LIVE BLOG: No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 23 Iowa State

After encountering some of the lowest scores in a decade early this season, Oklahoma has been on an upswing. The team’s current NQS is tied at No.1 with Florida, but the Sooners have the advantage of competing this week while the Gators are on a bye. Oklahoma has returned Carly Woodard and Olivia Trautman to lineups, which will play a key role in the postseason. The Sooners competed twice last week, and Anastasia Webb had standout performances on all four events reaching perfection on beam and a 9.975 on vault and bars. Audrey Davis was absent from bars on Sunday, but the break could have been for rest or precautionary purposes. It’s something to keep an eye out for today. 

Oklahoma is entering this meet with confidence, but Iowa State has also come alive in its last two meets. The Cyclones are celebrating senior night and will be honoring Andrea Maldonado, Ariana Orrego, Natalia Ros Vaquer and Sophia Steinmeyer for their final home meet. The biggest question mark for the team will be beam as they have been inconsistent throughout the course of the season. These teams will face off again next week at the Big 12 championship. 

Its crazy that its already the last day of regular season competition for D1 gymnastics. Oklahoma will look to end the season on a much higher note than they started on while Iowa State desperately needs to  figure out its consistency issues on beam for post-season success.


Ariana Orrego, Sophia Steinmeyer and Andrea Maldonado all plan on taking a COVID-19 year and will return to the Cyclones next season.

It looks like Audrey Davis is out for Oklahoma this afternoon.

Rotation 1: Iowa State VT,  Oklahoma UB

Turner (ISU): FTY, Nice block off the table. Small pike-down and hop on landing. 9.775

Audrey Davis was injured in warmups for Oklahoma.

Trautman (OU): maloney, leg separation, Pak salto, slight leg separation, great handstands, dlo, stuck landing. 9.875

Hong (ISU): FTY, hop back on landing. 9.8

LeVasseur (OU): Mounts low bar, very short on handstand, maloney, leg separation, to bail handstand, has to muscle up on all her handstands, dlo dismount, stuck landing. 9.85

Boychuk (ISU): FTY, nice vault in the air just a hop back. 9.775

Draper (OU): blind half to piked jaeger, good, gorgeous handstand, pak salto, leg separation, double front dismount, step forward.  9.875

Steinmeyer (ISU): Y1.5 Does not get her typical height off the table and takes a large step forward on the landing. 9.8

Webb (OU): Pak Salto, short on handstand, Maloney half, blind half to double front half, stuck landing. 9.925

Maxwell (ISU): Y 1.5. Fantastic vault with a stuck landing. The judges may get her on her squat in the landing. 9.925

R. Smith (OU): Ray to Pak Salto, good, beautiful final handstand, dlo dismount, stuck. 9.875

De Jesus (ISU): Y1.5, small hop forward and some soft knees in the air. 9.875

Thomas (OU): blind change to straddle Jaeger, nicely done, tad short on handstand, good bail handstand, dlo dismount, gorgeous form, squats down but gets the stick. 9.9

The Cyclones have a really nice vault rotation and even played it safe tonight. The team is capable of putting six 10.0 start values up, but we have yet to see it this season. Oklahoma may have gotten a few gifts with the scores early-on in the lineup. The team was good, but had some issues executing handstands. In saying that, five out of six athletes stuck the landing which will give them a leg-up on other teams as post-season approaches. Makayla Maxwell’s stuck 10.000 vault was the highlight of the rotation for Iowa State.

AFTER ONE:  Oklahoma 49.450, Iowa State 49.175

Rotation 2: Oklahoma VT,  Iowa State UB

LaPinta (OU): FTY, piked down. 9.75

Langkamp (ISU): Blind change to piked Jaeger, short on handstand, bail handstand, saves it with a large arch, DLO, small shuffle on landing. 9.725

Stern (OU): Y1.5, nice distance but takes a large step forward. 9.85

Maxwell (ISU): Blind change to straddled Jaeger, good, short on high-bar handstand, bail handstand, well-done, DLO, hop back. 9.8

LeVasseur (OU): Y1.5, good amplitude off the table. Small hop. 9.9

Basuel (ISU): Blind change to a massive straddled Jaeger, bail handstand, nicely done, Blind full to double tuck, stuck landing. 9.725

Webb (OU): Y1.5, hop forward on landing. 9.9

Horowitz (ISU): Blind change to straddled Jaeger, nicely done, short on her handstands, Bail handstand, DLO, stuck with hip bend. 9.85

Schoepfer (OU): Tucked Y1.5, large hop forward. 9.85

Vella-Wright (ISU): Maloney, small leg sep, to Pak Salto, gorgeous,  Van Leeuwen, FTDT, hop forward. 9.85

Trautman (OU): Y1.5, hop forward. 9.85

De Jesus (ISU): Short on first handstand, step-out to Ray. Bail, short on final handstand, DLO, small hop. 9.9

Not either teams best rotation on their respective events, however they both had highlights and escaped disasters. Oklahoma’s stuck landings on bars did not carry over to the vault, which is where the majority of deductions were taken from. Iowa State was not able to capitalize on handstands and landings to match prior meet rotation scores.

AFTER TWO : Oklahoma 98.800, Iowa State 98.300

Rotation 3: Iowa State BB, Oklahoma FX

Steinmeyer (ISU): Front toss to beat, good, Bhs loso, small balance check,  Switch leap to straddle quarter, lacks flexibility, full turn, RO 1.5, stuck. 9.825

Draper (OU): Double Pike, uncontrolled step back, Front full to front full, good, switch full popa, nicely done, whip half to rudi, piked down. 9.775

Turner (ISU): bhs Bhs loso, good, switch leap to straddle 1/4, lacks flexibility, full turn, gainer pike, hop forward. 9.825

Schoepfer (OU): Double Tuck, great, Back 1.5 to front lay, nicely done, Ring Leap, ends with a  Double Pike. nice routine for Evy. 9.875

Boychuk (ISU): Bhs bhs loso, Side sumi, good, lacks flexibility on leaps, Gainer full dismount, hop forward. 9.75

Johnson (OU): Front lay to rudi, Double tuck, hop back with a low chest, switch half, short of full split, to wolf full. 9.775

De Jesus (ISU): Bhs loso, solid, Straddle to sheep jump, good, Cat leap to side aerial, nicely done, Cartwheel double twist, stuck. Great set for De Jesus after Friday’s routine! Career High 9.925

Judges conference currently going on for Bell Johnson’s floor routine.

LaPinta (OU): Triple twist, messy form but gets it around for a solid landing,  Front full to front lay, large arch and step forward, lacks flexibility on her leaps, double tuck, short of rotation. Takes a step forward with her chest down. 9.775

Semple (ISU): Bhs loso, soft knees, small balance check, Cat leap to switch half to beat, solid, Switch leap to split jump, gorgeous Side aerial to full, may have taken a small step. 9.775

Deniz (OU): Whip to 2.5 twist, large uncontrolled step forward, lacks flexibility on her leaps, fhs to rudi to split jump, gorgeous. 9.875

Horowitz (ISU): Nice Full turn, Bhs loso, completely off and falls. Remounts beam, cat leap to switch side to beat, good, front toss, large wobble with a hip bend, gainer full, stuck. 8.95

Fortunately for Iowa State they had five hits beforehand, so they will avoid counting a fall tonight.

Webb (OU): I love her performance quality on this event, Front double full, good, RO 1.5 to front full, nicely done,  lacks rotation and flexibility on her leaps,    front 1.5 to jump, well done. 9.95

Iowa State made it through beam without having to count a fall which is a huge win for the Cyclones. The team has been inconsistent on the apparatus and needed a hit rotation for a confidence booster heading into postseason. Addy De Jesus had a career best score. Oklahoma had a decent floor rotation, but will need more controlled landings to keep-up with the other top teams.

AFTER THREE : Oklahoma 148.800, Iowa State 147.400

Rotation 4: Oklahoma BB, Iowa State FX

Dunn (OU): bhs loso loso, falls off, she remounts beam, split jump to switch half, solid, gainer full, step back. 8.800

On second look it seems like she just didn’t have the hight to get the second loso around.

Langkamp (ISU): Whip to double tuck, large uncontrolled step back. Her tumbling rotation may be some of the fastest in the NCAA. Switch full, lacks flexibility, Front lay to front half to split jump, double tuck, short and takes a step forward with a low chest. 9.775

Schoepfer (OU): bhs loso, good, side aerial to split leap, split leap, ro 1.5, step back. 9.825

Boychuk (ISU): Double pike, slight bounce, Back 1.5 to front lay, gorgeous, Switch half to Popa, double tuck, did not open up out of it and had to take multiple steps back. Went oob as well. 9.625

Woodard (OU): side aeriel bhs, solid, front toss to beat, good, nice leap series, stunning scale, side aerial to full, low chest and small step forward. 9.8

Steinmeyer (ISU): Fhs double twist, gorgeous, Popa, beautiful flexibility, 1.5 to front lay, double pike. Really get controlled landings. Her best routine of the season. 9.825

R. Smith (OU): Bhs loso, good, front aerial, nicely done, straddle half to Korbut, gorgeous, gainer full, small hop back. 9.875

Diab (ISU): fhs double full to front lay, nicely done, solid leap pass,  Front lay to front full to sptag jump, well-done,  Fhs rudi to loso, gorgeous. 9.9

Another judge conference on Ragan Smith’s beam score.

Thomas (OU): side somi, small check, bhs loso, good, switch leap to switch leap to split jump, nicely done, side aerial full, stuck. 9.95 

Andrea Maldonado (ISU): front double full to double tuck, fantastic, rudi, large step back, gorgeous leap pass, double pike, stuck. Such a fun and fabulous routine from Andrea. 9.925

Webb (OU):  Full turn, bhs loso, nicely done, cat leap to front aerial, good, switch split to switch split, balance check, side aerial full, hop back. 9.875

De Jesus (ISU): double tuck, good, RO 1.5 ro front loso, gorgeous, Popa, great double pike to finish. 9.9

Iowa State will be satisfied with its finish to the regular season. The Cyclones recorded a season-best score of a 196.825 to end on a high note. Iowa State will be able to take this meet as a boost of confidence heading into conference championship and regionals. The Cyclones were led by stellar routines from Addy De Jesus, Makayla Maxwell and Andrea Maldonado. Oklahoma was able to overcome a lead-off fall on beam and hit pressure sets. The Sooners will need to clean-up some landings and execution before nationals arrive. Audrey Davis’ injury is a question mark right now, but her vault, bars and beam routines are main contributors for the Sooners.

Final: Oklahoma 197.475, Iowa State 196.825

AA Winner: Anastasia Webb – 39.650

VT Winner: Makayla Maxwell – 9.925

UB Winner: Anastasia Webb – 9.925

BB Winner:  Karrie Thomas – 9.950

FX Winner:  Anastasia Webb – 9.950

Live blog by Katie Walsh

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