9 Things to Do During the Offseason

By Elizabeth Grimsley, Christina Marmet and Caroline Medley

With just over 250 days until the start of the 2018 NCAA gymnastics season, it seems like January will never come. Help pass the time a bit faster with these seven things to take your mind off the never ending offseason.
Work on your 2018 Fantasy Gym draft.
2017 Fantasy Gymnastics season not go how you wanted it to? It’s never too early to start planning for the next season. Those in-depth spreadsheets don’t research themselves.Sign up for Fantasy Gymnastics here.Fall in love with elite gymnastics.
If you’re a fan of gymnasts like MyKayla Skinner, McKenna Kelley and the difficulty they’re doing in the NCAA vs. the perfect routines most of the other competitors are doing, you’ll love elite. While things aren’t always the cleanest, there’s definitely a whole lot of hard skills being thrown.

Find the USA Gymnastics elite calendar here.

Follow J.O. nationals to see future stars.
Level 10s competing at the Junior Olympic National Championships are the future of NCAA gymnastics. Scope out those already committed to your favorite teams or try to pinpoint uncommitted girls that you think might be stars. You might be saying “I watched her when…” in a few year’s time!

Find more information on the competition here.

Re-Watch some of your favorite meets of the season (or past ones)!
Our gymternet savior NastiaFan101 has been posting numerous NCAA meets throughout season on YouTube, so go ahead and treat yourself to re-living some of your favorite meets, or watching some you may have missed! Or if you’re like us, watch the Super Six all over again—even though it just happened.

Find his channel here.

Study the NCAA code in depth.
So you’ll have a great knowledge of the judging going into next season, and you’ll feel legit when you do have concerns over scores!

Find rules and modifications here.

Get to know the incoming freshmen that will join your favorite team.
And try to figure out which events they might be able to contribute on, what skills they can offer to your team, and how big of an impact they might have on the season.

See which recruits are going where here.

Dive into statistics.
Making spreadsheets and crunching numbers is a great way to keep your mind sharp and feed your love for the sport! Whether you’re curious who was ranked first on vault this season, or how consistent your favorite team has been over the years, or who’s notched the most perfect scores, Road to Nationals is your best place to start.

Find the final season rankings here.

Make predictions for next year.
Whether based on past performance, gut feeling or absolutely nothing at all, making predictions for the upcoming season (and even further) is a time-honored tradition in the gymternet. Looking back on how you thought competitions would play out is often eye-opening and hilarious at the same time!

See our predictions for next year’s Super Six here.

Join our team!
Want to join the team that makes all this great NCAA gymnastics content? You could be in luck! We’re looking to bring on a few more contributors this summer for the 2018 season.

Find out more information here.

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