Routines We Wish Would Go Viral

We love that gymnastics has been getting so much attention outside the gymternet this season. From Nia Dennis to Margzetta Frazier, UCLA has really cornered the market on virality. It’s a combination of recognizable music and dance, a message, BJ Das’ choreography and UCLA SID Liza David’s mastery of Twitter. It has been truly impressive to watch, and it got us thinking: What other routines out there do we wish the rest of the world would fall in love with as well? Let us know on Twitter if we missed any of your favorites!

Sekai Wright (UCLA)

Let’s start off with one more from UCLA. Wright’s Backstreet Boys/’NSync routine is the perfect ’90s child mashup, and her gymnastics is mesmerizing. Her attention to the small details makes Das’ choreography shine through, and the routine is a joy to watch. 

Lynnzee Brown (Denver)

Brown is an absolute star for the Pioneers. She has been perfect, or nearly so, so many times with this engaging set. From the sky high double layout to the expertly performed leaps, this routine is always stunning. And when she gets to the dance break? What a party.

Alyssa Perez-Lugones (Georgia)

This routine is possibly one of the most well-executed and fun routines of the 2021 season, and in our opinion has not been getting NEARLY enough attention. Perez-Lugones is so sharp in her movement, and the dance is just so stylistically perfect that we can’t tear our eyes away. 

Lauren Guerin (Iowa)

Of all the routines on this list, this is the one that we’ve probably yelled “Give her the 10, you cowards!” at our screens the most. Guerin is an absolutely stunning tumbler and a straight-up force for the Hawkeyes. We are thanking our lucky stars that we have (at least) one more year to enjoy her genius work on floor. 

Claire Gagliardi (Ohio State)

PAC-MAN floor routine? PAC-MAN floor routine. From the very start all the way through to the end, Gagliardi breaks the mold of what an NCAA gymnastics floor routine should look like with her aimless running choreography and video game miming. The rumor is she’s playing head coach Meredith Paulicivic in the game during her routine, and we don’t know about you, but we think she wins.

Jordan Matthews (BYU)

BYU is known for its fun and playful floor routines, and Matthews’ routine definitely fits the bill with its Napoleon Dynamite theme. You can’t but smile while watching her comedic choreography and facial expressions, and her tumbling isn’t half bad either.

Natalie Wojcik (Michigan)

A viral bar routine? It’s happened before, and we’d love to see Wojcik’s in the spotlight next. Her Deltchev is simply unreal. We gasp every time, even though we know it’s coming.

Kendall Whitman (George Washington)

All we have to say is three E-pass floor routine. Yeah, we know most non-gym fans may not realize just how difficult that is, but Whitman’s routine deserves some credit either way. We can’t wait to see what she can accomplish next season, with 2021 being sort of a wash thanks to COVID.

Haleigh Bryant (LSU)

Have you ever seen a more perfect, dynamic and high-flying vault? We’ve watched this video approximately 10,000 times and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Abby Fletcher (Kent State)

Fletcher has been a floor sensation for Kent State throughout her career on the heels of her huge double layout. Her Taylor Swift music is a blast; what better routine to go viral than one featuring the album of the year? Not to mention that teammate Nasha Manitkul-Davis choreographed the set. Fletcher just missed qualifying this routine to nationals on a tie break. 

Reese McClure (Maryland)

McClure is a delight from the moment she steps onto the floor. She performs this ’90s hip hop number with such joy that you just can’t help but smile along.

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Article by the Emily Minehart and Kalley Leer

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  1. Nice variety, but I have to add the stunning floor routine of Cal’s Milan Clausi. It is elegant and her musicality is phenomenal.

  2. If Lauren Guerin was in a uniform that said OU, Michigan, LSU, UCLA, (or pretty much any school in the SEC,) she would have multiple 10s. NCAA Gymnastics judges, look at the uniform first and the routine second. The bias that judges show for some schools and against others is an issue that has been going on for years. It is systemic within NCAA gymnastics. Put two identical routines together side by side and if the girl is the right leo then she will get the higher score. Every. Single.Time.

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