LIVE BLOG: No. 54 Temple, No. 62 Brown, and No. 64 Bridgeport at No. 49 New Hampshire

Well, for all the teams here today, there’s no bubble watch action to be had as a team (although a few are flirting with individual qualifiers), but that doesn’t mean that the season is over for any of these teams. Conference championships are just around the corner of the mat, lurking under beams and at the end of vault runways, reminding everyone that every last toe point, stuck landing, and hit handstand counts.

Brown, however, is waving so long to USAG nationals this year for reasons tbd. For Bridgeport, the Purple Knights are sitting in seventh in the USAG rankings, with their eyes on qualifying as a team as those in the top six qualify. But they’re sixth without Brown so Bridgeport could very well punch that ticket. Keep an eye on a handful of individuals to be projected regionals qualifiers here today, including Temple’s Brooke Donabedian on floor, New Hampshire’s Kylie Gorgenyi in the all-around, and, notably, Julia Bedell on floor for Brown.

Obsessed and impressed with UB building this small squad back up to a team that takes up space from tape to tape on the floor, you love to see it.

Anthem just wrapped up, and touch warm-ups have started.

Rotation 1: UNH Vault, Temple Bars, Brown Beam, UB Floor

Moreno (UNH): Y full, tiny bit of movement.

Bauman (UNH): Tucked y full, hop in place, good height.

McMullen (UNH): Y full, pikes it down a little.

Devincenzo (UNH): Y full, powers it back with a hop.

Mullin (UNH): Y full, some pike, hops back.

Gorgenyi (UNH): MASSIVE Y full, so clean. Tiny hop on that landing is the only issue.

DeHaan (Temple): Blind to jaeger to shoot over, good. SHort on the last HS. Full to double tuck, step on the landing.

Weklar (Temple): Toe shaposh, shoot over, soft on the form. Slooow full lto double tuck, small step back.

Hogan (Temple): Toe shapes, full to double tuck, pulls it close.

Johnson (Temple): TOe on shaposh, bail, great height on the dlo.

S. Stallings (Temple): Blind to jaeger, good. Full to double tuck.

Whalen (Temple): Tkatchev has great height. FTDB, doesn’t look like she moved her feet, but if she did, it was tiny.

Marcus (Brown): Small wobble on the series. Front tuck, small hop. Chest down on jump series. Hop on the dismount.

Weiner (Brown): Hits the bhs loso, cat to side aerial. Adjusts the feet, but keeps it on.

Lin (Brown): Switch to split half, small check. Good series. Side aerial, no problem. Beat to split 3/4, not quite the 360 but close. RO tufck 1.5, steps forward to the side.

Yang (Brown): Wolf, good. Beautiful positions in her leap series. OOhh, an onodi, you love to see it. Sticks the dismount.

Xing (Brown): BHS lay, some form with the knees. Small wobble on the full turn. Solid on her series. Beautiful straddle in the jump series.

Ford (Brown): Bhs loso, solid. Switch to split, no issues, beautiful toe point. Could’ve had a check in her full turn but smooths everything over so no problems there. BHS gainer full off side, tiny hop. What an absolut dream of a beam worker.

Aucoin (UB): Obsessed with this music. If I could get a copy and have it on repeat I’d love that. Beautiful opening pass, chest just sliiiightly low. Good front lay to front full, steps back. Good routine overall.

Singletary (UB): Just missed the opening pass but her ability to twist so fast makes my heart sing. Love her power. Love her amplitude. Love all of it.

Coyle (UB): Rudi to stag, the HEIGHT on that rebound. Fhs front full front pike, lovely.

Staruk (UB): FTDB, keeps it in. Some form but great height on that. Leap series could’ve been a touch more defined. Sticks the 2.5 in her second pass, she floats it so nicely. Front full, front pike, moves her feet just a tad. Great routine.

Kenney (UB): Here for this choreo with the team at the start. RO 2.5, massive power, a step forward. Absolutely lovely form when she twists. Great leap series, hits that straddle in her popa and it’s gorgeous. FHS front lay to front pike, no notes.

Sepulveda (UB): Front through for the first pass, her power is something else. Rudi to loso, kind of a weird rebound on that landing but she gets the loso around nonetheless.

After 1: Brown 48.950, Temple 48.850, UNH 48.775, UB 48.375

First rotation, no falls. Everyone is here to find those pots of gold and hit routines, and all the gold has been found. With MacDonald out for UNH, shuffling has had to happen but the WIld Cats are getting through it all so far. Temple had no major hiccups on bars and as for Brown, copy and paste because that was a master class on how to do beam. UB didn’t have as strong of a floor rotation as it would’ve hoped but again, no major hiccups, and nothing to be sad about.

Rotation 2: UB Vault, UNH Bars, Temple Beam, Brown Floor

Singletary (UB): Tucked y full, some feet and a medium hop in place but good height.

Hernandez (UB): Y full, a little crooked and just a step.

Kenney (UB): Y half on to front off and mmmyyy heart. The HEIGHT.

Sepulveda (UB): Y full, nice height, pikes down just a touch. Good control.

Staruk (UB): Layout. Tsuk. Full. Leg pops up on her landing, she fights for the stick. Good vaukt.

Weingardt (UB): Y lay, small hop, nice and clean.

Moreno (UNH): Bail to low, a little wiggly. Good last hs. Full to double tuck, good landing.

Bauman (UNH): Blind to straddle jaeger to shoot over. FAbulous height on that release. Toe to hand to FTDB, foot sep but GREAT landing too.

Graver (UNH): Tone on shaposh, to pak, finessed the pak, a little whippy. Shy on the last hs. Double tuck, big step back.

Brown (UNH): Bail to handstand, good. A touch shy on that last hs. Blind to khorkina, love it. Full to double tuck, a few small steps. Good routine.

Devincenzo (UNH): Flexed feet omn the pak, quick half turn on low to follow. Closes with a double lay, fights for the stick. Lovely height and position on that.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Toe on shaposh. Bail to handstand, toe to high. Love her form. FTDB, small step. Good height. No issues in that routine.

Monk (Temple): Step and check on the bhs loso but stays on. Switch to split 3/4, chest down. Small checks here and there throughout. Front full, small hop forward.

Ruskey (Temple): Doesn’t move on her series. Cat to Switch side, soft front foot but fine otherwise. BHS to lay 1.5, hop forward.

Dorunda (Temple): Hits her triple series, no problem what so ever. Leaps looked good. Check on the full turn. Cartwheel 1.5 lay, big hop.

Schugman (Temple): Respect on the shoulder roll to start. Switch side doesn’t quite hit that perfect position but good height. Front aerial front aerial, lovely

Donabedian (Temple): Love her stag ring. Front aerial to bhs. Her toe point is the stuff dreams are made of. Cat leap to side somi, tiny check. Sticks her RO 1.5 lay, no issue. Holds it for emphasis.

S. Stallings (Temple): Switch to split. No issues on the triple series. Split to straddle 1/4, small check, and chest down. RO lay 1.5, small hop.

Kramer (Brown): Front lay to rudi, so nice. Good amplitude on leaps. Double tuck, a touch underrotated with chest down, good height otherwise.

Marcus (Brown): Sky high ro double tuck to open, some form. RO 1.5 to a floaty front lay.

Xing (Brown): Great height on her opening pass out of the corner of my eye. Double pike is fab.

Yang (Brown): Double pike to open, controlled. Ring shapes could be a little sparklier in the leaps but amplitude was there. RO 1.5 to front lay but that lay went straight down, kept it on her feet however.

Davis (Brown): Sky high double pike to open, steps back foot OOB. Switch ring to ring half, lovely. Whip half to front full, steps front to the side. A little shy on the split in her second series, good extension and clean otherwise.

Bedell (Brown): Skyyyyyyyy high FTDB, hops back on a weird rebound. No notes on her leap series other than flawless. Front through to double tuck soars. Lovely lovely lovely.

After 2: Temple 98.025, UNH 97.900, Brown 97.725, UB 97.000

The spread across teams means this meet can stay awfully close until that very last routine. Also, another rotation without any falls, hiccups, or major misses. With this being the last meet of the season for so many here today, the vibe is “hoorah, fun, and joy.” And I love it.

Oh and even with Bedell’s small hiccup on that first pass, she notched a 9.850. Donabedian and Ford both went 9.900 or better on beam, and Gorgenyi went 9.900 on bars and 9.875 on vault.

Rotation 3: Brown Vault, UB Bars, UNH Beam, Temple Floor

Lin (Brown): Y lay, small pike, keeps her feet in place.

Ford (Brown): Tucked y full, step forward.

Kramer (Brown): Y full, clean in the air, lands with chest down.

Xing (Brown): Y full, big bounce back with lots of power.

Dewar (Brown): Y full, a little pike, but lamnded with small hop.

Bedell (Brown): Y full, the cleanst of the bunch. May not have as much amplitude or power but it has great control. Smallest step on landing.

Kenney (UB): Great handstands. Her form is impeccable. Free hip to piked toe on half, good.

Imbarlina (UB): Tkatchev, some flexed feet but good height. Bail to low a little loose. Blind to double tuck, incredible height on that.

Aucoin (UB): Pak looked good. Quick half turn on low. That double lay brushed the rafters.

Sepulveda (UB): That. Tkatchev. Caught a little close but good otherwise. Bail to hs, good. NOOOOOOO stumbled back on the FTDB. UGh, that was beautiful too.

Nokes (UB): Straddle jaeger to shootover, great. Full to double tuck, looked stuck! Great routine.

Hernandez (UB): Toe on shaposh to pak, floaty. Double lay, not as much height as others but good landing.

Bauman (UNH): Front aerial to bhs, lovely toe point on that, so floaty. Gainer full off side, good.

Ockerbloom (UNH): BHS two feet to loso, great. Switch switch, hit. Cat to side aerial, good. RO 1.5, step forward.

Devincenzo (UNH): Such a calm and precise beam worker. Cat leap to front toss to beat. Switch series good. Stuck gainer full off side.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Hits her series, no problem. Tucked gainer full off end, small hop back. Great routine.

Beaulieu (UNH): Series was good out of the corner of my eye. RO 1.5 lay, you could tell she wanted the stick but had to take a small lunge back. Clean routine otherwise.

Mullin (UNH): Bhs loso, good. RO 1.5 lay, stuck. And UNH absolutely screams. She goes 9.925.

Dorunda (Temple): OOB on her double tuck, just overcooks it. Good routine over all.

Weklar (Temple): Opening pass was blocked but based on cheers, lovely. 1.5 to front lay but sits it down.

Schugman (Temple): A little sideways on that front full in the opening pass but fine otherwise. Front lay to front full, good.

Ruskey (Temple): Stumlbes OOB and sits down her double tuck. Step forward on the double pike but keeps it on her feet.

Monk (Temple): Front through to double pike, hops the feet into a lunge no problem. Clean routine, her amplitude on everything is fab.

Donabedian (Temple): FHS rudi to loso. I’d watch that on repeat for hours. Great position in her ring series. Leg up turn, good control. FHS front double full to end. Oh, okay. Absolutely beautiful routine.

After 3: UNH 147.025, Brown 146.200, Temple 146.000, UB 145.650

UNH is here to win today. UB and Temple both had a few hiccups with dismounts and keeping things inbounds this rotation. Brown lost valuable tenths to rebounding landings on vault, really the biggest hit the Bears took this rotation. The Purple Knights showed the gym what massive height on releases looked like though. A basketball hoop sits folded up above the bars and I’m confident they could’ve dunked while floating.

Rotation 4: Temple Vault, Brown Bars, UB Beam, UNH Floor

Weklar (Temple): Y half, stumbles back and sits it down.

Monk (Temple): Y full, chest down a bit, step forward.

Budd (Temple): Y full, pikes down but doesn’t move her feet.

Aresta (Temple): Y full, wanted that stick, but a small foot shuffle. Fairly clean in the air.

Ruskey (Temple): Y full, the strongest of the lineup so far.

Schugman (Temple): JUST missed it, great landing, good chest position.

Dewar (Brown): Good hs. Piked ginger, good. Steps back on the double tuck.

Weiner (Brown): Full to piked ginger, loose feet on that and catches it close. Shy on that last hs. Full to double tuck, hop forward.

Marcus (Brown): Toe on shaposh. Bail to hs, good. Step on double tuck, but good height.

Mckeown (Brown): Short on that half but good tkatchev. Bail to hs, good. Double lay, looked stuck or barely moved. Great.

Davis (Brown): Toe on shaposh. good. Lovely form and toe point throughout. GREAT last hs. Full to double tuck, STUCK!

Farrell (Brown): Shaposh to pak, good. Cleanest so far. Full to double tuck. steps.

Thomkins (UB): Balance check on the series. Good leaps. Beautiful extension in her splits. 1.5 lay, small step forward.

Sepulveda (UB): Front toss through to scale, lovely. Front toss, shuffles her feet. Repeats front toss to bhs, no problem. Rudi, small step.

McAleavey (UB): BHS loso, so clean. Flutter to side aerial, comes off. Gorgeous extension in her leaps. Gainer full off side, small step.

Kenney (UB): Front tuck to back tuck, good connection. Small bobble on the leap series but finesses it. RO lay double full, fights for the stick with her toes but a tiny shuffle. The way she floats that dismount, jellyfish are jealous.

Imbarlina (UB): Front aerial to bhs, no issue there. Front aerial to split jump. The extension on that jump is chefs kiss. Switch leap to straddle 1/4. BHS tuck 1.5, small hop.

Barry (UB): Tiny check on the series with her chest down but smooths it over. I do not envy her on beam during Gorgenyi but she’s doing great. Solid anchor. Front aerial to split jump, a little shy but no wobbles. Front gainer full off end, STUCK. I love that dismount.

Bauman (UNH): Floats the 2.5 to open. Clean routine, good start for the rotation.

Brown (UNH): Floats her ro 1.5 to front full. Big bounce and lots of power in that second pass.

Challman (UNH): Love her choreo. Rudi to loso, great. Good routine.

Beaulieu (UNH): Front lay to rudi. Almost overcooks that double tuck but lunges and brings control.

Mullin (UNH): Front through to double tuck but under rotates and puts her hands down. Great amplitude on leaps. 1.5 to front lay with all the power but has good control.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Double pike to open, So much height on that. FHS front full, front pike, tiny tiny hop. I love her floor routines. Switch side to wolf full, good. FHS rudi, small foot movement but great otherwise.

FINAL: UNH 195.875, Brown 194.925, Temple 194.850, Bridgeport 194.175

All the individual qualifiers have been proving exactly why they’re absolute rock stars here today. Not a bad way to round out the season and gear up for conference champs. The last (regular season) meet is under their belts and now it’s time to add those last touches. UB will want to recapture the bigger scores and consistency but those Purple Knights have come so far. UNH certainly proved that it’s prime and ready for a run at the EAGL title next weekend.

VT: Gorgenyi (UNH) 9.875
UB: Gorgenyi 9.900
BB: Donabedian (Temple) 9.925, Mullin 9.925
FX: Gorgenyi 9.950

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Live blog by Allison Freeman

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