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LIVE BLOG: No. 12 Kentucky at No. 9 Alabama

It’s the second meet of the Friday Night Heights double header and it’s going to be a good one!

Alabama competes at home, and as the higher ranked team, is the favorite. The Crimson Tide have already broken 197 three times this season, and are going to want to repeat that to get back into the coveted top eight. A season high could get them as high as No. 6 after this week.

Kentucky is one of the few teams that has generally scored better on the road than at home this year, which makes the Wildcats a dangerous spoiler here. Kentucky cannot improve its ranking too much, as all of its scores have been pretty close to each other.

Rotation 1

Alabama: vault, Kentucky: bars

Burgess (UA): y full with a hop in place – 9.825

Angeny (UK): good jaeger to bail, great final handstand, stuck DLO – 9.825

Desch (UA): stuck y full – 9.85

Worley (UK): good first handstand, good tkachev, good pak, hits final HS, stuck full in – 9.75

Mahoney (UA): stuck y full 9.9

Nixon (UK): beautiful maloney to bail, good final HS, full in a little close to the bar but sticks it – 9.85

Blanco (UA): y full with a tiny slide back – 9.825

Luksik (UK): good piked jaeger, little short in bail HS, hits final HS, stuck DLO! Kentucky isn’t giving away anything on these landings – 9.875

Olsen (UA): DTY with a tiny slide back – 9.875

Warren (UK): good jaeger, perfect bail, hits final HS, small hop forward on DLO – 9.775

Graber (UA): y 1.5 with a large step forward – 9.85

Korth (UK): good handstand, little close on piked jaeger, good bail, stuck FTDLO – 9.875

After 1: Alabama: 49.300 Kentucky: 49.200

Great start for both teams! Kentucky stuck 5/6 landings and Alabama had some great vault landings as well.

Rotation 2

Alabama: bars, Kentucky: vault

Warren (UK): y full with a step back – 9.775

Dickson (UA): good bail, huge tkatchev, stuck full in – 9.85

Worley (UK): y full with a small hop – 9.775

Childers (UA): good jaeger to bail, almost stuck dismount – just a small shuffle – 9.825

Angeny (UK): y full with a hop back – 9.8

Graber (UA): almost goes oner on handstand, close on gienger, good bail, stuck full in – 9.625

Nixon (UK): huge y full just a small step back – 9.85

Equipment malfunction apparently. They are missing a piece and when they went to get the piece they got the wrong one.

Givens (UA): good first HS, falls on jaeger, good bail, stuck DLO – 8.95

Patterson (UK): HS front pike half – large step back – 9.85

Mahoney (UA): good bail, beautiful tkatchev, tiny hop on full in – 9.85

Korth (UK): stuck y 1.5! – 9.925

Doggette (UA): huge tkatchev to pak, great pirouette, nearly sticks DLO – 9.85

After 2: Alabama: 98.300, Kentucky: 98.400

Tough break for Alabama on bars with the 9.625 having to count after the fall from Givens. Kentucky had a solid vault rotation but really needs to work on cleaning up some of those landings.

Rotation 3

Alabama: beam, Kentucky: floor

Klopfer (UA): good front aerial to BHS, beautiful leaps, great cat leap to side aerial, tiny step on dismount – 9.85

Monfredi (UK): great front tuck to double back to open, slightly short on double pike and steps OOB – 9.6

Gaskins (UA): candle mount, good side aerial to beat jump, good full turn, good split half, good BHS LOSO series, slight wobble on switch leap and loses connection into split jump, stuck gainer full – 9.825

Patterson (UK): 1.5 to front lay – has to tuck it a bit and looked like she stepped OOB, beautiful leaps, good double back to close – 9.6

Olsen (UA): good switch leap to split jump, beautiful BHS LOSO, good full turn, slight wobble on front aerial, slight slide back on double pike dismount – 9.875

Poland (UK): good front tuck to rudi, apparently she choreographed this herself, good front double full to close – 9.825

Blanco (UA): good front aerial, good BHS LOSO, good switch leap to sheep jump, slight check on full turn, beautiful scale, stuck double full dismount – 9.95

Warren (UK): stuck front double full, beutiful rudi LOSO, good front full to front lay – 9.875

Burgess (UA): good full turn, beautiful one armed BHS LOSO, beautiful switch leap, step on dismount – 9.85

Worley (UK): good full in to start, great 1.5 to front lay, good double pike to close – 9.875

Desch (UA): good front aerial BHS, wobble on switch half, good side somi, slight hop on 1.5 dismount – 9.65

Korth (UK): good full in, good leaps, good rudi to LOSO, slight slide back on double pike – 9.925

After 3: Alabama: 147.650, Kentucky: 147.500

Tight meet! Great rotation for Alabama on beam. Kentucky gave a bit away with those 2 routines at the beginning but really rallied in the last 4.

Rotation 4

Alabama: floor, Kentucky: beam

Warren (UK): good side aerial BHS, beautiful leaps, good full turn, hop forward on 1.5 dismount – 9.875

Klopfer (UA): good double back to start, beautiful leaps, good 1.5 to front lay good double pike to close – 9.85

Patterson (UK): good full turn, slight wobble on BHS LOSO, good front aerial to split jump, beautiful switch leap switch leap series, stuck 1.5 dismount – 9.8

Olsen (UA): slight chest down on double double, beautiful leaps, good front tuck through to double back – 9.9

Korth (UK): good one arm BHS LOSO, good split leap to back tuck, stuck dismount – 9.85

Blanco (UA): great double pike to start, good double back, good front full to front lay to close – 9.95

Poland (UK): good triple series, good full turn, slight wobble on front aerial, beautiful switch leap to straddle 1/4, stuck gainer full – 9.825

Mahoney (UA): great double back to start, beautiful leaps, good 1.5 to front lay, and a great double pike to close – 9.95

Worley (UK): slight wobble on front aerial, good BHS LOSO series, good full turn, wobble on front toss, step forward on 1.5 – 9.7

Desch (UA): slide back on double pike to open, good second pass, slighly short on double back and hops forward – 9.8

Angeny (UK): good triple series, good front aerial, good leaps, good full turn, hop on dismount – 9.8

Graber (UA): good full in to open, slide back on double pike – 9.9

Final: Alabama: 197.200, Kentucky: 196.650

Alabama gets another 197, despite that shaky bars rotation. Solid meet for Kentucky, but couldn’t quite hit the 197 mark.

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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