Top J.O. Routines to Keep an Eye Out For: Beam

By Emily Howell-Forbes


Today’s post is all about those rare gymnasts who have managed to perform consistently on beam. It is fairly common in both J.O. and NCAA competition for competitors to have several falls over the course of a season, which results in their overall average being pulled down. Gymnasts who have completed their level 10 season with an average of 9.4 or above have generally had fewer than two falls over the course of the season.

Honorable Mentions

17. Travanni Jacobs (Kentucky) – 9.482 Season Average
16. Faith Leary (Utah State) – 9.49 Season Average
13. McKenna Linnen (West Virginia) – 9.494 Season Average
12. Anastasia Webb (Oklahoma) – 9.504 Season Average

​10. Rachael Flam (Stanford) – 9.509 Season Average

​Flam’s routine contains a lot of difficulty including and back handspring stepout to two footed layout and a double pike dismount. Being able to remain consistent with high difficulty bodes well for college.

​9. Alonza Klopfer (Alabama) – 9.525 Season Average

​Klopfer has long, pretty lines that will make a nice addition to the depth of Alabama’s beam lineups. However, with the number of options the Crimson Tide has, what those lineups will actually look like remains to be seen.

​8. Kynsee Roby (Nebraska) – 9.531 Season Average

​Roby’s beam work has a consistent rhythm and when combined with her lovely lines and toe point, it makes the routine a pleasure to watch.

​7. Yolanda Nodarse (West Chester) – 9.532 Season Average

​West Chester lost its star last year when Majesta Valentine graduated. Nodarse should slide right into that lineup spot.

​6. Lauren Navarro (Stanford) – 9.539 Season Average

​Navarro’s routine is highlighted by a back handspring stepout, layout stepout, layout stepout  triple series, clean lines, gorgeous toe point and a tucked double back dismount.

​5. Lauren Farley (Michigan) – 9.543 Season Average

​Farley’s routine looks like many in the NCAA that score well as it is structured similarly. It could slide right into a lineup as is. The most unique skill in her routine is a 1.5 turn.

​4. Nia Dennis (UCLA) – 9.566 Season Average

​Dennis is similar to Klopfer in that she has a solid and consistent beam routine. But with the depth of UCLA’s lineups, it remains to be seen what the top six will look like next year.

​3. Kayla Baddeley (UIC) – 9.567 Season Average

​UIC’s lineup has been struggling to produce six usable beam scores, frequently having to count a fall. Baddeley’s routine will be a welcome addition with its clean leaps, acro skills and consistent hit percentage.

​2. Sydney Laird (Arkansas) – 9.571 Season Average

​Laird is a confident and consistent beam worker with lovely lines. Her mount of a front walkover from the springboard is quite unique and will be a crowd favorite at Arkansas.

​1. Lexy Ramler (Minnesota) – 9.615 Season Average

​Ramler’s beam routine was the highest score at nationals for a reason. She has both difficulty and elegance, and it pays off in the scores that she receives.

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