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Last Week in College Gym: August 17

There’s a lot that happens on the gymternet each week. So much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. From training updates and COVID news to recruiting rumors and coaching announcements, we don’t blame you for missing some important points here and there.

But that’s where we come in. Last Week in College Gym is your one-stop shop for all the important headlines from the previous week in college gymnastics. No matter if you’re taking a social media break, went on vacation or just don’t have the capacity to follow every single gymnast, team and fan, we have you covered.

Top Storylines

Racism in Collegiate Gymnastics Hits ESPN

After countless important accounts of racism from gymnasts across all levels of our sport, ESPN has produced a lengthy and significant look at the situation. The piece is centered on Tia Kiaku’s experience at Alabama and includes the accusations against Florida, Auburn and Nebraska, as well as Alexis Brown’s activism. It is a must-read.

Big Ten Postpones Fall Sports; Michigan Pauses All Official Practices

The Big Ten announced it would indefinitely postpone all fall athletics due to COVID-19, with the hopes of competing in the spring. Michigan went further, announcing it was postponing all official athletic activities, including practices for winter and spring sports. Unofficial practices are still permitted.

Pac-12 Postpones All Sport Competition Until January 1

The Pac-12 has postponed all fall sports and those winter sports that begin before the New Year; basketball programs are affected, but gymnastics—which always begins competition after the New Year—is just barely not.

Other Newsworthy Items

Training Updates

  • Illinois’ Mia Takekawa posted a side aerial back handspring layout stepout series on her Instagram Story. The sophomore, who notched the Illini’s first 10.0 in program history in 2020, competed the series without the layout last year.
  • Linda Zivat continues to show strong progress returning from her foot injury last year, including big E passes. The Michigan State sophomore posted videos of a piked full-in, tucked full-in, double layout and a triple series on beam on her private Instagram.
  • Incoming Illini Kaitlyn Ewald is working a front handspring pike half (10.0 start value) and a full-in bar dismount (E). 

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  1. No one on this board has mentioned that Bailey Ferrer had her scholarship pulled at Auburn.
    Her mother posted that someone made an “unethical” decision in regard to her daughter being able to do NCAA gymnastics. As a result, Bailey retired, gave up her Auburn apartment, and is going back to LSU to finish her academics.

    So who at Auburn ended up saying no to Bailey? Rumors swirling message boards are that Auburn doctors did not clear her medically to compete based on her struggles with mental health and an eating disorder that she stated she has recovered from. Allegedly, Bailey and Mom are upset that she didn’t get to compete and think it is unfair and “unethical”, which is what her mother posted to social media. Mom was extremely vague, so it does seem like sour grapes. Any information?

    1. Hi there, This website actually isn’t a discussion board but rather a news site. Therefore, we don’t typically report on gossip or rumors unless there are facts to back them up. If/when we know more information, we’ll be sure to report on it. Thanks for reading!

      1. Thanks!
        I was just wondering why it wasn’t even mentioned that Bailey Ferrer announced her retirement and won’t be competing at Auburn. That is big news in the NCAA world, IMO and factual as Ferrer and her mother both posted the news to social media.

        I was curious if anyone here had any additional information on the situation.
        I am sure it will all come out eventually. Thanks for the reply.

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