Regionals Placement Announced

Placement, seeding and other important information regarding the 2016 NCAA Regional Championships was announced earlier today on In a live selection show, the top 36 teams in the country found out which of the six locations they would travel to to compete for a shot at qualifying to the national championships. While the typical formula for selection is 1/12/13, 2/11/14, 3/10/15, 4/9/16, 5/8/17, 6/7/18, host schools and how they fell with other host schools shook things up a bit. All regionals will take place April 2, 2016 at either 4:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. local time.

​Alabama Regional

​Georgia Regional


  1. Alabama
  2. California
  3. Boise State
  4. kentucky
  5. West Virginia
  6. Bowling Green


  • ​Alexis Brawner (SEMO)- AA
  • Allie Salas (ASU)- AA
  • Mikailla Northern (UIC)- AA
  • Lauren Israel (SEMO)- AA
  • Jenna Squillo (UIC)- AA Alternate
  • Taylor Allex (ASU)- VT, FX
  • Andie van Vorrhis (NIU)- VT
  • Jamyra Carter (NIU)- UB
  • Lauren Africano (NIU)- UB
  • Amanda Mohler (Ill St.)- BB
  • Megan Greenfield (NIU)- BB
  • McKinzie Jones (SEMO)- FX
  • Schyler Jones (TWU)- VT Alternate
  • Ashley Potts (NIU)- UB Alternate
  • Beka Conrad (ASU)- BB Alternate
  • Anna Martucci (NIU)- FX Alternate

  1. LSU
  2. Georgia
  3. Oregon State
  4. Arizona
  5. George Washington
  6. Michigan State


  • Brittni Watkins (NCSU)- AA
  • Morgan Lane (UNC)- AA
  • Tyra McKellar (Towson)- AA
  • Brittany Stover (W&M)- AA
  • Chelsea Knight (NCSU)- VT, AA Alternate
  • Kathy Tang (UMD)- VT, FX, UB Alternate
  • Abbie Epperson (UMD)- UB
  • Kaitlynn Hedelund (UNC)- UB
  • Mary Elle Arduino (Towson)- BB
  • Nicole Wild (NCSU)- BB
  • Macey Roberts (UMD)- FX
  • Dominiquea Trotter (UMD)- VT Alternate
  • Evelyn Nee (UMD)- BB Alternate
  • Emily Braukmuler (UMD)- FX Alternate

​Iowa Regional

​Michigan Regional


  1. Oklahoma
  2. Nebraska
  3. Arkansas
  4. Iowa
  5. Kent State
  6. Central Michigan


  • ​Anna Corbett (WMU)- AA
  • Kelsey Hood (WMU)- AA
  • Ashley white (Centenary)- AA
  • Denasiha Christian (Ball State)- VT, FX
  • Jessi Buis (WMU)- VT
  • Sarah Ebeyer (Ball State)- VT, FX
  • Jordyn Penny (Ball State)- UB, , VT Alternate, BB Alternate
  • Jessie Peszek (WMU)- UB, BB
  • Jessica Juncaj (WMU)- UB
  • Rachel Underwood (WMU)- BB, FX
  • Baylee Bell (Ball State)- BB
  • Kayla Beckler (Ball State)- UB Alternate
  • Audry Merritt (WMU)- FX Alternate

​Minnesota Regional


  1. Florida
  2. Denver
  3. Minnesota
  4. Missouri
  5. Ohio State
  6. BYU


  • Hayley Young (Iowa St.)- AA
  • kara Witgen (USAFA)- AA
  • Meaghan Sievers (Iowa St.)- AA
  • Jamie Lewis (USAFA)- AA
  • Courtney Pickett (UWW)- AA Alternate
  • Sydney Converse (Iowa St.)- VT, BB
  • Briana Ledesma (Iowa St.)- VT, FX
  • Hilary Green (Iowa St.)- UB
  • Alex Marasco (Iowa St.)- BB
  • Kelsey Paz (Iowa St.)- FX
  • Sara Townsend (Iowa St.)- VT Alternate
  • Amy Enright (UWLC)- UB Alternate
  • Sarah Neumann (USAFA)- BB Alternate
  • Courtney Middlekoop (Iowa St.)- FZ Alternate

  1. Auburn
  2. Michigan
  3. Stanford
  4. Eastern Michigan
  5. Penn State
  6. New Hampshire


  • ​Lindsay Offutt (Pitt)- AA
  • Libby Groden (Rutgers)- AA
  • Majesta Valentine (W. Chester)- AA
  • Tracey Peasron (Pitt)- AA
  • Kelsey Campbell (Bridgeport)- AA Alternate
  • Nicolette Wilson (Rutgers)- VT
  • Michelle Amoresano (Rutgers)- VT
  • Christine Liautaud (Bridgeport)- UB
  • Miya Dotson (Pitt)- UB
  • Kaitlin green (Cornell)- BB
  • Brianna Comport (Bridgeport)- BB, FX
  • Randi Cutolo (Bridgeport)- FX
  • Riahanah Ali (Rutgers)- VT Alternate, FX Alternate
  • Mackenzey Shank (Rutgers)- UB Alternate
  • Kelly Burak (Pitt)- BB Alternate

​Utah Regional


  1. Utah
  2. UCLA
  3. Washington
  4. Southern Utah
  5. Illinois
  6. Utah State


  • ​Kalliah McCartney (Sac St.)- AA
  • Lauren Rice (Sac St.)- AA
  • Maria Hundley (SPU)- AA
  • M’rcy Matsunami (Alaska)- AA
  • Maddie Herr (SJSU)- AA Alternate
  • Julia Konner (Sac St.)- VT
  • Katy Nogaki (UC Davis)- VT, BB
  • Alexis Brown (UC Davis)- UB, BB Alternate
  • Cassie Benning (Sac St.)- UB, FX
  • Stephanie Stamates (UC Davis)- BB, FX
  • Erica Matos (SJSU)- VT Alternate
  • Dani Judal (UC Davis)- UB Alternate
  • Yasmine Yektaparast (UC Davis)- FX Alternate
Stay tuned for analyses of each regional in the days leading up to the championships. We’ll take a look at teams’ shot at qualifying to nationals, death regionals and dark horses plus more. Also, keep a look out on Twitter for our NCAA gymnastics bracket challenge. You’ll have until April 1 at 7:00 p.m. ET to submit who you think will advance from regionals, each NCAA subdivision, their placement in the Super Six and the winner.

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