Dream Routine Construction for Future NCAA Gymnasts Based on Olympic Routines

The Tokyo Olympians, who are set to join the NCAA once the Games are over, perform some rare and difficult skills that we would love to see in college. So today we’re dreaming about potential college routine constructions based on these gymnasts’ most unique elements.

Sunisa Lee

College: Auburn
Event: bars

Lee said a couple of months ago that she hopes to compete her Nabieva in college, and we couldn’t endorse her wish more strongly. We would love to see her perform a Nabieva to Pak salto, a Van Leeuwen and a full-in dismount. She would be the first gymnast to ever perform a Nabieva in the NCAA.

Brooklyn Moors

College: UCLA
Event: floor

We would do anything to see Moors compete her Podkopayeva at UCLA. That skill and her expressive choreography would make her routine truly unique, as well as an instant fan favorite.

Amelie Morgan

College: Utah
Event: bars

Morgan performs a lot of gorgeous skills on bars, but we would love her to select the most unique ones to construct her college routine. How about a Maloney to Bhardwaj and a toe-on front tuck half-out dismount? The NCAA desperately needs an unusual bar routine construction like this.


Jade Carey

College: Oregon State
Event: floor

With MyKayla Skinner’s announcement that she will not return to Utah for her senior year, the NCAA is in need of a new stellar tumbler on floor. Carey is our candidate. We would love to see her open her routine with a Silivas or even, why not, a Moors.

Jordan Chiles

College: UCLA
Event: vault 

Chiles’ Yurchenko double twist is a thing of beauty, and we would love to see it at UCLA. The Bruins will also love to have it in the lineup after struggling to fill it with 10.0 start-value vaults this past year. 

Grace McCallum

College: Utah
Event: beam

Utah currently has two gymnasts performing a side aerial to layout stepout series on beam. With incoming freshmen McCallum and Kara Eaker, it could have four—and guess what, we would love to see it. Utah’s beam lineup next year could be on another level. 

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua 

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