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Last Week in College Gym: Nov. 15

There’s a lot that happens on the gymternet each week. So much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. From training updates and COVID year announcements to recruiting rumors and coaching news, we don’t blame you for missing some important points here and there.

That’s where we come in. Last Week in College Gym is your one-stop shop for all the important headlines from the previous week in college gymnastics. No matter if you’re taking a social media break, went on vacation or just don’t have the capacity to follow every single gymnast, team and fan, we have you covered.

Other Newsworthy Items

  • Sunisa Lee earned her first perfect score on Dancing With The Stars on Nov. 8. Lee is also on the cover of PopSugar. In the feature article, she discusses her whirlwind experiences of winning Olympic Gold, beginning her freshman year of college and starring on Dancing With The Stars.
  • Auburn assistant coach Ashley Johnston was promoted associate head coach. Johnston is the team’s beam coach, choreographer and assists with recruiting. She is entering her fourth year with the program.

NIL Brand Deals

  • LSU sophomore Olivia Dunne has partnered with American Eagle.
  • LSU senior Reagan Campbell has partnered with athleticwear company AYBL
  • Florida senior Trinity Thomas has signed an NIL deal with Raymond Representation. Thomas is leading its new NIL division for women.
  • Florida senior Leah Clapper has designed her own board game. Clapper designed the game alongside her club coach. The game has two versions; one for playing at home and one that can be played at practice.
  • Oklahoma senior Olivia Trautman started a Cameo.
  • Iowa State senior Kelsey Boychuk partnered with Liquid IV.

Training Updates

  • Iowa senior Lauren Guerin is working a pike full-in on floor, an upgrade from the tuck full-in she has performed throughout her career. Guerin has been hunting for a perfect 10 on the event. Allie Gilchrist is training a side aerial back handspring beam series for her senior season with the Hawkeyes. Sophomore Adeline Kenlin is changing up her beam dismount; she’s working a very stickable side aerial to layout full for the Hawkeyes.
  • Michigan’s Gabby Wilson has a new Ray on bars for her junior campaign.
  • New Hampshire junior Kylie Gorgenyi is training a gainer tucked full on beam.
  • Arkansas freshman Leah Smith shared two E level skills at Arkansas’ last intrasquad. Smith has a double tuck dismount on beam and a piked full-in on floor. Sophomore Emma Kelley did not compete in her freshman season but has been training in the offseason with a  full-twisting double layout on bars, tumbling on floor and a full-twisting Yurchenko. Freshman Makenzie Sedlacek and Kalyxta Gamiao are training a full-twisting double tucks on floor. 
  • Kentucky Sophomore Krista Zultevicz missed her freshman year with a torn Achilles. Zultevicz is training a Rudi on floor and a back handspring layout stepout on beam. Sophomore Hailey Davis is training a double tuck on floor.
  • Georgia freshman Riley Milbrandt is working a blind change to straddled Jaeger on bars. Sophomore Nhyla Bryant is training a back handspring + layout stepout on beam. 
  • Missouri junior Hollyn Patrick is training a full-twisting double layout dismount on bars. 
  • Denver assistant coach Dave Kuzara posted this clip of the team’s Yurchenko fulls. In a second clip, he revealed that the Pioneers have eight vaulters ready to provide depth beyond expected 10.0 starts from Lynnzee Brown, Rylie Mundell and Emily Glynn. Sophomore Rosie Casali displayed a back handspring + layout stepout layout step-out series and a double twist dismount in recent beam training.
  • Iowa State posted a nearly complete beam routine from freshman Marina Gonzalez. Skills include a double wolf turn immediately followed by a single wolf turn, a switch leap to split jump and a front aerial to back handspring acro combination. Freshman Hannah Loyim is training a double layout on floor.

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