Recruit Files: Izzy Hilliard, LIU

Name: Izzy Hilliard
Club: Leatherhead & Dorking, England
High School Graduation Year: 2020

Commitment Announcement: Instagram
Social Handles: Twitter | Instagram


Vault Uneven Bars Balance Beam Floor Exercise
2018 British Teams Meet 2019 English Championships 2019 English Championships 2019 British Championships

About Izzy

There is not much available information about Hilliard. What we do know is that she is a member of the English national team. She competed at the English championships and the British championships, and has had some international experience, too. She competed at the Salamunov Memorial in Slovenia in 2018.

What She Brings to LIU


  • Skill: Yurchenko full
  • Results: –
  • Margin of Improvement: She could work on her block, as she pikes down quite significantly on the landing.
  • Impact on the Team: It is hard to predict how the LIU vault lineup will look in 2021. Hilliard’s Yurchenko full is not one of the stronger ones, but head coach Randy Lane will be happy to have her.

Uneven Bars

  • Skills: Pak salto, full pirouette, double pike dismount
  • Results: –
  • Margin of Improvement: Hilliard’s handstands are pretty good, but she has small form issues throughout her routines, most notably a leg separation on her Pak salto. Moreover, as it stands, her routine would not start from a 10.0 in the NCAA, probably the result of an injury last year. She is training a Gienger, though, as well as a blind + forward toe 1/2 + double pike dismount, which would make it more competitive.
  • Impact on the Team: Hilliard has potential on bars but Lane will want to rework her routine composition before she makes her debut.

Balance Beam

  • Skills: BHS + LOSO, side somi, front aerial, side aerial, 1.5 twist dismount
  • Results: –
  • Margin of Improvement: She has some knee bend on her acrobatic elements and she looks a bit tentative throughout her routine. She has potential, though.
  • Impact on the Team: The LIU roster looks very strong on beam, and it will be difficult for Hilliard to break into the top six. However, she could be assigned some exhibition routines to start with.

Floor Exercise

  • Skills: double pike, 1.5 twist to front tuck somersault, double twist, wolf turn
  • Results: –
  • Margin of Improvement: She could absorb her landings a bit better but her form is good. However, her routine would be more competitive if she upgraded one of her tumbling passes. She is training both a 2.5 twist and a triple twist. They both look solid.
  • Impact on the Team: Lane will hope to have more difficult routines to use in the lineup but Hilliard has a lot of potential here. She could lead off the team in the future.

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua

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