Alexis Jeffrey competes on the floor exercise.

BREAKING: Alexis Jeffrey Enters Transfer Portal

UCLA has confirmed to College Gym News that freshman and former elite Alexis Jeffrey is no longer a UCLA gymnast and has entered the transfer portal. Jeffrey’s social media states she is an LSU gymnast.

The former four-star recruit competed vault, bars and beam at Meet the Bruins, standing out especially on bars and beam. Jeffrey finished sixth in the all-around at level 10 nationals in the Senior F division in 2021.

CGN has reached out to LSU for comment.

This article will be updated if/when more information becomes available.

Article by Emily Minehart

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  1. So if an athlete enters the portal during a season or semester/quarter, do they continue to attend class for that semester/quarter?

  2. Derrian Gobourne’s mother reported on Facebook that Alexis Jeffrey used the N word several times in front of teammates. Jeffrey was approached by teammates about it and she refused to apologize. The complaint went above Waller’s head right to the AD. No disciplinary action taken and Jeffrey entered the transfer portal immediately then changed her social media to LSU gymnastics.

    UCLA gymnasts have unfollowed Jeffrey on social medias.

  3. Well… this situation has rapidly turned into a huge clust-… ***keeping it clean*** …(rhymes with “buster-truck”) for the Bruins.
    A very ugly situation. On many levels

    1. You are being overly dramatic about Chris Waller and UCLA “issues”.

      Year 1 they were the 3rd ranked behind Oklahoma and Florida before Covid ended the season and had potential to win NCAAs with Ross peaking.

      Year 2 they dealt with losing a large graduating class (Ross, Glenns, Kocian, Hano, Kramer) and didn’t get the incoming class expected due to Tokyo postponement and athletes deferring.

      Year 3 they had to deal with multiple Covid positive athletes and had to withdraw from their first meet. They also had Jeffrey decide to transfer last minute (she was in the line ups for VT/UB). They also dealt with the injury to Frazier in the first event. There were plenty of good moments for UCLA in their first meet. The freshman should be allowed a meet to make errors in their first NCAA showing. Only 11/24 routines in their meet against Minnesota and Iowa were returning routines from Regionals last year. So more than half their routines were new to the line up. No other NCAA team is in the same position, and several of them such as LSU lost ZERO routines from 2021 post season.

      I never understood why UCLA has constantly been held to a higher standard than all other NCAA teams. Especially considering the turn around at UCLA compared to LSU, Florida, and Oklahoma

      1. They accept mostly Olympic athletes. Heck yes they should be at these ‘higher’ standards you think they are held to.

        1. And those Olympic athletes should absolutely be allowed some leeway when adjusting to college life, especially coming off just competing last summer. Again, no other team had to replace as many gymnasts in the lineups as UCLA.
          Grace McCallum has two falls this season as well, despite doing the AA consistently for Utah.

          UCLA was great against Utah and improved dramatically.

          What do you have to say now?

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