LIVE BLOG: No. 25 Maryland at No. 43 Rutgers

Hopefully the Maryland Terrapins enjoyed their trip to Piscataway last weekend because this week they are back, back, back again. This time, it’s a duel meet. Maryland was right up there with Illinois last week but ultimately finished second after counting a few 9.500-range scores. But there’s plenty of potential.

With star sophomore Hannah Joyner out for unknown reasons and senior Toni Williams sidelined with an apparent ankle injury, Rutgers had to get a little creative with lineups, and the result was pretty rough. The biggest factor for Rutgers is whether Joyner will return, but we’re also watching to see if freshman Calah Newman will be back in the all around. She had a good showing with the exception of a bars meltdown, so it will be interesting to see if she returns there this week.

On a personal note, Maryland at Rutgers was the first meet I ever live blogged in person. So this is always a fun matchup to return to.

Okay so not sure who this Statler and Waldorf-esque duo commentating the meet is, but they just opened with a discussion of NQS that concluded with one of them saying “I’m pretty sure that’s how that works.” 😑 Name another sport where this would be acceptable. Please, I dare you.

Not sure if Umme’s bob is new, but she rocks it.

We have confirmation that Hannah Joyner will be back for Rutgers; unsure on which events yet, but a positive sign for the Scarlet Knights.

Rotation 1: Rutgers VT / Maryland UB

Zanella (Rutgers): We open the meet with a Y layout and a step forward. 9.350

Tsiknias (Maryland): Short on the last handstand winding into a gorgeous stuck double layout. 9.875

Raby (Rutgers): Yfull, looks off on the table, underrotated with super messy legs in the air, hop back. 9.175 oooooop.

LeBlanc (Maryland): Pretty bail, slightly short last handstand, double tuck small hop back. 9.750

“2 for 2 is a really good start for this meet.” I guess he’s not wrong.

Balser (Rutgers): Another kinda messy full but a better landing than Raby’s. 9.525

Weir (Maryland): Falls on her Gienger. Ya spoke too soon, Statler. And BTN+ was like “okay that’s all we needed of that” because we immediately cut away. 8.825

BTW, Weir is in for Sanya Glauber who “tweaked her hip” in practice this week.

Newman (Rutgers): Decent yfull, some legs in the air. At least they’re getting progressively better. 9.625

Judges are conferencing Weir’s bars.

DeBarberie (Maryland): Bail, DLO looks like she has the landing but hesitates and crunches forward onto her knees. O_o 8.950

Huang (Rutgers): Chest a little down but easily the best yfull of the bunch thus far, small hop. 9.725

Silberman (Maryland): Slightly wonky on the Gienger, DLO tiny tiny hop back, good way to get back on track. 9.800

Joyner (Rutgers): Yfull pretty nice, good height off the table tiny hop back. 9.800. Yeah they’ll be glad to have her back.

Barber (Maryland): Pretty handstands, huge DLO stuck. Mask goes immediately on, Audrey BEEN Barber! 9.900

After 1: Maryland 48.275 / Rutgers 48.025

We knew the Scarlet Knights’ vault lineup isn’t the most secure, but Maryland’s bars misses were a little more of a surprise.

Rotation 2: Rutgers UB / Maryland VT

Drauss (Rutgers): Short first handstand, big Jaeger, Pak with some legs but nice extension, lots of distance on the double back, hop back. 9.725

McClure (Maryland): Big VT with a super tiny hop back. 9.750

I like when the commentators say “we’re waiting on the score” and I see it right on the stats screen in front of me. It’s a power trip.

Newman (Rutgers): A fall for the second week in a row as her Tkatchev just goes so far beyond the bar, didn’t have a chance. Good handstands though. Double tuck big step back. 8.625

Silberman (Maryland): Y full on tuck off, step back chest a little down. 9.700

Huang (Rutgers): Some legs on the bail, Tkatchev a bit close but catches it, nearly holds the stick on the double back but I think has a small step. 9.675

Gilbert (Maryland): Yhalf, step forward. 9.625

Daniels (Rutgers): She is going up in place of Karolewski. Nice full pirouette, falls on her between the bars release. :/ step back on the DLO. Interesting.

Burgess (Maryland): Hops back on the Yfull but good in the air. 9.775

Balser (Rutgers): Good height on the Jaeger, Pak some weird leg separation, short last handstand, tight DLO and a step back. “Really had it going at one point” okay shade? 9.675

Barber (Maryland): Huge yfull. 9.750

Joyner (Rutgers): Nice Jaeger and handstands and sticks the full-in. Rutgers looks like a new team with her back. 9.875 nearly getting to her career high of 9.900

Rubio (Maryland): Really strong vault, small step back. 9.850

After 2: Maryland 97.100 / Rutgers 95.975

Rutgers must count a fall, which is unfortunate because the commentator highlighted the fact that Umme “didn’t want to count a fall.” I mean yes, water is wet, but not an ideal outcome regardless. Maryland turned it around on vault and continues to bring a dynamic lineup.

Rotation 3: Rutgers BB / Maryland FX

Ferguson (Rutgers): BHS LOSO a little hesitation but saves it. One handed BHS back to 1.5 small step. 9.775

Tsiknias (Maryland): Rudi to LOSO, love her dance, leaps looked good, front full strong opening. 9.700

Newman (Rutgers): Front toss and falls, not her day. Might have been a big understatement because BHS to layout and falls again, that’s ballsy to even attempt that after a fall. She looks shook. 😢 Sticks the gainer full dismount. 8.450

Rubio (Maryland): Gigantic double pike. Back 1.5 to front lay, a little wonky but gets it onto her feet. Wow I loved her music until it went into this Camilla Cabello song :/ Double tuck chest down. 9.725 seems low.

Doherty-Herwitz (Rutgers): Front aerial to one leg big hesitation before going into the side aerial. Switch full and just doesn’t come close to 180. Gainer full stuck. 9.725

Silberman (Maryland): Aw she has an Aviici routine, love this song. Rudi to BHS lovely. Great extension and height on the leaps. Front full to front lay.

Zanella (Rutgers): 9.725

Rouse (Maryland): Double pike great landing. Switch full to straddle, good. Love this music as well. STUCK double tuck. 9.900 wow.

Joyner (Rutgers): BHS LOSO misses footing and falls, how uncharacteristic. RU will count a fall on at least two events now. Sticks back full. 9.125

Burgess (Maryland): Glorious triple full. OMG MEGATRON NICKI MINAJ YES B. Sticky feet today with that perfect front full to front lay. 9.775. Also a little low.

Huang (Rutgers): Side aerial to front aerial perfect, nice floaty routine so far. Sadly another janky switch full, tries to hold stick on back full but can’t quite. A good one tho. 9.800

Barber (Maryland): Back 1.5 to front pike. Really strong routine but my wifi cut off midway through. 9.825

LeBlanc EXH for Maryland is partially Kyla Ross’s 2019 music.

After 3: Maryland 146.100 / Rutgers 144.125

Maryland showing out its top 10 floor lineup. The Big Ten is really killing it on that event this season. Rutgers has some shining moments on beam but not enough to redeem a fall.

Rotation 4: Rutgers FX / Maryland BB

Burgess (Maryland): Switch leap to switch half really nice extension. Side somi slight hesitation, gainer full steps to the side. Decent leadoff.

Balser (Rutgers): Double tuck decent control. Switch ring to switch full, second part of that not quite extended, front lay to front full. Front Rudi to end. 9.650

Weir (Maryland): Back LOSO REALLY good save. Sticks the back 1.5. 9.725

Daniels (Rutgers): Love this music! Double tuck chest slightly down. Switch full to wolf full leap, really good height. Rudi with some janky legs but lands it okay. Back 1.5 to front lay. 9.450. Hmmm.

Rouse (Maryland): BHS LOSO slight hesitation. Back full tiny controlled hop forward. A very confident day for her. 9.775

Wood (Rutgers): Rudi to LOSO, very Mollie Korth-esque. 9.675

Silberman (Maryland): Switch leap to BHS big check but saves it. BHS LOSO perfect. Sticks landing. 9.650

Newman (Rutgers): Let’s see how she does after the beam falls. Double pike and double tuck in quick succession, perfectly controlled. Nice redemptive performance. 9.675

McClure (Maryland): Missed because wifi issues. I’m sorry. 9.625

Joyner (Rutgers): 9.775

Barber (Maryland): BHS LOSO perfectly controlled. Front toss to beat jump looked like she could miss but saved it. Switch to split jump, gorgeous. Back 1.5 and a stick. That should be big. 9.875

Huang (Rutgers): I love her 2019/2020 routine so much and I think this one might be better. Her usual front double full and Rudi to LOSO. Front 1.5. Her and Joyner are the best one-two punch. Five-six punch? Perhaps. 9.8500

FINAL: Maryland 194.925 / Rutgers 192.750

An unfortunate regression for Maryland. Rutgers has some confidence issues to get through, but Joyner’s return is a supremely important step.

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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