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LIVE BLOG: No. 29 Maryland, No. 30 New Hampshire, No. 36 George Washington and No. 43 Pittsburgh at No. 58 Towson

It’s quint meet time!

With four EAGL teams here (we’re just missing the two North Carolina teams), today will be a sneak preview of how these teams stack up. Plus, Maryland will be here as well and should be contending for the top spot.

For New Hampshire and George Washington, this will be a huge opportunity to help secure their spots at regionals. New Hampshire is currently counting a high 194 road score towards its NQS, and this will be its last opportunity to drop it as the Wildcats will be at home next week. George Washington is sitting at No. 36, the last regionals spot, and is in danger of being passed by some lower ranked teams. It will want to record a good score here to stay in contention.

Rotation 1

Vault: UNH, Bars: Pitt, Beam: Maryland, Floor: GW, Bye: Towson

Apparently they are doing alumni recognition right now, so I don’t think we’re going to start on time.

Live scoring is not available, so I’ll update you on scores whenever I can.

My livestream is now gone, so hopefully it will be back before the first vault.

It was back for 10 seconds and went out again. So this is going to be fun..

Ok, here we go (I think)

Unknown person from Maryland doing well on beam. Ends with stuck landing.

And it’s gone again…

Pitt bars scores: Brett 9.65, Dugan 9.675, Brechwald 9.725

Bochenek with her usual routine. Some form stuff, but she hits EVERY. TIME.

Wright (UMD) – great front aerial to BHS, slight wobble on front toss to beat jump, stuck gainer pike dismount

Jenkins (Pitt) – missed beginning, but DLO with a step to close. Season debut! 9.825

Raymond (GW) – great double pike, great double back, almost goes OOB on 1.5 to front lay but stays in.

? (UMD) – great acro series, and split series is excellent, small hop on dismount

? (GW) – short on double pike, sits front lay to front full, apparently thay are counting a fall now according to the commentators, very short on double back to close.

Let’s see if I can get some standings…

Rotation 2

Smith (TU) – y tucked full with a small bounce

Brechwald (Pitt) – missed beginning, front toss good, hop on dismount.

Peterman? (UMD) – little low on rudi, and that’s all we got

Borkowski (TU) – really low on y full but didn’t put hands down

Robatin (Pitt) – great front aerial to BHS, good on leap series, front toss to scale is excellent, step on dismount.

? (UMD) – good front lay to front full, great split leaps, great double back to close

Herbine (Pitt) – great BHS LOSO series, little wobble on leap series, great punch front, sticks gainer pike to close

Farina? (UMD) – double pike and steps OOB, double back with a little shuffle

Baker (TU) – huge y full to a stick! Little chest down

Brett (Pitt) – off on beam, and another fall on illusion turn, sticks dismount

Wesoly (TU) – y full, short with a step forward

Mulligan (UNH) – little form break but does a nice jaeger right after, huge full in dismount with a step

Gamble (TU) – y half, little squatty with a hop forward

Miller (Pitt) – great front aerial, stuck dismount

Zientek (TU) – y layout with a hop forward

? (UMD) – great double back to open, cool double turn! 1.5 to front lay with a little shuffle on the landing

Rotation 3

Crasa (GW) – big y full with a small hop

Baker (TU) – good shaposh to pak combo, small step on dismount

Herbine (Pitt) – falls on double back but gets tons of height, beautiful splits, sits front lay to front full. Yikes.

Smith (TU) – pretty good on tkatchev, great handstand on bail, sticks double back dismount

Kaufman (TU) – good tkatchev a little low, good handstand on bail, step on dismount

? (UNH) – good leap series, just holds onto stick on dismount

Ranti (TU) – good bail, little close on shootover, sticks landing

? (GW) – y full with a step back

Bochenek (Pitt) – just catching the end, good 1.5 to front full to end, large step to the side though

Zientek (TU) – good bail, sticks dismount

Spivey (Pitt) – great 2.5 to punch front, great dance series, overpowers double back but manages to stay in bounds, great rudi to close

Wesoly (TU) – good jaeger, great on final handstand, sticks dismount

Ceccarini (Pitt) – big double tuck to open, great leap series, great combo pass to close. 9.875!!

Lui (UNH) – beautiful split position on leaps, sticks dismount

Brechwald (Pitt) – floor debut, let’s go! sticks double pike to open, good double tuck, such a fun routine! Just gets 1.5 to front lay around but saves it. SO GLAD SHE’S BACK!

Rotation 4

? (UMD) – good y full with a hop back

Temkov (TU) – slight wobble on acro series but saves it, broke connection on leap series, stuck dismount

Lui (UNH) – great front double full to open, good combo second pass, she has such pretty lines! beautiful layout stepout as part of her choreography, great rudi to split jump to close

Burgess (UMD) – good y full with a small hop back

Ranti (TU) – good cartwheel to side aerial series a little hesitation but I think they’ll give it to her, good on leap series, slight wobble on straddle jump, stuck dismount

? (GW) – great tkatchev, sticks DLO

Borkowski (TU) – good acro series to open, good side aerial, slight wobble on leap series, stuck (or nearly stuck) dismount

Wesoly (TU) – good BHS LOSO series to open, small wobble on leap series, slight hop on dismount

Arduino (TU) – falls on triple series, ugh bummer… wobble on leap series, sticks dismount

Watkins (UNH) – HARRY POTTER! joining halfway through, great rudi to LOSO, good 1.5 to front full to close

Hurst (TU) – beautiful BHS LOSO series, beautiful leap series as usual! beautiful front aerial to split jump, small hop on dismount. BEAUTIFUL

Rotation 5

New Hampshire finished with a 194.875. Not enough to improve NQS.

Smith (TU) – great double pike to open, good double back, nice leap series, little low on 1.5 to front lay but saves it

Ceccarini (Pitt) – good y full with a step back

? (GW) – great triple series! great leaps, solid front aerial, sticks dismount

Baker (Towson) – great tour jete full, punch front through to double back is solid, sticks double pike! Great routine!

Zona? (GW) – wobble on acro series but saves it, good switch side, small hop on dismount

Zientek (TU) – OOB on first pass, great split position on leaps, good 1.5 to front lay and manages to stay in bounds

? (GW) – good acro series, small step on dismount

Temkov (TU) – good double pike to open – a little low, good on double tuck, solid front lay to front full

Raymond (GW) – great side aerial, small hop on dismount

Arduino (TU) – huge double pike to open, front lay to front half to stag is good, great 1.5 to front lay to close. Great redemption after beam!

? (GW) – off on acro series, good switch side, step on dismount

Wesoly (TU) – good double pike to open, great split jump! good second pass, good rudi to close.

Final Results

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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