LIVE BLOG: No. 35 New Hampshire at No. 41 North Carolina

Who’s ready for some Monday gymnastics? Tonight we get New Hampshire and UNC, a deviation from the typical Pac-12 Monday night meets.

I don’t know what I’m more excited for: the gymnastics, a Monday meet at a time I can actually watch or Christina Chauvernet commentary.

New Hampshire has steadily increased its score each week and nearly hit 196 last week. Freshman Kylie Gorgenyi did the all around at that meet for the first time in her collegiate career. The Wildcats shine on beam, where Alyssa Worthington has come into her own and Rylie Freehling has been a steady contributor.

North Carolina has had an inconsistent season, not helped by the loss of freshman Hallie Thompson. Bars has been a struggle for the Tar Heels, with freshman Elizabeth Culton being the exception. Khazia Hislop leads the way on three events, but watch for Mikayla Robinson on vault and floor as well.

This is the second of two meetings of these teams this weekend. On Saturday at N.C. State, UNC posted its second best score of the season at 194.600. The Tar Heels posted season bests on vault and floor, led by Khazia Hislop’s 9.925 and 9.95, respectively. Bars still wasn’t stellar for UNC, but it was one of its better rotations of the season and it only counted one fall. New Hampshire also had a hit meet, but it wasn’t its best meet. Still, it posted a season high on vault. Freshmen Kylie Gorgenyi (UNH) and Elizabeth Culton (UNC) tied in the all around; watch for them as they compete again tonight.

Live stats are here and the stream can be found here.

Rotation 1: UNC vault, UNH bars

struggling to get a feed up and running, but Jenna’s got me covered with some updates.

Culton VT: they didn’t show it on camera but it was a Y-full
Hampford UB: blind change to straddle Jaeger to bail, bail was maybe a little low. Can’t see handstands very well. Full pirouette to double back with a hop back.

Allen VT: Y-half with a small hop forward, pretty nice in the air. it didn’t get a lot of distance

Watkins UB: blind change to straddle Jaeger, a little short on next handstand and again on the last one. DLO with leg separation and some pike down but stuck.
Summery VT: Y-full with some pike down and a hop back. leg sep on block.
Freehling UB: blind change to piked Jaeger, short on next handstand. bail to handstand a little short but well controlled. DLO with a hop back, closed hips in the air but good otherwise.
Aldridge VT: a lot of leg separation on the block but really good in the air otherwise, lots of distance. fairly large hop back.
Lui UB: Maloney with some leg separation. again with the leg separation on the bail but good handstand. something funky going on in her pirouette and then lots of cowboying on the double back dismount with a large hop forward.
Robinson VT: great Y-full, maybe some slight pike down and a small hop back.
Cratchwell UB: pike Jaeger to a bail, some form issues. really short on last handstand. DLO piked with hop forward.
Hislop VT: usual yfull with a hop back. 9.85
Gorgenyi UB: maloney with leg separation but good bail handstand after. full pirouette to double back with a hop in place. 9.875
AFTER 1: UNC 49.150, UNH 48.900
Hopefully I can get a stream up and running, but from what I’ve been told it was a solid start for both teams.

Rotation 2: UNH VT, UNC UB

Freehling VT: Y-full, pretty nice in the air but lower amplitude and a hop back
Williams UB: straddled Jaeger with low amplitude, short handstand after, good bail. arched handstand on the high bar before a nice DLO, stuck. 
Summery UB: short on first handstand. blind change to straddled Jaeger with flexed feet. a little short on the bail to handstand. late on the full pirouette but good double back, stuck.
Calandra VT: y-full that we didn’t see on the stream
Nam UB: blind change to straddled Jaeger, good bail. short on last handstand and on full pirouette. double back with a small hop. some form issues throughout routine.
Kelley VT: good y-full, not a ton of amplitude or distance with a step back

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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