Regional Placements Announced

By Caroline Medley

The regional placements were announced this afternoon by the NCAA. While many of the selections were expected, there were a few surprises in the bunch. But one thing’s for sure: we are in for some greatly exciting matchups in two weeks.

To refresh your memory, the selection procedure for teams is as follows. To determine where each team goes, RQS scores and rankings are used. The Nos. 1, 12, and 13 teams are grouped together, Nos. 2, 11 and 14 travel to the same site, Nos. 3, 10 and 15 will compete against each other, Nos. 4, 9, and 16 will go to the same location, Nos. 5, 8 and 17 are in the same group, and Nos. 6, 7 and 18 are together. Then the remaining teams ranked No. 19-36 are evenly distributed throughout the six locations geographically. Individual all arounders and event specialists will also qualify to regionals with the top four all arounders not on a qualifying team in each region moving on and the top two on each event (not on a qualifying team and not competing as an all arounder) also making it.

The top two teams from each regional will qualify to the national semifinals. In addition, the top two all arounders without a qualifying team and any event winners without a qualifying team will also advance to nationals. The regionals in Champaign, Fayetteville and Seattle will feed Semifinal 1 while those in Gainesville, Lincoln and Morgantown will feed into Semifinal 2.

Champaign Regional


  1. ​ UCLA (No. 5)
  2. Oregon State (No. 8)
  3. Iowa (No. 17)
  4. Illinois (No. 19)
  5. Eastern Michigan (No. 22)
  6. Ohio State (No. 24)
All Arounders

  1. Nicola Deans (Michigan State)
  2. Rachael Underwood (Western Michigan)
  3. Anna Corbett (Western Michigan)
  4. Ashley White (Centenary)

Alternate: Kaitlyn Menzione (Ball State)

  1. Jovannah East (BGSU)
  2. Lauren Feely (BGSU)

Alternate: Sarah Ebeyer (Ball State)

  1. Jessie Peszek (Western Michigan)
  2. Hailee Westney (Michigan State)

Alternate: Lindsey Lemke (Michigan State)

  1. Jessie Peszek (Western Michigan)
  2. Jovannah East (BGSU)

Alternate: Baylee Bell (Ball State)

  1. ​Elena Lagoski (Michigan State)
  2. Kira Frederick (Michigan State)

Alternate: Kayla Rose (BGSU)

Fayetteville Regional


  1. ​ Utah (No. 4)
  2. Denver (No. 9)
  3. Cal (No. 16)
  4. Auburn (No. 21)
  5. Arkansas (No. 27)
  6. Central Michigan (No. 28)
All Arounders

  1. Mikailla Northern (UIC)
  2. Alexis Brawner (SEMO)
  3. Ashley Potts (NIU)
  4. Katherine Prentice (NIU)

Alternate: Schyler Jones (TWU)

  1. Schyler Jones (TWU)
  2. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lindenwood)

Alternate: Katey Oswalt (Lindenwood)

  1. Jamyra Carter (NIU)
  2. Courtney Dowdell (NIU)

Alternate: Nichelle Christopherson (ASU)

  1. Nichelle Christopherson (ASU)
  2. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lindenwood)

Alternate: Mallory Moredock (TWU)

  1. ​Gabrielle Cooke (Illinois State)
  2. Courtney Dowdell (NIU)

Alternate: ​Katey Oswalt (Lindenwood)

Gainesville Regional


  1. ​ Florida (No. 3)
  2. Georgia (No. 10)
  3. Missouri (No. 15)
  4. New Hampshire (No. 30)
  5. Penn State (No. 33)
  6. North Carolina (No. 35)
All Arounders

  1. Chelsea Knight (NCSU)
  2. Gabriella Yarussi (Towson)
  3. Tyra McKellar (Towson)
  4. Kirsten Peterman (Maryland)

Alternate: Paris Phillips (NCSU)

  1. Sarah Faller (Maryland
  2. Paris Phillips (NCSU)

Alternate: Erin Tucker (Towson)

  1. Amanda Fillard (NCSU)
  2. Melissa Brooker (NCSU)

Alternate: Alecia Farina (Maryland)

  1. Mary Elle Arduino (Towson)
  2. Sarah Faller (Maryland)

Alternate: Drew Grantham (NCSU)

  1. ​Emily Brauckmuller (Maryland)
  2. Alecia Farina (Maryland

Alternate: Paris Phillips (NCSU)

Lincoln Regional


  1. ​ LSU (No. 2)
  2. Boise State (No. 11)
  3. Nebraska (No. 14)
  4. Arizona (No. 25)
  5. Iowa State (No. 29)
  6. Minnesota (No. 36)
All Arounders

  1. Kara Witgen (Air Force)
  2. Mariana Murphy (Air Force)


  1. Anna Salamone (Air Force)
  2. Jamie Lewis (Air Force)
  3. Riley Hill (Air Force)


  1. Anna Salamone (Air Force)
  2. Brittney Reed (Air Force)
  3. Darby Germain (Air Force)
  4. Jamie Lewis (Air Force)


  1. Riley Hill (Air Force)
  2. Brittney Reed (Air Force)
  3. Rita Koenigbauer (Air Force)
  4. Chelsea Grimison (Air Force)


  1. ​Casey Bell (Air Force)
  2. Jamie Lewis (Air Force)
  3. Darby Germain (Air Force)
  4. ​Brittney Reed (Air Force)

Morgantown Regional


  1. ​ Alabama (No. 6)
  2. Michigan (No. 7)
  3. Southern Utah (No. 18)
  4. George Washington (No. 20)
  5. West Virginia (No. 23)
  6. Kent State (No. 31)
All Arounders

  1. Majesta Valentine (West Chester)
  2. Lyanda Dudley (Cornell)
  3. Caroline Morant (Brown)
  4. Libby Groden (Rutgers)

Alternate: Daisy Todd (Temple)

  1. Tracey Pearson (Pitt)
  2. Kimberly Stewart (Bridgeport)

Alternate: Aya Mahgoub (Temple)

  1. Taylor Laymon (Pitt)
  2. Daisy Todd (Temple)

Alternate: Kaitlin Green (Cornell)

  1. Brianna Comport (Bridgeport)
  2. Kaitlin Green (Cornell)

Alternate: Makenzey Shank (Rutgers)

  1. Brianna Comport (Bridgeport)
  2. Maya Reimers (Bridgeport)

Alternate: Tracey Pearson (Pitt)

Seattle Regional


  1. Oklahoma (No. 1)
  2. Kentucky (No. 12)
  3. Washington (No. 13)
  4. Utah State (No. 24)
  5. Stanford (32)
  6. BYU (34)
All Arounders

  1. Alexis Brown (UC Davis)
  2. Lauren Rice (Sac State)
  3. Caitlin Soliwoda (Sac State)
  4. Kaitlin Won (SJSU)

Alternate: Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific)

  1. Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific)
  2. Julia Konner (Sac State)

Alternate: Katy Nogaki (UC Davis)

  1. Yonni Michovska (UC Davis)
  2. Rachel Heinl (SJSU)

Alternate: Sarah Liddle (UC Davis)

  1. Yasmine Yektaparast (UC Davis)
  2. Taylor Chan (SJSU)

Alternate: Chelsey Andrada (SJSU)

  1. ​Taylor Chan (SJSU)
  2. Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific)

Alternate: Yasmine Yektaparast (UC Davis)

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