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LIVE BLOG: No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 48 George Washington and William & Mary at No. 26 N.C. State

With the loss of an impactful senior class and several injuries to key gymnasts, the Sooners have been up and down all season long. After two straight meets of counting a fall, Oklahoma seems to have found its footing again with two strong performances. Obviously, the Sooners are the favorites here, but if they count falls again, it could be a close meet.

George Washington finally opened its season last week, and while the final score was not what the Colonials wanted, there were some stellar performances. Freshman Kendall Whitman started off her college career with a bang, tying the school record with a three E-pass floor routine. Junior Deja Chambliss also started her season out strong with a 9.900 on floor and a 9.875 on vault.

N.C. State has also had an up and down season. The Wolfpack has had its fair share of struggles, particularly on beam, but its bars and floor lineups look strong. Keep an eye out for a pair of sophomores—Emily Shepard and Chloe Negrete—who have both scores of 9.9-plus on multiple events.

William & Mary finally opens its season but is a bit of an unknown at this point. Over half of its routines from 2020 are gone, with the graduation of a big senior class as well as Brianna Greenlow transferring to North Carolina. It will be depending a lot on its underclassmen who don’t have much competitive experience. Senior Katie Waldman is still expected to be a star for the Tribe, and you’ll also want to keep your eye on Grace Costello, a freshman who should shine this year, especially on floor.

Rotation 1

N.C. State: Vault, George Washington: Bars, William & Mary: Beam, Oklahoma: Floor

Campbell (W&M): good bhs losom, woble on laps, fall on front toss, small step on dismount – 8.525

Draper (OU): good front lat to front full, goof front full to rudi to close – 9.825

Jordan (NCSU): short on y full and takes a large step forward – 9.625

Warhol (GW): tuning in halfway through, good gienger, hop on FTDLO – 9.7

Diaz (NCSU): big y full with a large step back – 9.775

Gordon (W&M): slight wobble on leap series, step on dismount – 9.45

Benson (NCSU): tucked omelianchik with a small hop forward – 9.8

Shoepfer (OU): good 1.5 to front lay, good double back to close – 9.875

Shepard: big stuck y full – 9.9

Chambliss (GW): good bail, small hop on double tuck dismount – 9.8

With the quad feed, we’re tuning into some of these routines halfway through

Waldman (W&M): fall on triple series, good front toss, stuck dismount – 9.25

LaPinta (OU): her usual triple full, good front full to front lay, slide back on double tuck – 9.9

Wiley (W&M): good bhs loso – some form issues, good slip quarter, fall on front toss, tiny step on dismount – 9.050

Bell (OU): OOB on rudi, good double back, leap series is good – 9.7

Costello (W&M): good bhs loso – no wobble, solid full turn, leap series is solid, great punch front, small ho on dismount – ok, hello! – 9.675

Deniz (OU): whip to double full – looks like she was intending another half turn, good rudi to split jump – 9.575

Carpenter (W&M): good full turn, check on bhs loso, wobble on leap series, falls, step on dismount – 9.025

Schaefer (W&M): exh – good bhs loso – slight wobble, good full turn, good side aerial to split leap, slightly short on 180 on leap, step on dismount. That should be in the lineup

Webb (OU): beautiful front double full to open, almost OOB on 1.5 to front full but stays in, good leap series, good rudi to close – 9.925

After 1: Oklahoma: 49.225, N.C. State: 48.950, George Washington: 48.700, William & Mary: 46.450

Rough beam from William & Mary, but Costello had a great routine following those falls. She’s going to be a star for them. Great rotation from the other three teams! George Washington fixed its bars problems from last week.

Rotation 2

N.C. State: Bars, George Washington: Beam, William & Mary: Floor, Oklahoma: Vault

Stern (OU): stuck y full! – 9.9

Jordan (NCSU): good tkatchev, good pak, stucki-sh DLO – 9.8

Shaeffer (W&M): double pike – slightly short, stuck front lay to front full, last pass solid – 9.625

LeVasseur (OU): small hop on y 1.5 – 9.875

Zona (GW): good bhs loso, stuck dismount – 8.9 – missed the fall

Diaz (NCSU): good jaeger, good bail, small step on dismount – 9.775

Webb – y 1.5 with a large step forward – 9.875

Schoepfer (OU): tucked y 1.5 with a hop forward – 9.85

Campbell (W&M): good front double full, good 1.5 to front lay, good rudi to close – 9.65

Davis (OU): – stuck y full – 9.85

Cox (NCSU): great tkatchev, good hs on bail, stuck DLO! – 9.875

Gordon (W&M): small slide back on rudi, missed what the second pass was but looks like she hit, slightly off on final pass – 9.55

Whitman (GW): wobble on series, great leaps, solid full turn, hop on dismount – 9.55

Shepard (NCSU):  tuning into the end – stuck FTDT – 9.875

Robinson (NCSU) – great jaeger and pak, small hop on dismount – 9.8

Silverman (GW): missed beginning, but she hit her series and stuck her dismount – 9.6

Costello (W&M): good double pike to open, leaps are good, great 1.5 to front lay, and a solid rudi to close – 9.725

Another fall on beam from GW – I think Karpova

Looks like Lauren Kent exhibitioned bars. Saw her stick her DLO. SHE LIVES!

Waldman (W&M): great rudi to split jump, good double pike, beautiful leap series, good double full to close – 9.775

Shek (GW): Don’t know if this is an exhibition or what, good leap series, wobble on full turn, good bhs loso, great side aerial, small step on dismount – 9.7

Carpenter (W&M): good front full through to double back, leaps look good, good double pike to close – 9.675

Brownstein? (W&M): exh, chest down on double pike, good rudi, leaps look good, falls on her last pass

After 2: Oklahoma: 98.675, N.C. State: 98.075, George Washington: 96.425, William & Mary: 94.950

George Washington had a bit of a rough one there on beam again. Great rotations from Oklahoma and NC State, and William & Mary had a solid floor rotation!

Rotation 3

N.C. State: Beam, George Washington: Floor, William & Mary: Vault, Oklahoma: Bars

Nelson (NCSU): good front aerial to bhs – missed the rest but a small step on dismount – 9.775

Thomas (OU): good jaeger, stuck DLO! – 9.825

Campbell (W&M): clean y layout with a step back – 9.6

LeVasseur (OU): good maloney to bail, stuck DLO – 9.9

Foland (NCSU): good front aerial to bhs loso, good side aerial, stuck dismount – 9.725

Waldman (W&M): slightly short full on back tuck – 9.75

Warhol (GW): good 1.5 to front layout – little bouncy, good double back – 9.725

Shepard (NCSU): good leg up fill tun, beautiful laps, great bhs loso- she’s had trouble with that, beautiful side aerial, stuck dismount! – 9.775

Webb (OU): tuning into the end and we see her fall on her double front – 9.225

Crasa (GW): little short on front tuck through to double pike, good 1.5 to front lay, leaps are good, good double back to close – might have gone oob but I couldn’t’ tell – 9.75

Cox (NCSU): solid bhs loso, good leap series, beautiful side aerial to beat jump, stuck gainer full – 9.675

Tuned in halfway though Davis’ bars, but looks like she hit

Negrete (NCSU): good full turn, good bhs lso series, good leap series, good straddle half, small hop on dismount – 9.8

Karpova (GW): great 1.5 to front lay, solid double back – missed the end – 9.125

Whitman (GW): OOB on double front, great front double full to front lay, beautiful leaps, good front double full to close – 9.675

Webb (NCSU): good full turn, great bhs lso, good front aerial, leaps are good, stuck double twist dismount – 9.775

? (GW): exh – good 1.5 to front lay, falls on double back, leaps are good

Raymond (GW): exh – good double back to open, squatty landing on 1.5 to front full, leaps are good

After 3: Oklahoma: 147.925, N.C. State: 146.925, George Washington: 145.025, William & Mary: 143.275

Oklahoma had that weird fall from Webb again, but a great rotation other than that. Great beam rotation from NC State. Beam has been its weakest event, so nice to see a hit rotation. William & Mary doesn’t have the vault difficulty, but all their vaults are clean in the air. George Washington had a lot of little things go wrong there, but glad to see they have a good bit of depth. No Chambliss, but she’s on the sidelines and looks fine. She did bars, so probably just resting.

Rotation 4

N.C. State: Floor, George Washington: Vault, William & Mary: Bars, Oklahoma: Beam

Dunn (OU): great triple series, good full turn, stuck dismount – 9.85

Jordan (NCSU): tuning in halfway – good front lay to front full, good rudi to close – 9.8

Warhol (GW): good y half – 9.75

Shoepfer (OU): great bhs loso, good side aerial to some leaps, stuck 1.5 dismount – 9.85

Norman (GW): knee down on y full – 9.2

Benson (NCSU): great double pike to open, beautiful position on leaps, good 1.5 to front lay, good double back to close – 9.775

Deniz (OU): good side aerial to bhs series, good front aerial, stuck dismount – 9.9

Shek (GW): y full with a bit of a chest down – 9.75

Davis (OU): good full turn, beautiful bhs loso, beautiful side aerial, leaps are great, stuck dismount – 9.925

Cox (NCSU): good front lay to rudi to open, good front double full to front lay, good 1.5 to front lay – 9.775

Thomas (OU): good side somi, great bhs loso, leaps look great, stuck dismount – 9.925

N. Webb (NCSU): chest down on double pike, good 1.5 to front pike to close – I missed the 2nd pass – 9.85

A. Webb (OU): good full turn, slight wobble on bhs loso, soldi front aerial, leaps are great, nearly stuck dismount – 9.9

Shepard (NCSU): great double pike to open, beautiful leaps, beautiful front lay to front full, good double back to close – 9.9

Negrete (NCSU): great double pike to open, leaps look great, great front full to front layout, great double back to close – 9.825

William & Mary struggling on bars. Their last person is going and looks like she’s had a couple of falls already. So far counting at least two scores in the 8’s

Final: Oklahoma: 197.475, N.C. State: 196.075, George Washington: 193.600, William & Mary: 189.400

Great beam rotation from Oklahoma and great floor from NC State! George Washington needs to clean up things a bit on vault, and not having Chambliss doesn’t help, but they improved on their performance from last week. William & Mary had a pretty good score through three, but that bars rotation will cost them.

Event Winners:
Vault: Shepard, Stern: 9.900
Bars: LeVasseur: 9.900
Beam: Thomas 9.950
Floor: Webb 9.925
All around: Shepard: 39.450

Live Blog by Mary Emma Burton

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