Michigan State August 2016 Training Updates

Tuesday, August 23
Michigan State’s Ally Hoyer trains a front handspring double full on floor in the hopes of putting the E pass in her routine come January.

Almost that time of the year ???

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Friday, August 12
Lindsey Lemke, who originally went to UNC before transferring to MSU last season, it working on her floor passes to be ready for the 2017 season.

preseason…I’m comin for ya□□□

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Wednesday, August 3
Hoyer works on her back handspring layout step out consistency on beam during a summer training session.

Who doesn’t love flipping on a 4 inch piece of wood□

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Monday, August 1
Brittni Chappell works on her double pike on floor after coming back from an injury last season.

feels great to be flipping again□□□

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