A Q&A With GymChem, Creator of a New Fantasy Gymnastics Game for 2022

As we’re sure the gymternet is aware, College Fantasy Gymnastics will not be running this year due to a new arrival for its founder.

Twitter user @GymChem has stepped up and created a new game for 2022, and we checked in with her to get all the details you need to know ahead of season. Answers have been edited for clarity and length.

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College Gym News: How will drafting work, and what is the timeline for that? How many gymnasts will each player have on their team?
GymChem: We’re having 20 gymnasts per team, and drafts will be due on Dec. 31. Users will select their gymnasts from a dropdown, and each new selected gymnast will go to the bottom of the list (i.e. the user’s last pick will be at the bottom of their draft order). You can easily move the draft order around by dragging and dropping the gymnast card. In addition to the name and school logo, the card will show the gymnast’s 2021 NQS on each event if they competed enough to have one.
Users do have the option to create multiple drafts with a single account. For each draft they create, a team will be generated (i.e. if I have a freshman draft, a Team 1 and a Team 2, then I’ll have three teams in three different leagues). Users can reuse draft lists they make for other drafts (i.e. if I like my draft order for Team 1, I can easily import it to Team 2). Also, for users with limited time, they’ll have the option to import CGN’s expert draft lists (coming Tuesday!).
CGN: How will trading work? 
GC: Trading is waiver wire style. Users will submit their trades by Monday at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST) and trades will happen in reverse order (i.e. whoever traded most recently in the previous week gets the last available trade the next week, etc.). For the first week of trading, it’ll be based on the draft order (the person last in the draft order gets the first trade). Trading will happen Monday afternoons and will be in effect for the following week.
Weeks run from Friday to Thursday, so the gymnasts you get on Monday afternoons will be available starting Friday. We choose to do this due to complications in the past with users across different time zones and having to be awake at odd hours to get good trades and to make it more competitive.
CGN: What is the format for conferences?
GC: We’re looking to have leagues (conferences) with about 12 to 15 people. We are letting people choose to be in a custom league if they wish, so they can play with their friends. To join a custom conference, one conference leader will submit a list of all of the league members, and the size of that league is up to the members. If you don’t join a custom league you’ll randomly be assigned one.
CGN: What is the score format? 
GC: 10 up 5 count.
CGN: Will there be a postseason? How will that work? How will USAGs/regionals/nationals weeks be handled when not all 82 teams compete?
GC: We aren’t doing a postseason challenge across leagues since league sizes will vary, but we are doing a postseason bracket challenge for anyone interested (even if you didn’t join a league). The last week for fantasy gym will be regionals, and the final league results will be the average score with the two lowest scores dropped.
CGN: How much flexibility will players in private leagues have?
GC: The format is fairly standard for this season, with 20 gymnasts and 10 up 5 count formats. If the league wants to live draft on their own, they can do so and have each member enter their 20 gymnasts into their respective drafts to use those live drafted teams. 
CGN: What are you most proud of or the feature you’re most excited about?
GC: I’m most excited about users having the ability to import drafts and having multiple teams on one account!

Article by Emily Minehart

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  1. Please how will the draft work? Do we submit 20 to our team or do we add more for the draft in our league and the result will be 20 gymnasts?

    1. That would be a question for GymChem, the creator of this game (she set up a Discord where you can ask questions and chat with other players!), but we would suggest adding many more gymnasts to your draft than 20. We think something similar to the other game would be sufficient, so 150 or so. We don’t know if there’s a limit, but the more, the better! If you struggle with knowing who to put after a certain point, a number of expert drafts will be added for you to choose to use! You can select the expert draft then rearrange as you wish.

    1. Unfortunately drafts are closed for the year and teams have been released. However, there may still be some private leagues open that you could join. Otherwise, watch and make a note to play next year!

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