Road to Nationals Rankings: Week Nine


Women’s rankings are determined by national qualifying score. NQS is determined by taking the top six scores—three of which must be away—dropping the highest score and averaging the remaining five. These rankings are used to determine teams that qualify to regionals and the play-in meets.

Overall Team

Place Team NQS
1 Oklahoma 197.940
2 UCLA 197.800
3 Florida 197.545
4 LSU 197.380
5 Utah 197.315
6 Denver 197.310
7 Michigan 196.935
8 Georgia 196.895
9 Alabama 196.780
10 Minnesota 196.760
11 Boise State 196.610
12 Kentucky 196.600
13 Auburn 196.540
14 California 196.460
15 Oregon State 196.375
16 BYU 196.300

Team Events

Event Team NQS
VT Oklahoma 49.515
UB Oklahoma 49.535
BB UCLA 49.450
FX UCLA 49.635


Event Gymnast NQS
AA Kyla Ross (UCLA) 39.750
VT MyKayla Skinner (Utah) 9.960
UB Kyla Ross (UCLA) 9.985
BB Maggie Nichols (OU)

Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA)

FX Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) 9.985


USAG rankings are derived the same way as overall women’s rankings but include only those teams that are eligible to compete at USAG nationals at the end of the season, teams that are alloted less than seven scholarships. The top eight teams in these rankings qualify to nationals. Note: Penn has opted out of competing at USAG nationals this year and therefore won’t be included in these rankings.

Overall Team

Place Team NQS
1 UIC 195.210
2 Lindenwood 194.875
3 Bridgeport 194.275
4 Yale 193.965
5 Air Force 193.630
6 Texas Woman’s 193.210
7 Cornell 192.975
8 West Chester 192.285


NCGA rankings are for those DIII teams, with the exception of Centenary, that are eligible to compete at NCGA nationals at the end of the season. These rankings are determined by SAS, which is calculated by averaging four scores based on the following criteria: scores from meets held with more than half the teams being NCAA varsity teams, scores from meets help with more than half teams being non-collegiate will not be considered, any meet scheduled after the regional tournament will not be counted, at least one score must be from an away meet, for east region teams no more than one of the away meets can be out of the school’s respective region, for west region teams no more than one of the away meets can be hosted by a DI, DII or out of region (north central) school.

Overall Team

Place Team SAS
1 Brockport 190.6500
2 Ithaca 189.9000
3 UW-Oshkosh 188.7750
4 Springfield 188.5625
5 UW-Stout 188.4688
6 UW-Whitewater 187.7938
7 UW-La Crosse 187.6125
8 Cortland 186.4813


Men’s rankings are done by average score until about midway through the season.

Overall Team

Place Team Three-Score Average
1 Oklahoma 422.183
2 Stanford 418.500
3 Michigan 412.750
4 Penn State 409.667
5 Illinois 409.350
6 Minnesota 407.767
7 Ohio State 404.783
8 Nebraska 404.183
9 Navy 403.383
10 Iowa 402.367
11 California 399.550
12 Amry 398.417


Event Gymnast Three-Score Average
AA Brody Malone (Stan) 84.283
FX Yul Moldauer (OU) 14.917
PH Stephen Nedoroscik (PSU) 15.233
SR Alex Diab (Ill) 15.000
VT Anton Stephenson (Neb) 14.817
PH Yul Moldauer (OU) 14.933
HB Brody Malone (Stan) 14.533

Article by Elizabeth Grimsley

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