LSU Leads Standings as First Week of 2018 Season Concludes

With only 50 teams of the over 80 in the NCAA, the first standings of the regular season were guaranteed to be wild. And that’s exactly the case. What other week will you see Central Michigan at No. 3, Air Force in the top 25 and Ball State ahead of West Virginia, Penn State and Auburn? With the majority of the rest of the teams starting their season next weekend, things should even out. But until then, enjoy these wacky ranks.

Overall Team

Place Team Average
1 LSU 197.150
2 Utah 197.000
3 Central Michigan 196.375
4 UCLA 196.250
5 Michigan 196.200
6 Kentucky 196.075
7 Florida 195.900
8 Denver 195.775
9 Alabama 195.675
10 Arizona 195.425

Team Vault

Place Team Average
1 Utah 49.325
2 Denver 49.225
3 LSU 49.175
4T Alabama 49.025

Team Bars

Place Team Average
1 LSU 49.600
2 Utah 49.325
3 UCLA 49.300
4T Florida 49.225

Team Beam

Place Team Average
1 Florida 49.275
2T Arkansas 49.150
New Hampshire
4 Denver 49.125
5 LSU 49.050

Team Floor

Place Team Average
1 UCLA 49.425
2 Central Michigan 49.400
3 Utah 49.375
4 LSU 49.325
5 Kentucky 49.275

Individual All Around

Place Gymnast (Team) Average
1 Sarah Finnegan (LSU) 39.650
2 Alicia Boren (Florida) 39.575
3T Maddie Karr (Denver) 39.500
Kyla Ross (UCLA)
5 MaKenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) 39.475
MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
7 Lynnzee Brown (DU) 39.425
8 Olivia Karas (UM) 39.350
9 Madison Cindric (Ariz) 39.250
10 Haylee Young (ISU) 39.200

Individual Vault

Place Gymnast (Team) Average
1 Maddie Karr (DU) 9.925
2T Nickie Guerrero (Ala) 9.900
Alex McMurtry (UF)
Lynnzee Brown (DU)
Tiffani Lewis (Utah)
Lexie Priessman (LSU)
Kim Tessan (Utah)
8T Meaghan Sievers (ISU) 9.875
Drew Watson (Aub)
Sarah Finnegan (LSU)
Emma McLean (UM)
MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
Denelle Pedrick (CMU)

Individual Bars

Place Gymnast (Team) Average
1 Peng-Peng Lee (UCLA) 9.975
2T Sarah Finnegan (LSU) 9.950
Kennedi Edney (LSU)
4T Kiana Winston (Ala) 9.925
Alex McMurtry (UF)
Myia Hambrick (LSU)
7T Alicia Boren (UF) 9.900
Samantha Cerio (Aub)
Kylie Dickson (Ala)
Lexie Priessman (LSU)
Brianna Brown (UM)
MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
Kyla Ross (UCLA)

Individual Beam

Place Gymnast (Team) Average
1T Casey Lauter (UNH) 9.925
Peng-Peng Lee (UCLA)
Sarah FInnegan (LSU)
4T Kiana Winston (Ala) 9.900
Alicia Boren (UF)
Maddie Karr (DU)
Rachel Gowey (UF)
Sophia Carter (Ark)
Alyssa Baumann (UF)
MyKayla Skinner (Utah)
Kyla Ross (UCLA)

Individual Floor

Place Gymnast (Team) Average
1 Myia Hambrick (LSU) 9.950
2T Alicia Boren (UF) 9.925
Macey Hilliker (CMU)
MaKenna Merrell-Giles (Utah)
Olivia Karas (UM)
6T Alexis Mattern (tOSU) 9.900
Lynnzee Brown (DU)
Tiffani Lewis (Utah)
Sarah Finnegan (LSU)
Sidney Dukes (UK)
Emma McLean (UM)
Missy Reinstadtler (Utah)
Gracie Kramer (UCLA)
Kyla Ross (UCLA)

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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley


  1. I know this was published before the Stanford Meet on Monday night so Elizabeth Price was left of many top placement spots including a tie for 1st in the all-around and the only perfect 10 of the week.

    1. Hi Alicia, Road to Nationals rankings are actually based on competition from Monday to Sunday, so the meets Monday do not factor into the previous weekend’s rankings. A good thing to note for future weeks as well!

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