Data Deep Dive: Most Anticipated Level 10 Freshmen on Beam

The most anticipated series is back! We looked at the data for each incoming level 10 freshman on each event to see which gymnasts are at the top of their class across the apparatuses and in the all around. This week we’re looking at the top 10 beam routines for 2022. 

We’ve ranked every single level 10 gymnast from the Class of 2021 by a modified average score. To calculate this, we took scores from the last three level 10 seasons (beginning in November 2018), dropped the single highest score and any scores that are extremely low (like ones that you’d expect from balks or injuries mid-routine, not falls) and averaged the rest. We didn’t include athletes with fewer than six scores on a certain event over the past three years.

The top 10 you’ll see in these lists are the top 10 in the country by modified average, no exceptions. The honorable mentions are a little more subjective: They’re usually athletes who ranked quite high, but they also have something a little special that makes them stand out.

If you’re wondering where Kara Eaker and Morgan Hurd are, don’t worry! We’ll be reprising our Most Anticipated Elite Freshmen series later in the summer.

  1. Brenna Neault, Stanford (9.4525 modified average, 9.725 high score)

Neault didn’t compete in 2021, but she was very consistent in her previous two seasons with only one fall on beam. She competed a very difficult routine in level 10, including a triple series, two dance elements in a ring position and a double tuck dismount. She will likely downgrade in college to emphasize form over difficulty, but her potential is very high.

  1. Lali Dekanoidze, North Carolina (9.4583 modified average, 9.775 high score)

Dekanoidze’s routine features a solid back handspring to layout step-out, a switch leap to switch leap dance series and a double twist dismount. She’s extremely consistent in both her form and her scores, with no falls since early 2019. She will surely join Elizabeth Culton at the end of UNC’s beam lineup from the start.

  1. Mallory Marcheli, Arizona State (9.4611 modified average, 9.675 high score)

Recent videos of Marcheli are difficult to find. The one we were able to locate showed a well-controlled candle mount, a double wolf turn, a side aerial to back handspring and a roundoff to back 1.5 dismount. While there are some minor form issues on some elements, her routine is college ready and should immediately contribute at Arizona State.

Watch her routine.

  1. Erika Penamante, Iowa (9.4614 modified average, 9.775 high score)

Penamante has beautiful extension and toe point throughout her beam routine, reminiscent of other recent Legacy Elite alumnae Andi Li and Ellie Lazzari, but she did not compete her senior season, presumably due to injury. Beam was Iowa’s lowest-ranked event in 2021, so she will be a welcome addition to the lineup if healthy.

  1. Alysen Fears, Arizona (9.4676 modified average, 9.725 high score)

While the below video includes a fall, it’s clear that Fears has many attributes that will score well in college: poise, toe point, extension and excellent form. This was her only fall in the last two seasons, so we’re willing to call it a fluke!

  1. Kalyxta Gamiao, Arkansas (9.480 modified average, 9.700 high score)

The highlights of Gamiao’s routine include a dynamic layout step-out to layout step-out series, as well as a beautiful switch leap to split full combination. Arkansas returns most of its beam lineup from 2021, but Gamiao should definitely be in the mix for a spot.

  1. Genevieve Sabado-Baez, Air Force (9.4972 modified average, 9.825 high score)

Sabado-Baez is probably unfamiliar to most casual gymnastics fans, but she won’t be for long. Her beam routine features plenty of difficulty with a triple series and a front aerial to arabesque, but she also brings gorgeous oversplit on her leaps and a stylish flow to her entire routine. Did we mention she hasn’t had a fall since 2018? She will be a star at Air Force.

Watch her routine

  1. Lilly Hudson, Alabama (9.5150 modified average, 9.800 high score)

Hudson has a little bit of everything in her routine: a triple series, a switch leap to switch leap combo, a switch half and a side aerial. She has a confident style during the routine and excellent toe point. Alabama has plenty of depth on beam, but she will likely be featured from the start.

  1. Skyla Schulte, Michigan State (9.5319 modified average, 9.875 high score)

Schulte brings some unique elements to her beam routine, including a switch split jump and a standing back pike. She is poised and confident throughout the routine and has beautiful extension on her leaps. She’ll be a strong contender for the anchor position at MSU.

  1. Sloane Blakely, Florida (9.6333 modified average, 9.900 high score)

Florida’s incoming class is well-known for its big-name elites, but don’t forget about Blakely, a former elite herself who dropped down to level 10 for her senior season. Her execution on beam is clean, and she has great extension on her leaps. As the only athlete in the class of 2021 to score a 9.900 on the event, she’s sure to make a huge impact in college despite joining the top-ranked beam squad in the nation, which happens to be returning the entire 2021 lineup.

Honorable Mentions

Mina Margraf, BYU (9.3917 modified average, 9.550 high score)

Tory Vetter, Ohio State (9.3671 modified average, 9.750 high score)

Madelyn Williams, California (9.3656 modified average, 9.675 high score)

Sage Thompson, Utah (9.3235 modified average, 9.700 high score)

Alexis Jeffrey, UCLA (9.320 modified average, 9.675 high score)

Ella Chemotti, Eastern Michigan (9.3024 modified average, 9.775 high score)

Laura Soltis, West Virginia (9.2724 modified average, 9.750 high score)

Alex Theodorou, Arizona State (9.2583 modified average, 9.800 high score)

Stephanie Macasu, Towson (9.2375 modified average, 9.850 high score)

Ayzhia Hall, Nebraska (9.1054 modified average, 9.800 high score)

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Article by Jenna King

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