LIVE BLOG: Southern Utah at Boise State

Tonight, the top two teams in the MRGC face off to open their season with a bang. The Boise State Broncos have been the team to beat in the conference for the last few years, making their way up through the national rankings until coming just shy of qualifying to nationals in 2017. All around star Shani Remme and 2016 Olympian Courtney McGregor are two of their top gymnasts, but the supporting cast is equally strong. The team will potentially have five 10.0 vaults and four E passes, as well as incredible technicians on bars and beam. Southern Utah’s slow and steady rise almost mimics that of its opponent but a few years behind. The team is attracting bigger and bigger recruits each year and is constantly pushing the envelope, especially in the difficulty department. This battle in the Rockies will have a few different skirmishes this season, and it all starts tonight!

9:05pm: Intros are starting! Here we go everyone!

9:14pm: Touch warmup is finishing up and we’re getting ready to go with the first routine.

Tatum Bruden, VT, BSU: Yhalf, good form in the air, step on the landing. Good start for her!

Amber Heltemes, UB, SUU: Jaeger, caught really close to the bar. Good on the bail, final handstand was short though. Good DLO dismount, maybe a little bounce back?

9:16pm: Shani Remme, VT, BSU: FTY, little hop in place it looks like? Not as big of a vault as I’m used to from her, but decent.

9:17pm: Hannah Nipp, UB, SUU: Jaeger, a little bit close but not as bad as Heltemes. Bail a little floppy but snaps into handstand position before moving on. DLO very whippy and a step on the landing.

9:19pm: Ann Stockwell, VT, BSU: Y1.5, a little short and scoots back.

Madison Howlett, UB, SUU: Good to see her finally debuting! Good first handstand, nice height on her Tkachev. Solid bail, though a little loose. Open floaty full in dismount, step on the landing.

9:21pm: Mary Frances Bir, VT, BSU: HS pike half, big bound out on the landing. Not her best.

9:22pm: Madison McBride, UB, SUU: no distinct handstand to start out, and then falls on her piked Jaeger, ouch. Looks like it slipped right between her fingers. Gets back up with a good handstand, and bail is solid. FTDLO dismount! That’s a pleasant surprise.

9:23pm: Sarah Means, VT, BSU: Y1.5, excellent! Looks like she stuck? They’re switching really quickly between events so I didn’t get a good look.

9:24pm: Becky Rosza, UB, SUU: short on opening handstand, went too big on her Jaeger and got too far away from the bar – there was no way she was catching that. That means SUU will have to count a fall. Fine on the bail. Giant full to double tuck dismount, maybe stuck?

9:26pm: Courtney McGregor, VT, BSU: Y1.5, step to the side on the landing. Her leg form has improved so much since she came to Boise!

9:27pm: Kirsten Yee, UB, SUU: hop change, piked Jaeger directly to overshoot, stays on! little bit short on her final handstand. DLO dismount, step back on the landing.

9:29pm: Tessa Otuafi, VT exo, BSU: Yhalf, good landing! That could go in the lineup soon.

Jorgensen, UB exo, SUU: Jaeger to overshoot, maybe a foot brush on the low bar? Lots of giants and half pirouettes in there, I wonder if those were all intentional? Double tuck dismount, small step. She’s definitely working on the AA.

That’ll wrap up rotation one!

9:32pm: Scores for the first rotation have Boise State at 49.025, Southern Utah with 48.2. Means has the highest vault score with 9.875, while Yee has the top bars score at 9.85.

9:39pm: Second rotation, here we go!

Megan McBride, VT, SUU: FTY, small step. Nicely done.

Maddi Nilson, UB, BSU: Tkachev looks fine, but then she falls, womp. Bail is fine. Looks like she whacks her feet on the low bar in her final giant swings? Puts her dismount to her feet though, good.

9:41pm: Ma McBride, VT: FTY, step back, but better distance than her twin.

Means, UB, BSU: Big floaty Tkachev to open, very nice. Bail is good. Giant full to double tuck, really high, little step on the landing. One hit down, four to go.

9:43pm: Jorgensen, VT, SUU: Big FTY, step back. Nicely done.

Sandra Collantes, UB, BSU: short on first handstand, Jaeger good. Bail a little short on handstand position. DLO dismount, hop back. Good start for her season.

Morgan Alfaro, VT, SUU: Big Yfull, bounce back. Not the freshman I would have guessed that we would see in this lineup, but she does well for herself.

9:45pm: Stockwell, UB, BSU: Good toe on, Gienger legs are messy but she catches. Pak is good, switch kip – not my favorite but it works. Big half in half out, STUCK landing!

Heltemes, VT, SUU: Yfull, very low chest but good landing. An addition for her this season!

9:47pm: Remme, UB, BSU: Good first handstand, close on her Jaeger but she’s good. Bail is good. DLO, step on the landing.

9:48pm: Karen Gonzalez, VT, SUU: Tsuk tuck full, low chest on the landing, step back. That’s only a 9.9 SV but maybe they don’t have any other vaults ready?

9:49pm: McGregor, UB, BSU: Maloney to bail combination, almost arches over the bail but she saves it. Good final handstand. Hop on her full in dismount, but overall clean. Again, her form has improved so much since coming to college, I love it!

9:51pm: Emily Muhlenhaupt, UB exo, BSU: short on opening handstnad, nice blind change. Jaeger to overshoot, good. Lovely final handstands, giant full right on top of the bar. High full in dismount, very nice! They’ll want that in the lineup at some point too.

9:52pm: Rotation 2 all finished! Boise still ahead with a 98.075, SUU with a 97.125. Megan McBride wins vault with a 9.9, while Remme takes the bars title with a 9.875.

9:59pm: Rotation 3! Collantes, BB, BSU: Missing most of this routine due to an interview with coach Neil Resnick. Cat leap to side aerial is good, roundoff 1.5 dismount with a small step. I think it was a hit though?

10:01pm: Gonzalez, FX, SUU: Double tuck to open, good. She’s a fun one to watch, very engaging, NICE split positions on her leaps. Front lay to front full for her second pass, good. This is actually a pretty dance-heavy routine, I’m impressed! Rudi to finish, good!

10:02pm: McGregor, BB, BSU: Punch front to split jump, solid. Bhs layout-ish, solidly landed. Switch leap to switch half, very short of 180 and bobbles. Downgraded her dismount to a roundoff 1.5 twist, that’ll be a decent score for her.

10:04pm: McKenna Burnside, FX, SUU: Double tuck to start off, good. Really nice on her split positions in her dance elements. Front full front layout for her second pass. Double pike to finish, chest a little low, but good. Fun little back tuck, opening up to slam into the floor move to finish. She’s gonna be a great performer this year, the foundations are definitely there.

10:06pm: Alex Esmerian, BB, BSU: Triple series bhs-one arm bhs-loso to open, little bobble. Jump series solid. Roundoff 1.5 twist, step forward. Another solid hit for the Broncos!

Heltemes, FX, SUU: Double pike to open, nice. Hop L turn to switch side, that’s different. Double tuck for her second pass, chest down. Not quite enough energy in her dance, hopefully that’ll be better in her home arena.

Means, BB, BSU: Bhs loso series, big break at the hips, yikes. Jump series is solid, though. Front toss, fine. Round off 1.5 twist with a step. Not the routine she wanted.

10:11pm: Molly Jozwiakowski, FX, SUU: Rudi to loso first pass, nice and floaty. Front double full! That’s a nice surprise! An E pass for her second pass. Back 2.5 twist for her final pass, a little messy in the legs and an anticlimactic end, but good first outing for her!

10:12pm: Remme, BB, BSU: Bhs loso series, good. Dance great as usual, her moonwalk is one of the most legit in all of NCAA gym. Jump series good, switch half actually hits 180. Roundoff 1.5 dismount, and a stick! I think their first of the rotation.

10:13pm: Jorgensen, FX, SUU: Double pike to open, very nice. She’s got a little sass in her, I think she’s just a little reserved because it’s the first meet. Front lay to front half, might’ve been a bail out? If so, she covered really well. Yeah, this will be really fun with a home crowd. Double tuck to finish, nice.

10:15pm: Gabriela Bouza, BB, BSU: Bhs loso, and a fall. At least they had five hits before this. Nice split positions on her jumps. Front aerial to beat jump, lovely. Gainer full off the side to dismount, good. Unfortunate that she fell, the rest of it was really nice!

10:17pm: Ma McBride, FX, SUU: Double pike to open, good. Definitely some sass in this routine. Front lay to front full second pass, leg form a little messy. Final pass is a double tuck, little short on that, bounces forward out of it but doesn’t put her hands down, so that’s good.

10:18pm: Abby Webb, BB exo, BSU: Switch leap to front toss finishing in a sitting position on the beam… I know it was intentional but it looks like a fall and it looks like it hurts! Bhs loso is pretty secure, good. Jumps are all lovely. Punch front full with a hop forward for her dismount. That could definitely go in the lineup.

10:20pm: Madison Loomis, FX exo, SUU: punch front through to double pike to open, almost goes out but I think she stayed in? Front lay to front half, good. Needs a little more energy in her dance. Short on her double tuck, bounces out of it but still no hand down, good fight.

10:22pm: Stockwell, BB, BSU: Bhs loso, little bobble. Switch half to beat, lovely. Front toss is good, split jump fine. Roundoff double full to dismount, very nice! Another useable routine for the Broncos.

Rotation 3 is all finished! 146.975 for Boise, 146.175 for SUU. The T-Birds are slowly gaining back ground, but I doubt it’ll be enough with floor coming up for the Broncos. Currently, Remme leads beam with a 9.875 and Burnside and Jozwiakowski lead floor with 9.825.

10:30pm: Score adjustment for Courtney McGregor on beam adjusts Boise’s total to 147.025 as we go into rotation 4.

Nipp, BB, SUU: Falls on front aerial, nerves got the best of her. Big bobble on her jump series as well, but doesn’t put her hand down or fall, so that’s good. Bhs loso, big lunge back but stays on. Gainer full off the side, small step. Not a great first outing for her on beam here.

10:32pm: Stockwell, FX, BSU: Front double full to open, very nice. Split was a little short on her switch side. Front lay to front full for her second pass. I would love to see more energy from Ann on this, it’s really fun music. Rudi to finish, that’ll be a solid score.

10:34pm: Yee, BB, SUU: Front aerial? ish? that landing was a little funky – to Korbut, good. Gorgeous split positions on her jumps, very nice. another front aerial, still a little shaky for some reason? Gainer pike off the end to finish, solid.

10:35pm: Bir, FX, BSU: First pass is front full, front lay to front tuck, that’s fun. Santana music, I love this! Double tuck for her second pass, good. This is so great to see her adding floor, she’s killing it out there! Rudi to finish, very nice.

10:37pm: Gonzalez, BB, SUU: Nice split positions in her jump series, good. Bhs loso, steady. Cat leap to front aerial, solid. Nice beam from her! Good to see her stepping up to add more events as well.

10:39pm: Webb, FX, BSU: Double pike to open, nice. A little jarring music change there, okay? Front lay to Rudi, a little unsteady on the Rudi but lands it okay. Double tuck to finish. Oh, is this Bronco neigh going to be a thing? I kinda hope not… a good routine from her though!

10:41pm: Ma McBride, BB, SUU: Front toss and comes off, ouch. That’s her second fall tonight. First meet nerves are taking their toll on her, she just fell on her series as well. Fun little handstand to loso to back full to dismount. Disappointing for her.

10:42pm: Remme, FX, BSU: Front double full to open, excellent as usual. Starting off with the Hand Clap song, gets the audience engaged. Double pike for her second pass. Switches to Tequila, the same mix that Gigi Marino at Georgia uses, and she even does a headstand in there, cute! 1.5 to front lay I think to finish, might have stepped out but I didn’t see a flag? An awesome routine for her!

10:45pm: Jorgensen, BB, SUU: I’ve missed most of this due to some stream freezes, but roundoff double tuck dismount is nice, and it’s clearly a hit routine!

10:46pm: Collantes, FX, BSU: Big full in to open, very nice! Nice on her dance elements. 1.5 to front lay for her second pass. This is so fun! So much personality from her. Big double pike to finish up, very nice.

10:48pm: Alyssa LaDieu, BB, SUU: Bhs loso, stays on. Excellent dance elements, including a switch half. Side aerial to back full to finish up, very nice! That’ll be a good event for her moving forward, just a little bit of nerves tonight after two falls from her teammates.

10:50pm:McGregor, FX, BSU: Weird wait at the beginning, apparently her 8-incher wasn’t taped for her first landing. This is her Montreal music! Double pike to open, I wonder why she isn’t doing the full in? 1.5 to front lay I think for her second pass? Stream froze on me again. Rudi to finish, very good. Looks like the Broncos will go all 9.8 and higher on floor!

10:52pm: Mary Packham, BB exo, SUU: Bhs loso, solid. Full turn, little bobble but is patient with it and stays on. Front aerial to front full for her dismount, they’ll want that in the lineup probably next week after the falls this week.

10:53pm: Esmerian, FX exo, BSU: Double pike to open, might have gone out? 1.5 twist to front lay for her second pass, solid. Lovely dance through this, she has some great lines and dance ability. Rudi to finish, very nice.

That’ll wrap it up for tonight, y’all! Final score is Boise: 196.225 to SUU: 194.350. Remme wins bars, beam and floor with a trio of 9.875s, while Megan McBride wins vault with a 9.9. Remme also takes the all around crown with a 39.425, tying her for No. 8 in the country in the AA.

Come back tomorrow for more liveblogs, scores, streams and more!

Live blog by Caroline Medley

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