The Dismount: Week 10

By Christina Marmet, Elizabeth Grimsley and Caroline Medley


​The meets did not disappoint as the regular season wrapped up and teams took one last chance to celebrate their seniors before getting down to business with the conference championships and postseason kicking into full gear next weekend. While some scores were a bit outlandish, most stayed out of the crazy-zone, giving some teams a good idea of what postseason will bring. But with so many meets, we didn’t expect you to catch them all. Catch up with recaps of the top matchups, as well as full results and event winners for every meet that took place over the last few days.
No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 17 California
Full Results | OU: 197.800 | Cal: 196.775
VT: Capps, Dowell 9.925 | UB: Catour, Dowell, Nichols 9.900 | BB: Richardson, Brown, Capps, Nichols 9.900 | FX: Jackson 9.950 | AA: Capps 39.625California was hit with yet another adversity before the meet even began with senior Desiree Palomares tweaking her neck earlier in the week and being questionable for the senior night competition. However, she still managed to compete two of her three events alongside her seven graduating classmates. Zoe Draghi capped off the night with a career-high 9.925 on floor

while the Golden Bears put up a good enough score to stay in the seeded spots for regionals and jump to a tie for No. 16 with Iowa. Fellow senior Emily Richardson matched the top score on beam with a 9.900 for her phenomenal set while Jessica Howe finally broke into the beam lineup one last time after struggling with injuries during the season. Amber Takara also capped off her senior regular season with scores at 9.800 or above on vault and bars. Finally, Charlie Owens added one last joyful, floor routine to the mix. Oklahoma chugged along as always, putting up a 197.800 to match UCLA’s high score of the day. Maggie Nichols was still being rested because of a sore knee but competed bars and beam still for 9.900s on each. Brenna Dowell won a share of the vault and bars titles while Chayse Capps notched a season high on vault with a 9.925, also winning beam and the all around. AJ Jackson wrapped things up with a 9.950 on floor with her routine that even got the California fans drawn in.
No. 26 New Hampshire at No. 2 LSU
Full Results | LSU: 197.875 | UNH: 195.300
VT: Ewing, Gnat, Hambrick 9.900 | UB: Edney 9.950 | BB: Gnat 9.950 | FX: Gnat, Hambrick 9.950 | AA: Gnat 39.700It was senior night in Baton Rouge and we were forced to face the harsh reality that Gnat, Ewing and Zamardi are graduating. To the (pleasant) surprise of most, 10.0s weren’t flying all over the place here because senior night. Gnat was back in the all-around for her last time inside the Maravich Center as Lexie Priessman was being rested. Gnat performed lights out and capped off

her night with a big 39.700 all-around score. The trio of seniors will close out their careers undefeated at home all four years. Sophomore McKenna Kelley also finally unveiled her new handspring pike half vault that we had heard so much about during preseason. It is doubtful we will see it in postseason, but it was great to see Kelley get out there and try that vault. The Wildcats had a decent night, highlighted by a strong performance on balance beam to close off the meet. They did have to count a few low scores on the other three events, which hampered their hopes of reaching the 196 mark.
No. 22 West Virginia at No. 3 Florida
Full Results | UF: 197.600 | WVU: 196.100
VT: Slocum 9.950 | UB: McMurtry, Hundley 9.925 | BB: McMurtry 9.950 | FX: Baker 9.975 | AA: Gowey 39.275Senior night in Gainesville brought surprisingly realistic scores for the Gators, starting off with a bang with a near-perfect 9.95 from Rachel Slocum and 9.9 from Alex McMurtry. The latter continued her dominance of the meet by tying for the bars title with one of the most beautiful Ray releases she’s ever performed, showing the work she’s done to improve her toe point. She

tied with Amelia Hundley, who has also been working on her form in recent weeks, showcasing her Maloney to pak salto with legs glued together. Beam is still the Gators’ weakness, with a fall from Alicia Boren, but five other strong routines, including McMurtry’s title-winning 9.95, still gave Florida a competitive total. Floor saw the return of powerhouse Kennedy Baker, and it was like she was never even out. A 9.975 wrapped up the event title and gave her the highest score on any apparatus of the night. Ashley Hiller made her competitive debut, filling in for the resting Hundley, but had a fall on her middle pass that kept the team from hitting six for six on yet a second rotation. On the opposing side, the Mountaineers of WVU had a strong showing, mostly marred by little form details – short handstands on bars, some bobbles on beam—and a lower level of difficulty on vault and floor. However, they made up for it with consistency. West Virginia hit 24 for 24 routines for the second time this season, which is more than Florida could say at this meet. Its brightest spots were 9.9s on bars and floor from Alexa Goldberg and Kirah Koshinski, respectively. Zaakira Muhammad also impressed with her high-flying vault and powerful tumbling on floor, the latter of which earned her a 9.85, her team’s second-highest score on the event.
No. 33 North Carolina at No. 4 UCLA
Full Results | UCLA: 197.800 | UNC: 195.400
VT: Preston 9.900 | UB: Lee 10.000 | BB: Ohashi 10.000 | FX: Mossett 9.975 | AA: Lane 39.375While the goal was a 198, the Bruins came mighty close despite not reaching the mark, setting the top score of the day with a 197.800 without Olympic gold medalist Madison Kocian who was given a mental rest in preparation for a string of tough meets coming up in postseason. But the day was really all about the seniors as Pauley Pavilion said goodbye to a handful of strong contributors, including Peng-Peng Lee,

Hallie Mossett, Angi Cipra and Mikaela Gerber. Lee, who has petitioned for a sixth-year of eligibility, scored a perfect 10 on beam while Mossett ended the meet with a 9.975 on floor with her Beyonce-inspired routine that has gone viral over the past couple of weeks. Sophomore Katelyn Ohashi also earned her second perfect 10 in as many tries on beam. But the most important thing to come out of the meet was the Bruins earning the exact score they needed to move ahead of Florida in the rankings to No. 3. However, the margin between the two teams is slim, so next week’s conference championships will be interesting to watch unfold. North Carolina, despite not really coming close to winning, did what it needed to do score-wise to put itself in a safer position in the regionals picture, moving up to No. 33 with a strong 195.400. Morgan Lane had herself a meet in Los Angeles, notching a career-high 9.875 on vault for her stuck Yurchenko full-on pike off, as well as two 9.900s on beam and floor, winning the all around with a 39.375. Khazia Hislop also delighted the UCLA crowd with exciting gymnastics that included a double front on floor and sky-high double tuck.
No. 5 Utah at No. 7 Georgia
Full Results | UGA: 1967.250 | Utah: 196.650
VT: Johnson, Reynolds 9.900 | UB: Sanders, Dickson 9.900 | BB: Lee 9.900 | FX: Marino, Dickson 9.950 | AA: Lee 39.450Utah just seemed off from the start. Makenna Merrell fell on her Deltchev in the first routine up for the Utes and things never really got rolling after that. Missed handstands and landings troubles on vault and floor proved to be the downfall as the team was upset for the second time this season. Despite the

disappointment, the Utes got their first taste of postseason-style scoring, which should be a huge help to get perspective going into the actual postseason. Georgia, on the other hand, held its own senior night, featuring five fourth-years who each competed on at least two events. Seniors Lauren Johnson and Morgan Reynolds shared the vault title with 9.900s. But the other gymnasts showed the future’s still bright for the team as junior Hayley Sanders and freshman Rachel Dickson shared the bars title, and GiGi Marino and Dickson shared the floor title. Utah’s Kari Lee also competed in the all around for the first time since her major injury last season, winning the title as well as beam, and snapping teammate MyKayla Skinner’s all around title streak.
No. 30 Iowa State at No. 6 Alabama
Full Results | Alabama: 197.100 | ISU: 196.600
VT: Guerrero 9.950 | UB: Bailey, Mahoney 9.900 | BB: Winston 9.975 | FX: Sims 9.975 | AA: Young 39.525Like many of the top teams, Alabama celebrated its seniors Friday night with a big win over Iowa State and a strong finish to the regular season. Senior Katie Bailey won bars with a 9.9 but fell on beam in her first appearance on the event this season. Fellow classmate Aja Sims also brought the house down on the last event with a near-perfect 9.975 for her routine that even got the crowd dancing. Nikki Guerrero won vault with a

stellar, stuck Yurchenko 1.5 for a 9.950 and Kiana Winston won beam with a nearly flawless 9.975. But Iowa State wouldn’t be overshadowed. The Cyclones not only posted a season-high 196.600, but Hayley Young won the all around competition with a 39.525, highlighted by her beam and floor routines which earned 9.875s. She added another 9.875 on bars as well as a 9.900 on vault to her standout performance in front of a semi-home crowd as the Georgia-native was only one state away from home.
No. 8 Denver at No. 10 Boise State
Full Results | Boise State: 197.675 | DU: 197.150
VT: Karr 9.950 | UB: McGregor 9.950 | BB: Ross, Remme 9.925 | FX: Collantes, Stockwell, Addison 9.925 | AA: Karr 39.625In the third matchup of the season between the two teams, Boise State finally got the better of Denver and in impressive fashion as the Broncos notched a program record 197.675 for the win. Strong scores across the board, including standout bars and floor rotations, as well as a little bit of senior night magic, helped the team to the upset win over No. 8 Denver. However,

the Pioneers shouldn’t be disappointed by their performance by any means, despite the loss. The team produced a 197.150 on the road and bumped its RQS over 197 for the first time. The score helped bump the team to No. 7 in the rankings, ahead of Georgia, while Boise State dropped to No. 11 even with the season high. Both teams will have one last chance at their respective conference championships to either maintain or move up in the rankings before regional selections on March 20. It was a meet of highs for both teams as Bronco freshman Courtney McGregor tallied a career-high 9.950 on bars to win the event while Shani Remme tied for the beam title with Denver’s Julie Ross with 9.925. Floor saw Sandra Collantes and Ann Stockwell match Nikole Addison’s 9.925 for the floor win. Pioneer first-year Maddie Karr won vault with a 9.950, as well as the all around with a 39.625.
No. 55 UIC at No. 9 Oregon State
Full Results | Oregon State: 197.475 | UIC: 193.550
VT: Dessaints 9.950 | UB: McMillan 10.000 | BB: Gardiner 9.925 | FX: McMillan 9.950 | AA: McMillan 39.650The Beavers couldn’t have chosen a better way to send their seniors out of the 2017 regular season. Things started off solid on vault but the real fun came on bars with Kaytianna McMillan’s first perfect 10 and Oregon State’s first mark of that kind on the event since Elizabeth Jillson in 2003. McMillan followed up the performance by also winning floor with a 9.950 as well as the all

around with a 39.650, her third top mark in a row. Fellow senior Maddie Gardiner won beam with a 9.925, capping off a stellar career in Gill and sending the Beavers into the postseason with an even better chance than in past years of taking the next step and qualifying to nationals.
Big 10 Qualifier: No. 11 Michigan, No. 34 Minnesota, No. 36 Penn State, No. 46 Rutgers at No. 16 Iowa
Full Results | UM: 197.150 | Iowa: 196.400 | PSU: 195.450 | Minn: 194.825 | Rutgers: 192.650
VT: Karas 9.950 | UB: Metcalf, Zaziski 9.950 | BB: Drenth, Medvitz 9.900 | FX: Artz, McLean, Williams 9.900 | AA: Holst 39.425

No. 12 Kentucky at No. 15 Missouri
Full Results | Mizzou: 197.150 | UK: 196.925
VT: Ward, Rosa 9.900 | UB: Korth 9.925 | BB: Ward 9.975 | FX: Schugel 9.925 | AA: Korth 39.525

Big 10 Qualifier: No. 32 Maryland, No. 39 Michigan State, No. 13 Nebraska, No. 24 Ohio State at No. 19 Illinois
Full Results | Neb: 196.650 | Illinois: 196.450 | Ohio State: 195.350 | MSU: 194.650 | Maryland: 193.375
VT: Lambert, Stone, Crouse, Aepli 9.850 | UB: Horth 9.950 | BB: Williams 9.950 | FX: Leduc 9.925 | AA: Laeng 39.400

No. 65 Seattle-Pacific at No. 14 Washington
Full Results | UW: 196.925 | SPU: 194.100
VT: Yacalis, Burleson 9.825 | UB: Duranczyk, Burleson 9.875 | BB: Burleson, Goings 9.925 | FX: Yacalis 9.925| AA: Goings 39.350

No. 44 N.C. State, No. 28 Stanford, No. 61 Yale at No. 18 George Washington
Full Results | GWU: 196.500 | NCSU: 194.825 | Yale: 194.575 | Stanford: 193.275
VT: Drouin-Allaire 9.875 | UB: Price 9.925 | BB: N. McNair, Tai 9.875 | FX: Drouin-Allaire 9.900 | AA: Drouin-Allaire 39.375

No. 49 Pittsburgh at No. 20 Auburn
Full Results | Auburn: 196.300 | Pitt: 194.200
VT: Rott 9.850 | UB: Day 9.900 | BB: Slappey, Cerio 9.825 | FX: Rott 9.950 | AA: Becker 38.925

No. 21 Southern Utah at No. 23 Utah State
Full Results | SUU: 195.675 | USU: 194.600
VT: Webb 9.850 | UB: Bozzuto, Oster, Ward, Jeppesen 9.875 | BB: Bozzuto, Yee 9.875 | FX: Blake-Howard, Ward, Jorgensen 9.875 | AA: Bozzuto 39.375

No. 21 Southern Utah at No. 37 BYU
Full Results | BYU: 195.650 | SUU: 195.625
VT: Douglas 9.875 | UB: Trejo, Hortman, Van Mierlo 9.875 | BB: Webb 10.000 | FX: Hortman, Douglas, Greenlief, Blake-Howard 9.875 | AA: Hortman 38.800

No. 50 Bowling Green at No. 25 Eastern Michigan
Full Results | EMU: 195.225 | BGSU: 194.675
VT: Feely, East 9.900 | UB: Valentin 9.925 | BB: Valentin 9.875 | FX: Gresham 9.875 | AA: Feely 39.150

No. 27 Arizona at No. 37 BYU
Full Results | BYU: 196.350 | Arizona: 195.525
VT: Hortman 9.875 | UB: Felix-Terrazas, Van Mierlo 9.900 | BB: Howard 9.925, Cindric 9.925 | FX: Pearson 9.875 | AA: Cindric 39.325

No. 67 Centenary, No. 47 San Jose State at No. 29 Arkansas
Full Results | Arkansas: 196.150 | SJSU: 193.875 | Centenary: 188.250
VT: Elswick, MacMoyle, Speed 9.825 | UB: Garner 9.925 | BB: Nelson, Burton 9.825 | FX: McGlone, Chan 9.900 | AA: Yamzon 39.025

No. 45 Ball State at No. 31 Kent State
Full Results | KSU: 196.425 | BSU: 195.000
VT: Hardison 9.825 | UB: Stypinski 9.900 | BB: Stypinski 9.950 | FX: Hardison 9.925 | AA: —

​No. 43 Northern Illinois at No. 35 Central Michigan
Full Results | CMU: 196.575 | NIU: 196.150
VT: Van Voorhis 9.900 | UB: Carter 9.950 | BB: Fitzpatrick 9.900 | FX: Dowdell 9.900 | AA: Potts 39.250

No. 45 Ball State, No. 55 UIC at No. 38 Western Michigan
Full Results | BSU: 195.450 | UIC: 195.175 | WMU: 194.300
VT: Men
zione 9.875 | UB: Northern 9.850 | BB: Peszek 9.875 | FX: Underwood 9.875 | AA: Northern 39.325

No. 64 SEMO at No. 38 Western Michigan
Full Results | WMU: 195.475 | SEMO: 193.100
VT: Corbett 9.850 | UB: Corbett 9.875 | BB: Peszek, Jones 9.850 | FX: Brawner 9.875 | AA: Brawner 39.200

No. 56 Air Force at No. 40 UC Davis
Full Results | UC-Davis: 195.775 | AFA: 193.350
VT: Brown 9.825 | UB: Kreager 9.875 | BB: Brown 9.900 | FX: Yektaparast 9.875 | AA: Brown 39.050

No. 53 Bridgeport, No. 52 Sacramento State at No. 41 Arizona State
Full Results | Sac State: 195.275 | UB: 195.050 | ASU: 194.925
VT: Reimers 9.825 | UB: Christopherson 9.875 | BB: Comport 9.925 | FX: Brenner, Lentz 9.850 | AA: Lentz 39.225

No. 42 Towson at No. 44 N.C. State
Full Results | NCSU: 196.150 | Towson: 194.025
VT: Knight 9.875 | UB: Fillard, Knight 9.925 | BB: Knight 9.900 | FX: Philips 9.850 | AA: Knight 39.525

No. 68 ​Brockport, No. 58 Cornell at No. 42 Towson​
Full Results | Towson: 194.625 | Cornell: 193.500 | Brockport: 192.425
VT: Tucker, Mager 9.775 | UB: Green 9.800 | BB: Dudley, Arduino, Temkov 9.875 | FX: McKellar 9.925 | AA: Yarussi 39.050

No. 48 Lindenwood at No. 57 Illinois State
Full Results | Illinois State: 193.025 | LU: 191.650
VT: Sokolowski, Cooke 9.775 | UB: Ward, Horn, Marema 9.775 | BB: Sokolowski 9.800 | FX: Ward, Cooke 9.825 | AA: Cooke 39.000

No. 60 Brown, No. 82 Rhode Island, No. 71 SCSU at No. 53 Bridgeport
Full Results | UB: 194.450 | Brown: 193.425 | SCSU: 190.350 | RIC: 182.950
VT: Stewart 9.825 | UB: Liautaud, Powell-Brown 9.750 | BB: Comport 9.950 | FX: Comport, Reimers 9.900 | AA: Reimers 38.925

No. 54 Temple at No. 63 William & Mary
Full Results | W&M: 193.100 | Temple: 192.450
VT: Todd 9.725 | UB: Gironda 9.800 | BB: Oliveri, Gipson 9.725 | FX: Kerr 9.850 | AA: Gironda 38.675

No. 76 ​Ithaca, No. 62 Penn, No. 71 SCSU at No. 54 Temple
Full Results | Temple: 194.975 | Penn: 193.950 | SCSU: 190.500 | Ithaca: 189.650
VT: Moore 9.850 | UB: Cullen 9.925 | BB: Moore 9.875 | FX: Odom 9.850 | AA: Todd 38.825

No. 70 Ursinus at No. 59 West Chester
Full Results | West Chester: 193.675 | Ursinus: 191.500
VT: Valentine 9.725 | UB: Valentine, Marshall 9.750 | BB: Ruoss 9.900 | FX: Valentine 9.875 | AA: Valentine 39.175

No. 60 Brown, No. 74 Cortland, No. 82 Rhode Island at No. 75 Springfield
Full Results | Brown: 193.425 | Springfield: 189/050 | Cortland: 188.425 | RIC: 182.575
VT: Mitchell 9.775 | UB: Olson 9.700 | BB: Mitchell 9.775 | FX: Mitchell 9.850 | AA: Mitchell 38.875

No. 80 Hamline at No. 69 UW-Whitewater
Full Results | UW-W: 192.125 | Hamline: 188.850
VT: Fiorilli 9.675 | UB: Smith 9.800 | BB: Hutton, O’Donnell 9.550 | FX: O’Donnell 9.800 | AA: O’Donnell 37.775

No. 72 UW-La Crosse at No. 81 Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results | UW-LC: 188.900 | Gustavus Adolphus: 184.725
< span>VT: Willett 9.600 | UB: Wilson 9.725 | BB: Willett 9.600 | FX: Kopp 9.650 | AA: Kopp 38.000

No. 73 Winona at No. 78 UW-Eau Claire
Full Results | Winona: 185.200 | UW-EC: 184.975
VT: Lewis 9.525 | UB: Zurowski 9.400 | BB: Johnston 9.550 | FX: Olson 9.700 | AA: Erickson 36.700

No. 79 UW-Oshkosh at No. 77 UW-Stout
Full Results | UW-S: 189.350 | UW-O: 186.825
VT: Jondahl 9.675 | UB: Nicholson 9.775 | BB: Hyde 9.725 | FX: Jondahl 9.800 | AA: Nicholson 37.475

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