHS, Side Aerial. Around the side and off. Not enough kick on that. Switch side, chest back and off again.

Hawkins (LAX): Very pretty, sky high Yurchenko layout.

Sawyer (UWO): Blind, Jaeger. Blind Staddle back, some arch on the catch. Blind full, double tuck with a step forward.

Robinson (Springfield): Wolf 1.5. Nice and around. Front full, front lay last pass with a bouncy lunge forward. Went OOB on the first pass too

Vanderpool (LAX): A step back on the Yurchenko tuck full today. Good shape in the air.

Kyriakopoulos (Ithaca): BHS LOSO. Front Aerial, beat.

Berens is doing goofy things on bars. Jaeger. Overshoot. Double layout dismount. Strong landing. Looked like some weird hand adjustments at the beginning there

Chesley (LAX): A little leg form on the half today.

LaViolette (Springfield): Double pike. Chest down. Switch side, popa. Front lay, front full. Wolf 1.5. Front full, front lay.

Tung (Ithaca): Came off on the series. Switch leap, straddle half. Cat leap, side Aerial. Stunning. Side Aerial, wind up, tuck full with a hop in place.

Gilot (UWO): Strong Geinger. Pak salto. Pretty with feet together. Stuck double tuck dismount.

Strong Yurchenko full from Alex wood with a hop back.

Bugge (Stout): FHS front tuck half. She stuck it cold. Wow.

Buffington (UWO): Blind, huge Jaeger. Wow. Pak salto. Stunning. Late on the pirouette. Saved that last HS. Double Arabian dismount with a step back.

Parquet (Springfield): Wolf 1.5. Good and around. Front lay front half. Finished that routine strong!

Freyman (Ithaca): Front tuck, some squat on the landing. Solid series. Punch rudi dismount with a step back.

Jarvis (UWO): Tkatchev. Touched the ceiling. Clear hip, overshoot. so tight. So lovely. Blindfull, double tuck. Stuck. score should be gigantic.

A. Bailey (Ithaca): Sissonee, split 3/4. Front Aerial, back tuck. Some arm wave. Switch, straddle 1/4. Punch front tuck full with a step forward.

Rosier (Springfield): Rudi. Good. Alittle bouncy. Front full, front lay. Sat down the last pass.

Stoltz (WSU): Swing half, Tkatchev. Good. Pak, some legs and might’ve touched her feet on the floor on the switch kip. Double tuck dismount was stuck.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Cat leap, front toss. Small leg up check. BHS LOSO, too much power and came off. Switch leap, pike jump. Some pogo landing. Switch half. Her extension is just the best. Wow. BHS back 1.5 dismount with a step forward.

West (WSU): Blind full, Swing half, overshoot, toe up. Close on the last catch. Toe on front dismount with several steps back.

MacLeod (Springfield): back 1.5, front layout. So pretty with her lines. Switch side, popa. Yes ma’am. This music. Is this “From the windowwww. To the wall?” Rudi. Good control. Wolf 1.5. Rushed some. A crown for good measure. Strong finish to the rotation for Springfield!

Just two more individuals on floor, I believe.

Bang (Cortland): Double pike. Nice and high. Split full, split full. Double tuck. Good, some chest down and locked legs. A little bouncy on the leap pass. Front lay, front full. Best landing of the routine. Good for her!

Rodriguez (Cortland): Shakira, Shakira. Rudi, back tuck. Way to work with that. Wolf 1.5. I love that that’s everyone’s fav skill this year. Switch side, popa. Back 1.5, front lay. Mistimed the punch some and had to squat more than she would’ve liked, but she avoided the sit. 9.500

AFTER TWO: La Crosse 96.700, Ithaca 95.800, Oshkosh 48.550, Whitewater 48.000, Brockport 47.550, Springfield 47.275

So far, La Crosse is the only team who’s avoided any casualties. Beam is still being rude with Ithaca counting a fall as well. UWO will have to count a bit of an improv routine from Berens, but nothing too serious. Buffington and Jarvis both looked just stunning on that event, so hopefully their performances will make up the difference. Springfield counted a fall on floor as well.

Things are getting spicy, y’all! Onto the next event!

Rotation 3: Springfield VT, La Crosse BYE, Whitewater UB, Oshkosh BB, Ithaca BYE, Brockport FX

Deecher (Springfield): Tsuk pike. Good. A step back.

North (UWW): Toe hand, Blind full, Overshoot. Toe on, front pike half. Just a step back.

White (Brockport): Double tuck. Good control and finesse there. Honestly, missed the rest but the team was hype.

Cienkus (UWO): Strong BHS LOSO series. Pretty lines. LOSO to full dismount. Stuck.

McGinness (Springfield: Yurchenko pike with a hop forward.

Galioto (Brockport): Double tuck. Good. Back 1.5, front layout. Some knees. Just keeps it in bounds. Not a fan of the tuck shape on her jump.

UWW: Blind, Jaeger. overshoot horizontal. Blind full, double tuck. medium step forward.

Yurchenko layout from Schutz. Some pike down.

UWO: BHS LOSO. Solid. Sharp. Cat leap, front toss. Broke connection before the split jump. Switch leap, split jump.

Flom (UWW): Blind, Jaeger piked. Overshoot. Some legs. FTDT. Pulled in bad. Sat it down.

Muhammad (Brockport): Double tuck. Lovely. I love this choreography and music. Front full, front lay. A little off center on the punch.

Stelmachowski (UWW): Swing half, Tkatchev, overshoot. Blind full, double tuck, step back.

Romano (UWO): Front Aerial, BHS series. Some arm wave in the Aerial but kept it moving. Switch side. Pretty. Front toss, split. Wobble. Stuck the dismount. Good routine for her.

MacLeod (Springfield): Tsuk tuck half. Good. Step forward.

Paultre (Brockport): Double tuck. Nice and high. Switch half, wolf full. Awkward on the wolf position. Front full, front lay.

Velarmino (UWW): Blind, piked Jaeger. Peeled off. They’ll be counting a fall on bars now. Overshoot horizontal. Double with a step forward.

Bang (Cortland): FHS front tuck. Huge amplitude with a hop forward.

UWO: BHS LOSO, a check. Front Aerial connected to jump. Aerial full dismount. Good finish.

Tucker (RIC): Landed forward on the layout full today. With a step forward.

UWW: Mylin I think. Toe up. half turn to overshoot. Clear hip, blind full, double tuck with a step back.

Keller (UWO): Switch leap, LOSO. Sharp. Cat leap, switch side. BHS LOSO. Switch to pike jump. Cartwheel back 1.5 dismount.

9.900 for Figurelli on floor. Wow.

Castellaneta (Brockport): Front double full. A stumble out of it. Switch leap, tour jete half, split full. Front lay, front full. I think the name flashed was wrong. Maybe? It didn’t look like her to me. Sooy. Laken Sooy.

Merila (Gustavus): Geinger was a bit too far today. Unique back double full dismount. With a step back.

Hammond (UWOO: Cat leap, LOSO. Good. BHS LOSO. A little under but managed well. Strong leap series. BHS gainer full, stuck. Some pike down, but one of her best routines on the year.

Redding (Gustavus): Toe hand, Maloney, Overshoot. Nice and tight. Blind full, double tuck with a step forward. Good set. 9.725. Hello! Another program record for Redding in her final competition!

Keyes (RIC): This music is a yes from me. Front through to double tuck. Just huge. Double pike. Yes. Just yes. 9.850

Saw Stoltz from WSU go down on her BHS LOSO. Back 1.5 dismount with a step back.

Gates (RIC): Rudi, back layout. Looked very close to the line from this view. Front double full. Excuse me, ma’am. That was just outstanding.

West (WSU): BHS LOSO. Wobble. Side Aerial. A little underdone with a lean. Switch leap, gainer pike dismount.

AFTER THREE: Oshkosh 97.050, La Crosse 96.700, Brockport 96.550, Ithaca 95.800, Whitewater 95.325, Springfield 94.725

Brockport could not have asked for much more on floor. It left everything out there. The team really put the beam rotation behind it and came out swinging. UWO avoided the beam demons to put together six-for-six strong routines. Meanwhile, Whitewater had a couple of issues on bars that will want to be forgotten in this next rotation if it hopes to keep things close.

On the individual front, Keyes will not win the floor title, but the quest for the AA crown is still on. Her and Gates killed it on floor. The future is bright for RIC. Redding also put together a strong set on bars for Gustavus. Her lovely lines will be dearly missed next season.

Rotation 4: Brockport VT, Springfield BYE, La Crosse UB, Whitewater BB, Oshkosh BYE, Ithaca FX

Figurelli (Brockport): Yurchenko layout. Good shape.

Blindfull, overshoot. Double tuck dismount with a step back from Vanderpool

McGinley (UWW): BHS LOSO, some squat on that. Pike, straddle 3/4. Not in love with that bent legged pike. Cartwheel. Get the side requirement. She fell, I missed on what. Punch front full, just a bounce in place.

Jackson (Brockport): FHS front tuck with a step forward.

Chesley (LAX): Tkatchev. Huge. Overshoot. Double layout. Just a pace forward.

Sargent (Brockport): Bounce back out of the Yurchenko tuck full. Nice technique.

Pellegrino (Ithaca): Front full, front lay, frnt tuck. Rudi.

Sandvik (LAX): Overshoot hand. Hit her foot on the bar on her release and had to stop. Blind full, double tuck.

Kollhoff (UWW):BHS LOSO. I missed the rest, but her team was excited so likely a hit from her. Way to bounce back.

Why do they keep saying Castellaneta. FHS front tuck with her hands down on the mat for Brockport.

Lyngaas (LAX): Caught the release. Overshoot. Double layout. Kind of crunchy on the landing.

Cohen (Ithaca): Double tuck. Good. Rudi, stag.

Schumaker (Brockport): Yurchenko tuck 1.5 with a pace forward.

Another hit for UWW on beam.

Yurchenko layout from Brockport. Large bound back. Galioto, I think

Beck (LAX): Blind, Jaeger, overshoot. Slipped on the low.

Keyes (RIC): Tsuk layout? Kind of piked.

Knetzke (UWW): Front toss, BHS. Good. Split 3/4. Cat leap, side Somi. Good. Gainer pike, stuck.

Lonski had a bit of a short Rudi to end her floor set. 9.525

Gates (RIC): Yurchenko pike. Good height. Small shuffle of the feet.

Strong set from Legault. Her stalders never get old.

A. Bailey (Ithaca): Front full, front half, back tuck. Rudi, stag jump.9.750

North (UWW): BHS LOSO. A stagger step but saved. Stretch, straddle 3/4. Cat leap, side Aerial. Wobble. Switch, straddle 1/4. Under position. Gainer pike. Stuck.

Brown (Stout): Toe hand, Maloney, overshoot. Fall. Looked like a toe up to high attempt.

Ithaca: Double tuck. Chest down some. Good amplitude on the leap. Front double full. Yes. So hard. Back 1.5 front pike. Kind of low.

Goble (UWW): BHS LOSO. Textbook. Switch, split 1/4. I think I saw a front Aerial out of the corner of my eye. Gainer pike dismount with a small step.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Back 1.5, front layout. Good. Rudi, a stagger out. 9.475

Merila (Gustavus): Back shoulder roll. Side Aerial, RO. Broken connection there. Switch leap, sissone. Switch leap, gainer pike, stuck. She’s so happy.

Kropiwiec (WSU): Back 1.5, front layout. Back on the heels some. Tour jete half, split full. Wolf 1.5. Double tuck. Good control there.

AFTER 4: La Crosse 144.500, Ithaca 144.300, Brockport 144.250, Whitewater 143.725, Oshkosh 97.075, Springfield 94.725,

La Crosse was added to the list of the top teams counting a mistake in that rotation. This competition is continuously getting better in all the worst ways. The pressure is on! Who will come out on top? Brockport left some tenths on the table on vault landings today. The team has one more chance to put some pressure on UWO and UWL. UWO will need to keep its foot on the gas on floor in the next rotation to fight off the surging Golden Eagles. Take note of Ithaca’s location in the standings. The Bombers are actively trying to blow up everyone’s expectations for this competition.

Rotation 5: Ithaca VT, Brockport BYE, Springfield UB, La Crosse BB, Whitewater BYE, Oshkosh FX

Nore (UWO): Rudi. nice. Front full, front lay.

Goodwin (Ithaca): Yurchenko piked in the air.

Jewett (Springfield): off on her release. She’s off again on an overshoot.

Opheim (LAX): Switch leap, double stag. Strong on the series. Side Aerial, back 1.5 dismount. Stuck. I cannot emphasize how hard that dismount is.

Gallivan (Ithaca): Yurchenko layout. Small step back. A little piked in the air.

Zepeda (LAX): Long stand before BHS LOSO. Large step back and a wobble. Switch, split full. Beat. Side Aeria, tuck full dismount. Stuck.

Springer (UWO): Front through to double pike. I’m in love. Missed the mat on the double tuck to finish, but she didn’t mind. Good set.

Strong Yurchenko half from Rachal for Ithaca.

Pauldon (Ithaca): A long wait… Yurchenko full. Just pulled around. Good for her!

Faust (LAX): Stutter step on her BHS LOSO. Split, split full. Good extension. small check. Side Aerial, back full. Good.

Buffington (UWO): Front double full. Squatty, but controlled. Good height on the leap. Front lay, front full. Some loss of control.

Pardon me. Ithaca is VAULTING.

LAX: BHS LOSO. Managed well. Side Aerial, split. Slow connection there. Beat, split 3/4. Stuck dismount.

Osborne (Springfield): Blind, Jaeger, overshoot. Nice and smooth. Swing half x2 toe front tuck dismount. Stuck.

DeLorme (Ursinus): The video was too zoomed in to see? Hate that.

Sawyer (UWO): Love a drumline music. Front through to double tuck. Short with a step to the side. Crazy right now. Indeed. Switch side, popa, wolf full. Legs too low on the wolf shape. Double pike. YES. 9.800

O’Connor (WSU): full on tuck off. Step back. Good vault.

LAX: BHS LOSO, medium wobble and leeeeeannnnn. Off on the front Aerial. Back in it. Switch leap, split half. Beat. Gainer pike. That will be the score to drop.

Sipes (Springfield): Toe hand, Maloney. Good. Overshoot, toe up. Some legs. Double layout. Knee down on the dismount. Good set until that dismount.

Grant (LAX): BHS LOSO. She’s off. I’m depressed. UWL will now count a fall. Switch leg side Aerial. Pike, straddle 1/2. Bobble there. Gainer pike with a step back. Give her the cape!

Huge double tuck from Olivia Keller on floor to finish her routine.

Adams (Cortland): Clear hip, Geinger, overshoot. A little choppy but worked with it. Swing half x2 to double tuck.

Jarvis (UWO): Double pike. Some loss of control. Tour jete half, wolf full. Front through to double tuck. Looked bouncy.

A judging council on beam.

Ferguson (Stout): Front toss, the hugest beat jump in history. BHS LOSO. Had it, but balance check of excitement. Split, pause. Split, split 3/4. Too many split positions now I think? RO back 1.5 dismount, squatty but stuck.

Stoltz (WSU): Did the music stop? Is that on purpose? Front lay, Rudi. Some leg crossing in the air. Side Aerial to a knee. Switch half, popa. Close to around but not quite. Back 1.5 to finish. 9.325

West (WSU): Front lay, Rudi. My ankle hurts. She rotated right up until the ground came. She managed it well, considering. Tour jete half, split full. Good. We’re getting loud again. Just in case anyone was wondering. Whip 1.5. Pretty low on the landing but her strong quads just save her.

The judges are waving off the event transition. Beam is not ready yet. There is a three way beam discussion occurring. Good thing, cause my feed just crashed…

Effie is going again? Front toss. Small check. BHS LOSO. So good. No movement. Split, Split 3/4. Good this time. Small check on the full turn. RO back 1.5 stuck. Not sure why she got to go again at the moment, she made the most of that opportunity. (Ferguson from Stout, to clarify.)


Man… La Crosse likely just took itself out of the meet with that rotation. The entire lineup did not look particularly confident or aggressive. Ithaca left everything it had out there on the floor tonight. No matter what the final result is after this, the Bombers should be incredibly proud of their showing today. Oshkosh put together another amazing rotation. Can they hold off Brockport just one more time? Let’s see.

Rotation 6: Oshkosh VT, Ithaca BYE, Brockport UB, Springfield BB, La Crosse BYE, Whitewater FX

Sargent (Brockport): Half pirouette, overshoot. toe to high. Almost casted over. Double layout stuck.

A loving embrace from Merila and the first UWW athlete.

Springfield. Large wobble on split, to turning jump connection. Beat, Sdie Aerial. Small cehck. Gainer pike dismount.

Buffington (UWO): FHS front pike. Large squat, stumbles then falls.

Welsh (UWW): Rudi, split jump. So nice and bouncy. Strong leap series. Front full, front pike. Large bounce. Rudi to finish.

Bushey (Brockport): Clear hip, Geinger to shoot. Double tuck dismount with a hop.

Medium step to the side on Lucero’s Yurchenko full.

Jackson (Brockport): Clear hip, shaposh, overshoot. Some legs on the shoot. Double tuck. Far out, but stuck.

Sawyer (UWO): Yurchenko half, pretty squatted on the landing with a step salute.

Mylin (UWW): Front double full. Nice lines. Back 1.5, front lay. Bounce out. Good extension on the leaps. Rudi, short with a bounce out.

Landed forward on Jarvis’ full on vault. UWO is leaving tenths on the table… I’m nervous

Gare (Brockport): Blind full, Geinger. Missed that one. Overshoot to sole circle. Blind full, double tuck bounce forward.

Gilot (UWO): Yurchenko half. VERY extended. Medium hop forward.

Sipes (Springfield): BHS LOSO. Split 3/4. Under position. Side Aerial back full. A little scary there.

McGinley UWW: Double pike. Nice. Front full, front lay. Some legs. Under position on the switch leap. Double tuck. Good and chest up.

West (WSU): Yurchenko layout. Mostly saw the back of Springer’s head, but seemed fine.

Rosier (Springfield): Switch leap, straddle jump. Pause before the connection. Front Aerial, bHS. Split, split 3/4. Side Aerial. Looked good. Looked away and she fell? Punch front full stuck.

Stuck FTDT on bars for Brockport.

Kollhoff (UWW): mistimed the punch on her first pass and sat it down. Double tuck. Chest down, controlled fine.

Brockport: Blind, Jaeger. Nice distance from the bar. Overshoot horizontal. Blind full, double tuck step, turn salute.

MacLeod (Springfield): Small check on the turn. Switch leap, wolf 3/4. Strong. Sharp arms. BHS…she fell. that was her series. Front toss by itself. Welp. Side Somi, tuck full dismount. Stuck. Good finish.

Brockport is getting some big bar scores…

North (UWW): Double back to start. A bound out of the connection pass. Looked like a fine routine. Not necessarily her best.

Keyes (RIC): Toe hand, overshoot, some legs. toe up to high. blind full, double tuck. stuck.

Gates (RIC): Swing half, overshoot. Some arching on the catch. Blind full, double tuck. Took that one out too far and took a large step forward off the mat.

Tucker (RIC): Double turn? Ok, ma’am. Front aerial, back tuck. arm wave check. Switch, switch. Beat, straddle full, large wobble.

OOB for the first pass during the last UWW routine.

Why are they playing sad songs? Stop it. YESTERDAY’S GONE. WE’VE GOTTA KEEP MOVING ON.

Merila (Gustavus): Rudi, split jump. One of her best EVER. Back 1.5, front layout, dance out. yes. Wolf 1.5. Not quite around with the legs. another wolf position. She didn’t quite hit it. So happy for her! Way to go out strong Brooke!

Rotation five and final results have not uploaded yet, but I will update you guys as I can. Might have to be during the awards.

Currently we’re honoring the Hall of Fame inductees from this year.

And now the academic all americans.

We still don’t have scores, but there is a dancing eagle head. I guess that’s all that matters.

We’ve transitioned to the Foot Loose part of this paid programming.

Final: UW-Oshkosh 194.100, Brockport 192.600, UW-La Crosse 192.575, Ithaca 192.325, UW-Whitewater 191.975, Springfield 186.700

First, I would like to personally apologize to all of our pre-meet predictions… Quite a few things went astray today, but that’s OK.

Second, it isn’t over until it’s over. UW-Oshkosh brought the heat from beginning to end, never letting up. The Titans left no room for mistakes from their competitors, setting their third program record of the season by nearly two points. The rest of the field had its shaky points with Brockport counting falls on beam and the rest of the West losing its footing as well. After its rocky start, Brockport did pick up the pace on the other three events, bars and floor being the most memorable. La Crosse started so strong but fizzled out as the meet went on, struggling in the last two events on the day. Whitewater had flashed of brilliance laced throughout its program but could never quite put an entire event together. Springfield had some uncharacteristic mistakes from key contributors, so it was unable to replicate the magic that qualified the team to nationals. However, Winter Osborne finally competed to her potential to take a portion of the bar title.

For the first time in three years, we have finally crowned a DIII champion, and oh does it feel good.

Here are a few things that just blew my mind today.

1) Olivia Keyes. She’s amazing. She’s only a freshman and came away with second in the all around with a 38.425. That is another program record, for those of us counting. And how could I forget about the other half of the dynamic duo, Kelsey Gates? She found her way onto the podium today as well. The future of Rhode Island gymnastics is so bright.

2) Mikala Bugge. For Bugge to come back in her sixth season after rupturing an Achilles tendon to win the vault title is just insane. Her vault was the most perfect I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad she was rightfully rewarded.

3) Ithaca!!! Talk about a performance! The Bombers just set a program record at the national championships! What an amazing day to rise to the occasion.

With that, I’ll say so long to Division III gymnastics for 2022. See you guys next year! I’m sure the ending will be just as sweet.

AA Winner: Emily North, 38.600

VT Winner: Mikala Bugge (Stout) and Kennedy O’Connor (WSU), 9.800

UB Winner: Kerrie Legault (UWL), Emily Buffington (UWO), Winter Osborne (Springfield), Bushey (Brockport), 9.800

BB Winner: Sarah Knetzke (UWW), 9.875

FX Winner: Kyra Figurelli (Brockport), 9.900

Outstanding senior: Alexis Castellaneta, Brockport

East Assistant Coach of the Year: Ithaca College, Springfield

East Administrator of the Year: Ithaca

West Assistant Coach of the Year: Robin Magee, UW-La Crosse

West Administrator of the Year: UW-Oshkosh

Coach of the Year: Monica Mesalles Nassi, Rhode Island

Thank you to Allison Freeman for her consultation on the introduction to this live blog and for her amazing coverage of Division III gymnastics all season! 

Live Blog by Tavia Smith

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  1. Travis! You are the very best!!!! Thank you for always having something positive to say and for bringing such light to your blogs!!!!!

  2. Autocorrect is not my friend – that was supposed to say Tavia – not Travis – but the message is the same!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to be able to share how fun gymnastics is while highlighting the athletes’ hard work!

      And no worries! You’d be surprised the number of times my name has autocorrected to Travis. haha.

  3. I wonder how long Monica Messales Nassi will be at RIC. She is wonderful for the program, but I don’t see her being at a D3 school for too long.

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