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Leotard Rankings: Tavia’s Top 15 Leotards of All Time

Having ranked our top 10 leos for all the big four conference teams last offseason, as well as some other popular schools (let us know if we haven’t ranked a team you want to see!), it’s time to look at each individual editor’s top 15 leotards of all time—limited to one leo per school. Next up is our MIC and WIAC assistant editor Tavia!

Making a list of my top 15 leotards of all time forced me to make 15 of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Historically, I’m very picky when it comes to leotards, but I’m a sucker for ombre, lots of bling and strappy backs (within reason). I firmly believe that any bad day can be fixed with a little sparkle! Don’t judge me for the amount of high neck leotards that made it into my top 15. I know they’re uncomfortable, but they’re just so pretty! It can’t be helped.

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Article by Tavia Smith

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