Weekly Conference Awards: Week 10

Conferences will be added as awards are announced throughout the week.

Big Ten

Gymnast and Freshman of the Week: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan
Specialist of the Week: Paige Williams, Minnesota

Big Ten MAG

Gymnast of the Week: Shane Wiskus, Minnesota
Freshman of the Week: Stewart Brown, Iowa

Big 12

Gymnast of the Week: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma
Specialist of the Week: Carly Woodard, Oklahoma; Emily Glynn, Denver
Newcomer of the Week: Karrie Thomas, Oklahoma; Alexis Vasquez, Denver


Gymnast of the Week: Drew Grantham, N.C. State
Specialist of the Week: Khazia Hislop, North Carolina; Alexa Phillips, N.C. State
Rookie of the Week: Hailey Lui, New Hampshire; Emerson Hurst, Towson


Gymnast of the Week: Jade Buford, Yale
Specialist of the Week: India Anderson, Temple
Rookie of the Week: Ariana Castrance, Temple
Coaches’ Choice: Rose Hoffman, Pennsylvania


Gymnast of the Week: Hannah Stahlbrodt, Southern Connecticut
Specialist of the Week: Kelli Tereshko, Bridgeport
Rookie of the Week: Jordan Peloquin, Southern Connecticut
Coaches’ Choice: Thomara Powell-Brown, Bridgeport


Gymnast of the Week: Matthew Davis, Army
Specialist of the Week:
Lucas Beltran, Navy
Rookie of the Week: Andrew Lyubovsky, William & Mary


Gymnast of the Week: Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan
Specialist of the Week: Skyler Memmel, Central Michigan


Gymnast of the Week: Gabby Landess, UC Davis
Specialist of the Week: Anna Salamone, Air Force
Freshman of the Week: Cameo Stapleton, Air Force


Gymnast of the Week: Tanner Justus, Oklahoma


Vault Specialist: Shannon Evans, BYU
Bar Specialist: Alexis Stokes, Boise State
Beam Specialist: Helody Cyrenne, BYU
Floor Specialist: Madison Ward-Sessions, Utah State
Gymnast of the Week: Shannon Evans, BYU

NCGA Yearly Awards

Gymnast of the Year: Candis Kowalik, Brockport
Rookie of the Year: Alexis Castellaneta, Brockport
Coach of the Year: Monica Mesalles Nassi, Rhode Island College


Gymnast of the Week: Kyla Ross, UCLA
Specialist of the Week: Kaitlyn Yanish, Oregon State
Freshman of the Week: Milan Clausi, California


Gymnast of the Week: Sarah Finnegan, LSU
Specialist of the Week: McKenna Kelley, LSU
Freshman of the Week: Trinity Thomas, Florida

Article by the editors of College Gym News

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