Data Deep Dive: Most Anticipated Level 10 Freshmen on Floor

The most anticipated series is back! We looked at the data for each incoming level 10 freshman on each event to see which gymnasts are at the top of their class across the apparatuses and in the all around. This week we’re looking at the top 10 floor routines for 2022. 

We’ve ranked every single level 10 gymnast from the Class of 2021 by a modified average score. To calculate this, we took scores from the last three level 10 seasons (beginning in November 2018), dropped the single highest score and any scores that are extremely low (like ones that you’d expect from balks or injuries mid-routine, not falls) and averaged the rest. We didn’t include athletes with fewer than six scores on a certain event over the past three years.

The top 10 you’ll see in these lists are the top 10 in the country by modified average, no exceptions. The honorable mentions are a little more subjective: They’re usually athletes who ranked quite high, but they also have something a little special that makes them stand out.

If you’re wondering where Leanne Wong and Jordan Chiles are, don’t worry! We’ll be reprising our Most Anticipated Elite Freshmen series later in the summer.

  1. Rachel Wilke, Iowa State (9.6096 modified average, 9.875 high score)

Iowa State has very strong tumblers on its team, including stars Andrea Maldonado, Maddie Diab and Addy de Jesus. Wilke has the potential to join them deep in the lineup. While we couldn’t find any full routine videos outside of a paywall, she does have clips of a double layout and a piked full-in on her YouTube channel.

Watch her routine

  1. Alex Theodorou, Arizona State (9.6132 modified average, 9.850 high score)

Theodorou is a powerful gymnast who gets plenty of height on everything she does on this event, from her opening tucked full-in and leaps to her closing double tuck. She should immediately find herself deep in the ASU lineup.

T-7. Lilly Hudson, Alabama (9.6188 modified average, 9.775 high score)

Hudson’s execution is stunning, even on more difficult elements like her front double twist. Floor was Alabama’s weakest event in 2021, so she will add needed depth to an already talented lineup.

T-7. Ella Cesario, California (9.6188 modified average, 9.800 high score)

Cal finished sixth in the nation on floor in 2021 and returns its entire lineup, but Cesario’s routine will be a tempting addition with her piked full-in and fun dance style that’ll fit in well in the NCAA.

  1. Danielle Sievers, Oklahoma (9.6403 modified average, 9.950 high score)

Oklahoma is known for clean execution on floor, and Sievers will fit in well. She keeps her toes pointed on all her tumbling passes, and she has beautiful extension on her leaps. She will score very well in college. An older routine is available on YouTube.

Watch her routine

  1. Leah Smith, Arkansas (9.6609 modified average, 10.000 high score)

Smith was one of the breakout stars of the 2021 level 10 season, and her floor routine is one of the big reasons why. She gets enormous height on all her passes, including her piked full-in to open. Arkansas was ranked third in the country on floor last season, but she should have no trouble making the lineup.

  1. Sloane Blakely, Florida (9.6625 modified average, 9.900 high score)

As a former elite, Blakely has many options for tumbling passes, as seen in the below routine. In level 10 she competed a double Arabian as her opening pass, even sticking it cold at nationals, so we suspect that’ll be her opening pass in NCAA as well. Her leaps are excellent, too, with plenty of height and good split positions.

  1. Jacey Vore, Michigan (9.6792 modified average, 9.850 high score)

Vore doesn’t compete any E passes in her level 10 routine, but the execution is clean and will score well in the NCAA. She is coming back from an injury, though, so we may not see her on this event right away. However, Michigan will be happy to have her, as floor was its weakest event in 2021.

  1. Amari Celestine, Missouri (9.7194 modified average, 9.900 high score)

Celestine’s tumbling is high and powerful without sacrificing control on the landings. She should be in the back half of Missouri’s floor lineup from the start.

  1. Skyla Schulte, Michigan State (9.7278 modified average, 9.925 high score)

Schulte opens with a dynamic tucked full-in and finishes with a front tuck through to a double back. Both passes are performed well, but she also excels in her leaps, particularly her straddle jumps. She will be an instant star for the Spartans.

Honorable Mentions

Frankie Price, Arkansas (9.5694 modified average, 9.825 high score)

Moorea Linker, Oklahoma (9.5676 modified average, 9.800 high score)

Lindsay Bacheler, Maryland (9.5654 modified average, 9.750 high score)

Makenzie Sedlacek, Arkansas (9.5333 modified average, 9.875 high score)

Anna Leigh, West Virginia (9.5306 modified average, 9.850 high score)

Tori Tatum, LSU (9.5083 modified average, 9.750 high score)

Gabrielle Clark, Utah State (9.4986 modified average, 9.875 high score)

Lauren Rutherford, N.C. State (9.4797 modified average, 9.775 high score)

Megan Ray, UC Davis (9.4475 modified average, 9.650 high score)

Abigael Vides, Michigan (9.4292 modified average, 9.875 high score)

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Article by Jenna King

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