LIVE BLOG: Corvallis Regional Round Two, Session Two With No. 4 Florida, No. 15 Oregon State, No. 25 Stanford and No. 32 Iowa

We’re finally approaching the end of day two, phew. This is perhaps the round two regional with the smallest chance of an upset, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. First of all: floor. The leading non-qualifying-team floor score after session one was 9.875, but with close to 20 athletes in this group who have gone 9.900-plus this year we expect that mark to fall.

This session has two great all around qualifiers. Taylor Chan from San Jose State will rotate with Stanford, and Madison Ward-Sessions of Utah State will join Iowa. On the specialist side, Heather Swanson has qualified on beam, Danielle Spencer and MaKayla Bullitt on bars, Autumn DeHarde and Yasmine Yektaparast on beam and Autumn DeHarde on floor.

Florida will start on vault, Iowa on bars, Oregon State on beam and Stanford on floor.

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SKAGGS – UF: Okay full to start, coach in the way so I couldn’t see the landing. 9.775

Sorry, lost a few routines to a wordpress save error >:(

COLE – STANFORD: Way under on her Rudi, chest down. 9.625

LOWERY – OSU: BHS LOSO, cat leap side aerial. Punch front full off the end. 9.90

REED – UF: Huge one and a half, bounded off the end of the mat. 9.75

SCHOENHERR – UF: One and a half, stuck, looked surprised by it but hang on. 9.9

SULLIVAN – IOWA: Off on a Tkachev. Blind full double back. 9.075

BOREN – UF: One and a half with a few shuffle steps forward. Florida’s landings have been a bit nightmarish. This is in no way a dangerous semi for the Gators, but yikes. 9.775

M. DAGEN – OSU: BHS LOSO, switch switch 1/2. Side aerial back full stuck. 9.900

Apparently the Gators had a fall from Gonzalez.

LAZARO – OSU: BHS LOSO, almost pulls her front foot up but hangs on. Switch split straddle 3/4, full turn, side aerial back full. Let me guess, 9.900? 9.925!

HOANG – STANFORD: DLO FABULOUS. Setting the challenge to Yanish, they’re the two two best DLOs in the conference, double pike to close. Really good. 9.875

GILL – OSU: Split double stag. Front aerial BHS with a little hip shift in the middle, switch half beat. Gainer full stuck-ish. 9.875

BRYANT – STANFORD: Full in big, slides one foot, LOL sorry I got distracted because I noticed fans are still walking in the doors,  open double back. Nice! 9.85

CHAN – SJSU: Pike full in is the usual, one and a half pike Barani double stag, she’s so much fun to watch that I forgot to write about her third pass. SORRY THIS IS MY FOURTH LIVE BLOG TODAY AND MY ATTENTION SPAN IS FRIED 9.85!

OREGON STATE 49.500, STANFORD 49.225, FLORIDA 49.075, IOWA 48.025

I’m dying. What just happened?

Wow we just got a whole bunch of partial routines and I didn’t get to write down anything of note from any of them

GOWEY – UF: Double layout stuck. 9.85

GILCHRIST – IOWA: Two foot layout, pikey, and low, side aerial, full turn, gainer pike with a little leg stagger and an arm swing.

JACOBSEN – OSU:  Double pike, over with a scoot, one and a half front lay is good.  Tour jete half split full. Rudi landing awkward.

SCHOENHERR – UF: Toe blind to Jaeger, a little close, toe on to bail, okay. Shy on some handstands. double front half out and shifts one foot.

Lost another couple of routines. SORRY. My computer is starting to rebel.

SULLIVAN – IOWA: Front aerial BHS, dance series, side somi with a smile. Full turn, double full dismount underrotated with a hop.

LOWERY – OSU: Didn’t see the front 2/1. One and a half front lay, tour jete half straddle full, Rudi fabulous. 9.900

WARD-SESSIONS – USU: BHS LOSO and off. Hitch kick switch side, double back with a step forward. 9.1

YANISH – OSU: DLO, keeps the front foot planted. Ok 10 lol. Front full front lay solid, switch side Popa, double back… slightly weird landing but keeps the front foot planted. 9.900

OREGON STATE 98.625, FLORIDA 98.500, STANFORD 98.125, IOWA 97.000

Oh my attention span is so gone. The audio on the commentator is wrong and it sounds like there are two of her talking. It’s very demonic possession.


M. DAGEN – OSU: Full, way low and deep. 9.325

HUNDLEY – UF: Front aerial sissone, her clap choreo is everything. BHS LOSO, hitch kick switch side. One and a half twist stuck. 9.875

SINGLEY – OSU: Pikey FTY, stuck. 9.825

WAGUESPACK – STAN: Toe on to Maloney to Pak, bit of leg sep, DLO with a hop back. 9.725

SKAGGS – UF: Switch split, BHS LOSO. Cat lap side aerial back full stuck. 9.9

GREENE – OSU: FHS front pike 1/2, bit of legs in the air and a step back. 9.825

BOREN – UF: Skip leg kickover front. BHS LOSO great. Switch straddle I think, cat leap gainer LOSO, cartwheel gainer full stuck dead. 9.95!!

L. DAGEN – UF: FTY, two steps back.

GOWEY – UF: Switch split. BHS LOSO LOSO great. Front aerial sissone.

ROGERS – STANFORD: Off on her giant 1/1.

THOMAS – UF: Hop back on her 2/1 dismount. 9.875

BAUMANN – UF: BHS LOSO emphatic. Rowland mimicking her choreo in the background. Switch switch half, full turn with a little bit of a cover, side aerial. One and a half stuck. 9.9

YEKTAPARAST – UCD: BHS LOSO, something switch side, oh commentators are having SUCH a fun time with her name. Switch half is great, full turn. I’m pretty sure she made a retirement post after conferences, not realizing that she’d qualified to regionals and wasn’t done yet. Gainer full with a tiny hop in place. Nice!! 9.85

CASTLE – IOWA: Second time this weekend the commentators have mixed up who she was. Double pike, FHS Rudi. The Tequila routine is so much fun. One and a half front lay. Really solid end for the Hawkeyes.

WARD-SESSIONS – USU: Open full in, freaking gigantic. One and a half front lay. Switch side pike full Shush, massive double pike, has to shift her front foot a little. Autumn DeHarde snuck out of her own corral to hug her. If that’s it for her career on floor, what a way to go out. 9.925… it’ll come down to tomorrow whether she qualifies but she’s in it.

FLORIDA 148.000, OSU 147.825, STANFORD 147.075, IOWA 146.175


YAMAOKA – OSU: Blind full FTDB

HUNDLEY – UF: Whip double back. Double pike, one and a half front lay, very decisive landings, yelling as she lands the third pass.

JACOBSEN – OSU: Double front stuck with a lean and an arm swing.

LOWERY – OSU: Toe on to Maloney, bit of form, to Pak. DLO ehhh kind of stuck.

LAWSON – STAN: Joined halfway, think we missed the Arabian. BHS LOSO, gainer pike stuck.

REED – UF: DLO, didn’t happen on screen so I can’t tell you about it. Switch half wolf full I think, rotation super ambiguous, front lay to Rudi huge and perfect.

STEPHENSON – STANFORD: Front aerial and straight off.

GILL – OSU: Toe on to Maloney , bit of leg split, to Pak. DLO stuck. 9.925

BOREN – UF: I forgot to type. Couple of quick steps to the side on her last pass. Still great.

THOMAS – UF: DLO with a little scoot back. Double pike fabulous. 9.95

Guys I’m so tired. Send help.

Well, the stream shut off. It’s tired too.

FLORIDA 197.500, OREGON STATE 197.125, STANFORD 196.075, IOWA 194.775

VAULT: Schoenherr 9.900
BARS: Thomas, Gill 9.925
BEAM: Boren 9.950
FLOOR: Thomas 9.950
AA: Boren 39.475

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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