LIVE BLOG: No. 21 Southern Utah at No. 34 Boise State

Thursday night gymnastics, anyone?

Tonight we get an exciting MRGC match up between Southern Utah and Boise State. This is the second week in a row that these two are competing against each other. Last Friday, Southern Utah had the edge over Boise State by a score of 196.000-195.000. In a meet where both teams counted falls, the Thunderbirds had the better day overall.

Consistency is the name of the game for both teams. Each has had their struggled with consistency this season, which makes this meet all the more exciting. Boise State got off to a rough start and even since returning to a full lineup of six on bars has struggled to completely hit a meet. Southern Utah has hit as high as 197.225 this season but has had a tendency to hit the 195s more often than a team of its caliber should.

Boise State is finally putting up full lineups on every event and is improving since its rough start. Bars has typically been the highlight, but even its bar squad has struggled at times. Emily Muhlenhaupt stands out for the Broncos, especially on bars, and freshman Adriana Popp is beginning to find her footing in the college scene.

Southern Utah has the pieces to be successful. Last week it shook up its lineups for senior night, giving regulars a chance to rest and seniors a chance to compete at home one last time. Vault has emerged as a surprising strong point for the Thunderbirds, while bars has arguably been its best event. Shylen Murakami continues to impress for the Thunderbirds on bars and Hannah Nipp has really come into her own this season as well.

Here’s live stats and a link to the stream.

Boise State lineups:

Rotation 1: BSU VT, SUU UB

Otuafi (BSU): half, some leg sep, stuck. 9.825

Nipp (SUU): pretty straddled jaeger; bail, some leg sep, dlo, stuck. Great start! 9.775

Nilson (BSU): yfull, clean entry, small step back. Good. 9.725

Murakami (SUU): high, pretty straddled jaeger to bail; get next hs, ftdt, tiniest of steps. Love her bars, all the pretty. 9.85

Masiado (BSU): yfull, clean and good distance, small hop. 9.8

McClain (SUU): good first hs; gienger, leg sep and she’s off. little too far away. starts again with a good hs to solid bail, slightly short of vertical. dlo, small hop. puts the pressure on the rest of this lineup. 8.875

Bouza (BSU): yfull, clean, good height but could have more distance, hop in place. 9.85

Rosza-Thompson (SUU): great first hs, good toe point, pretty straddled jaeger to bail, nice next hs, she’s so tall so she has pretty lines, double tuck small step. That’s what they needed to get back on track. 9.775

Bruden (BSU): full, clean, small hop but slightly piked down. 9.875

In relevant but irrelevant news, Boise has gone from the stick horseshoe last season to a stick HAMMER.

Tervort (SUU): good first hs, such a pretty gienger; weird fall on her bail; dlo, small hop. now SUU will be counting a fall though…9.15

S. Smith (BSU): yfull, good distance, flared and stuck. Great. 9.875

C. Kho (SUU): kchs, some arch; Maloney to pak good; good next hs; ftdt, small step. 9.75

AFTER 1: BSU 49.225, SUU 48.300

Well, that wasn’t how SUU wanted to start its meet. The first two routines were the highlights, but the Thunderbirds didn’t have the best back half of the lineup. Boise State, meanwhile, had a great vault rotation. Landings were pretty dialed in and this vault squad likely hit at the higher end of what its capable of.

Rotation 2: SUU VT, BSU UB

Tervort (SUU): yfull, flared, hop in place, some leg sep. 9.875

Bouza (BSU): good first hs; tkachev, fine; bail good; dlo, hop back. Good leadoff. 9.75

R. Smith (SUU): camera missed half of it; ro full on tuck, good. small hop. 9.8

Bruden (BSU): hs slightly short, straddled jaeger, some knees, bail hs good; good next hs; dlo, stuck. solid. 9.875

C. Kho (SUU): yfull, maybe some pike but good. small step. 9.8

Masiado (BSU): hs, good; straddled tkatchev, looked off but good; good pak; stuck double tuck. I don’t love her rhythm, but it’s a hit. 9.825

Alfaro (SUU): yfull, hop back. 9.775

Nilson (BSU): good first hs; pretty tkatchev; bail hs, good; dlo, small hop. 9.8

McClain (SUU): yfull, some knees and pike, but stuck with slightly low chest. 9.775

Muhlenhaupt (BSU): good first hs; straddled jaeger to bail, gorg; good next hs; DLO, stuck. LOVE her bars. So pretty. 9.95

Ma. McBride (SUU): yfull, tiniest of entry leg sep, small hop. Good overall. 9.825

Stokes (BSU): Shap to bail, solid, tiny leg sep; good hs; dlo, almost stuck but takes a step back. 9.85

AFTER 2: BSU 98.525, SUU 97.375

That’s the bars we’re used to from Boise State. Great rotation from them, from start to finish. Southern Utah rebounded on vault, but the Thunderbirds have done better vaults this season. The landings just weren’t quite there.

Rotation 3: BSU BB, SUU FX

Bouza (BSU): bhs loso, pretty; cat leap front toss, slightly off but covers well; switch split, good, nice and extended; front aerial small check beat jump; gainer pike stuck. A leadoff hit. 9.825

Loomis (SUU): nice and high double pike, well condoled; switch side Popa straddle half (I think), very pretty and extended; lay lay half, good; double tuck, slightly short and hop to the side. leadoff hit. 9.75

Popp (BSU): good front aerial; switch half, big check and hit break; bhs bhs lo, another big check with foot up; cat leap switch side, good; 1.5, hop forward. Not her best. 9.625

Jozwiakowski (SUU): front double full to punch front, good; solid leaps; triple twist, gorg; another pretty leap pass. Good! 9.85

Elkabchi (BSU): very calm demeanor; bhs loso, good; beat jump side aerial, secure; switch straddle 1/4, would have liked a quicker connection; barani, check with leg the tiniest bit up; 1.5 stuck. Not bad. 9.775

Nipp (SUU): double pike, lovely; commentators are gushing over how it’s almost open; front full to lay, not oob but pushed it, good landing; pretty leaps; double tuck stuck cold. great routine for her! 9.875

Masiado (BSU): L turn, could have had a check but has good awareness and doesn’t; bash loso, good; switch switch half beat jump good; aerial tuck full stuck. 9.8

McClain (SUU): double pike, good; back 1.5 to lay, nice; switch half popa good; double tuck, great form and height, stuck. Another good routine for SUU. 9.925

Amado (BSU): bhs bhs lo, small check; leaps good but could be more extended; standalone front aerial. I love front aerials, but that trend can die. ro 1.5, some knee form but stuck. 9.875

Ma. McBride (SUU): good double pike to open; front lay lay full, good control; tour jete 1/2 Popa, good; closing double tuck, maybe slightly short but not bad at all. 9.85

Stokes (BSU): bhs loso, secure; pike jump slow connection split 3/4 little short split-wise; front aerial bent knee to split, again slightly short of 180; leap that I missed, check; full turn, small check; gainer pike, stuck. 9.825

C. Kho (SUU): big tucked full in, a little short and step forward; think I just missed her leaps; lay lay full, good, some leg form; good double pike. 9.8

AFTER 3: BSU 147.625, SUU 146.675

That’s the beam that’s been alluding Boise State for awhile. One miscue, but five hits is a great step forward for the Broncos. Southern Utah’s floor was also great. Lots of highlights there and they’re putting that first rotation behind them well.

Rotation 4: SUU BB, BSU FX

DeFilippo (SUU): hi I still don’t understand why she is in this lineup. Off on her punch front. bhs loso, small check; good leaps; front full stuck. Oh, SUU. 9.050

Masiado (BSU): double pike to open, good; solid leaps; lay lay full, good; fhs rudi, large lunge. 9.825

R. Smith (SUU): THEY DIDN’T EVEN SHOW HER RO LOSO. RUDE. ok rant over. routine has been solid so far. couple tiny checks. ro 1.5 stuck. Way to get them back on track. 9.85

Nilson (BSU): fhs rudi, slides back a tad in lunge; switch side to what I’m assuming was supposed to be a Popa, not good rotation; 1.5 to lay, archy lay; double pike, good. 9.825

Murakami (SUU): bhs loso bhs, gorgeous! split sheep, really good extension and shapes. side aerial tuck full tinyyyy step. 9.85

Anddddd delay for mat taping.

Aww yay, we get an LIU shoutout! *insert all the heart emojis*

S. Smith (BSU): ok here we go. huge double pike, pretty good control; ro 1.5 to lay, good; fine leaps, doesn’t quite reach 180; double tuck, slightly short and step forward. Another hit. 9.8

Nipp (SUU): front aerial, check; bhs loso, check; 95% sure she usually connects those. split split 3/4, solid; gainer full stuck. Good for the most part, and a needed hit for SUU. 9.875

Amado (BSU): opening double tuck, solid; good leaps; some air guitar action; ro 1.5 to lay, some knees but good landing; double pike, good job harnessing that power. 9.925

McClain (SUU): bhs loso, arm wave; switch side, good; side aerial, secure; ro 1.5 stuck. Great routine for her. 9.85

Bruden (BSU): solid, controlled double pike; ro 1.5 to lay, good landing, some pike; double tuck, little bit of an uncontrolled lunge. That’s 5 hits, and it’s looking like a good team score for the Broncos. 9.9

Jorgensen (SUU): switch straddle 1/4, good extension and pretty secure; punch front, good; bhs loso, she looked so good and she’s off. SUU counting a fall. another good leap series; stuck gainer full. 9.2

Popp (BSU): double pike, good, large ish lunge; solid extension on leaps; whip to 2.5, good; double tuck, deep landing and overrotated with a step back. 9.825

Hernandez (SUU) exh: front aerial pause split, pretty; beat double stag, small check; bhs loso, very pretty and secure; side aerial tuck full, step. Good. Put her in, coach!

Elkbachi (BSU) exh: back 2.5, some form, good landing; ro 1.5 to lay, solid; double pike, looked short but pulls it around.

FINAL: BSU 196.925, SUU 195.300

Not SUU’s best meet. There’s lots of room for improvement. And see what I mean about consistency? Meanwhile Boise State had a good meet and arguably the meet it’s been waiting for. Definitely some home scoring at play, but it was a great meet nonetheless. Both teams can now drop 194-range scores in their NQSs, which they’ll certainly be happy about.

Event Winners: 
VT: Bruden, S. Smith, Tervort 9.875
UB: Muhlenhaupt 9.950
BB: Amado, Nipp 9.875
FX: Amado, McClain 9.925
AA: Masiado 39.250

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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